The London Shakes Franchise

About The London Shakes Franchise The London Shakes was created with the aim of serving the highest quality beverages made with the finest ingredients. The London Shakes intends to open locations all over the world and reinvent the enjoyment of milk. One of the greatest gifts that mankind has received is ‘milk.’ Many of the items served at… Read More »

Spukies Franchise

About Spukies Franchise Spukies – The Veg Sigree, a multi-cuisine pure veg delivery / ready meals outlet with over 400+ food choices, has grown in popularity over the last three years. Spukies, which has two locations in Mumbai, Goregaon–E and Andheri–W, has been a hunger savior for many of its customers and has a market-leading 65 percent customer… Read More »

Srinathji’s Cake Franchise

About Srinathji’s Cake Franchise Srinathji is a well-known brand with a strong presence in the vegetarian baked goods market, especially cakes. They have a distinct flavor and taste that their customers all over the world enjoy. It currently has over 30 outlets across India and aims to extend its unrivaled and consistent taste by issuing more franchises. Cakes,… Read More »

Ministry of Eggs Franchise

About Ministry of Eggs Franchise The birth of the Ministry of Eggs brand is a direct product of our passion for eggs and their significance in the diets of people all over the world. MOE is an egg quick-service restaurant with over 60 different egg dishes to choose from. Cafe Design The cafe model is appropriate for a… Read More »

Le Gateau Franchise

About Le Gateau Franchise We all come to work every day at Le Gateau, which literally means “cake,” because we want our passion to be combined with our love, and your most important part of the evening must have a family attraction to uplift your love toward your good wishes. Today, everybody makes cakes, but most of them… Read More »

Cakes N Craft Franchise

About Cakes N Craft Franchise Cakes n Craft is a fine cake boutique in Indore that offers a wide range of delectable desserts, including macaroons, cupcakes, and pastries, as well as designer and handcrafted cakes. Cakes n Craft, Central India’s best cake shop and most well-known patisserie, is known for its high-quality products and commitment to customer satisfaction.… Read More »

Raju Omlet Franchise

About Raju Omlet Franchise Lick your lips and savor this: the “Raju Omlet Centre” in Vadodara has won the Times Now Foodie Award-2012. The award’s jury, which traveled the length and breadth of the world, chose the city’s most famous egg joint in the ‘Best Roadside Dhaba’ category. And Rajesh Bhogilal Rana, better known as Raju, the 51-year-old… Read More »

JuxPux Franchise

About JuxPux Franchise Since its inception in 2015 in the city of Delhi, it has been more than just a café; it has been a dream come true. JuxPux allows you to have a café experience with delicious, flavorful, and mouthwatering food. Food at JuxPux is prepared with fresh ingredients, garnished with care, and flavored with flavors imported… Read More »

Froyoland Franchise

About Froyoland Franchise MyFroyoLand is where the Frozen Yogurt Dreams come true. Imagine visiting Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory and concocting your own tasty concoction. MyFroyoLand has much of the decadence of ice cream without the added fats and sugars that come with it. Our Frozen Yogurt is prebiotic and probiotic-certified, made with skimmed milk, and a good amount… Read More »

Cafe Chocolicious Franchise

About Cafe Chocolicious Franchise Vinayak and Sharmilee, two young ambitious entrepreneurs, formed Cafe Chocolicious in Akurdi in 2014. They discovered how much people enjoy coffee and chocolate, as well as the connections that can be created over a cup of coffee or a bar of chocolate. They wanted to create a room that was young, vibrant, and exploratory,… Read More »