MFC Mr. Fried Chicken Franchise

MFC Mr. Fried Chicken Franchise is all about the fried chicken and the people who serve it, so flexibility is essential.  About MFC Mr. Fried Chicken Not just a middle-aged and drab fried chicken shop brand, they are separate and creative. They’re the edgy, cutting-edge alternative, providing an exciting alternative to a bored and uninspired non-vegetarian community. They… Read More »

Cafe Choco Craze Franchise

Cafe Choco Craze franchise was created with the aim of providing an exceptional chocolate tasting experience in a setting that is slightly different from what you’ve seen before, as well as providing the highest quality services.  About Cafe Choco Craze CAFÉ Chococraze – Cafe Chain in India, established in 2009, is now one of the highest growing foods… Read More »

Bean Here Franchise

Bean Here Franchise is a natural combination of a cafe and a restaurant, serving a wide range of delicacies such as Bubble Iced Tea, Waffles, Live Ice Cream Rolls, and more. About Bean Here Franchise What began as a flower shop in Allahabad’s heart, with the aim of opening a theme café, has developed into the epitome of… Read More »

Muhajir Paan Franchise

Muhajir Paan Franchise is imported in large quantities from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and, more recently, Thailand.  About Muhajir Paan Franchise Paan consumption has long been a common cultural practice around the world, especially in Muhajir homes, where paans were served in large quantities throughout the day. In general, however, paan is a rare treat that many people… Read More »

Nawab-E-Paan Franchise

In the world of paan making, the Nawab-E-Paan franchise is a household name.  About Nawab-E-Paan Franchise Paan is a very important part of the Indian way of life. Indian cuisine is known for its spicy tang and taste, which is also accompanied by mouth fresheners such as paan. Paan is cherished by all Indians because of its enticing… Read More »

Amritsari Express Franchise

The idea of providing the quality of food to Delhi foodies who love Punjabi food struck them immediately, and the Amritsari Express franchise food chain was born. About Amritsari Express Franchise GKJ Special Foods P. Ltd. aspires to be a pioneer in the hospitality industry by consistently outperforming themselves and providing the highest quality experience and service to… Read More »

Deshee Katta Franchise

Deshee Katta Franchise is a firm believer in the power of good food and a memorable experience! About Deshee Katta Franchise Harshada, an electrical engineer, has always been passionate about educating the public about local Khandeshi food cooked with age-old recipes made by her grandmother and mother! Deshee Katta has always had the vision of bringing unadulterated, homey… Read More »

Motu Lal Bhature Wala Franchise

Motu Lal Bhature Wala Franchise has some popular street food you can think of.  About Motu Lal Bhature Wala Delhi and Delhi-ites are known for their unquenchable appetites as well as the city’s seemingly endless range of food. But it’s the street food that really catches the essence of the city. It changes color and taste, but you… Read More »

Chaap Shaap Franchise

Chaap Shaap Franchise regarded as India’s best fast-growing leading catering business.  About Chaap Shaap Franchise Their dedication to efficiency and safety has won them a devoted following among their customers, which continues to expand as a result of enthusiastic referrals. They’ve created a connection between the land, the sea, and your dinner plate. Corporate Web Catering, Corporate Catering,… Read More »

Mumbai Chai Franchise

Mumbai Chai Franchise has been serving people in and around Mumbai for over a decade.  About Mumbai Chai Their goal has always been to provide every Indian with his or her favorite cup of Chai, made in sanitary conditions with high-quality ingredients at a reasonable price. All love a cup of Chai with finger foods that complement the… Read More »