Milky Way Franchise

At present, Milky Way Franchise has 21 stores in Chennai, Bengaluru, and Port Blair (Andaman). About Milky Way Franchise Milky Way is a chain of ice cream parlors serving thick milkshakes and fast eating for 100% vegetarian. In 1994, in front of Egmore, the first shop was opened. Milkyway continues to develop new aromas and products.  Milky Way… Read More »

Drink O Mania Franchise

Drink O Mania Franchise has many variations of energy drinks, cold drinks, and drinks to soothe your thirst and eat after a meal.  About Drink O Mania Drink O Mania is not simply a name but a pleasant stack of bright, chilled drinks that will refresh your mood. They are happy to provide drinks from fresh milkshakes, thick… Read More »

DEN Franchise

DEN Franchise aims to grow its region and provides franchises for people who have a business flair and are keen to do so.  About DEN Franchise Den began in Raipur in 1997 and still enjoys the unique and cheerful soft ice creams and shakes of its clients. They sell excellent and creamy Softy ice cream, Soft Sundaes Ice… Read More »

UFO Fries & Corn Franchise

UFO Fries & Corn Franchise offers their favorite French fries in an entirely different manner.  About UFO Fries & Corn Offers French Fries with many tasty sauces twisted! These aromatic fries are served in cones with various condiments. From spices to sauces and dips! They serve Fries | Corn | Burgers | Twisters | Waffles | Milkshakes |… Read More »

Tandy’s Franchise

Tandy’s Franchise provides customers with an engaging in-store experience and work and product quality that is valid for each location.  About Tandy’s Franchise Throughout the country’s retail chain, Tandy’s Fried Chicken is among the United Restaurants Ltd. Group of Companies. Wing demand for value-added items. Their operations are based on a continual product and service development program which… Read More »

Nimbu Mirchi Chaatwala Franchise

Nimbu Mirchi Chaatwala Franchise is a wacky bunch of innovators who continue to do something new.  About Nimbu Mirchi Chaatwala Hello from One of the most innovative food brands in Gujarat that tries to leave a name on the food market. They really trust in food’s potential to promote love and happiness. Good meals and the way things… Read More »

Fire N Grill Franchise

Fire N Grill Franchise has been delicacies since 2007 been the pioneer in barb-queuing, serving oil-free. About Fire N Grill The Northerner Food Treatment Compony: Higher Size and Smoked, Long smoked meat that is arrived on a plate tenner, juicy and irresistible. few native foodie traditions are as robust as an obsession with barbecue: higher Seasoned. The place… Read More »

Wow! Shawarma Franchise

Wow! Shawarma Franchise guarantees special meat cooking since it comes with high-quality spices and ingredients to suit your tastes.  About Wow! Shawarma Franchise Shawarma’s aim is to marinate and grill the meat for a long day. They’re sure that are 13 types of authentic Shawarma that are sure to give you know the real flavor of the Middle… Read More »

Pizza Xpress Franchise

Pizza Xpress Franchise has some of the top pizza specialties and is one of the biggest franchises for the pizza collection. About Pizza Xpress This brand is marked by an authentic US idea of fast-food chain for restaurants with a wide selection of international items such as Pizzas, Burgers, sandwiches, fries, garlic bread, pasta, salad, spring rolls, etc.… Read More »

Pizza-A-Goodness Franchise

Pizza-A-Goodness Franchise not only takes pride in its food but also in its service.  About Pizza-A-Goodness Franchise If you order from a restaurant, your food should inspire you and stimulate you all day long. They’re expecting more and you ought to! Moreover, they just launched online ordering and mobile orders and may now quickly place your order online… Read More »