7th Heaven Franchise

Under the brand name “7th Heaven,” 7th Heaven Franchise Bakery Shop has successfully opened 155+ retail stores across 75 cities in India.

About 7th Heaven

They are highly skilled at what they do and ready to overcome all obstacles that come their way after 7 years in the bakery industry.

They are the only franchise in India that offers a live kitchen model, in which cakes are made in front of customers in just 7 minutes.

They value themselves on selling fresh cakes, while other cake stores sell cakes that are a day old. Who doesn’t want a nice slice of fresh cake?

7th Heaven Franchise
7th Heaven Franchise

7th Heaven Franchise Model

InvestmentRs. 18,00,000
Area Required300 sq. ft.
ChefsMinimum 2
Payback period1 year

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Reasons For 7th Heaven Franchise

Large Selection of Products: 

They have a large selection of international sweets on their menu, including Cupcakes, Cakes & Pastries, French Casseroles, American Cheesecakes, Italian Cannolis, Cookies, Savoury goods, Chocolates, Ice Creams, Waffles, Snacks, and Beverages.

When contrasted to other brands in the market, they take pride in offering the widest range of products.

Extremely Professional:

7th Heaven works with a high level of integrity and maintains high expectations.

Their friendly and professional staff will be available to you at all times and will assist you in resolving any day-to-day problems that might arise.

They respect cooperation, friendliness, and professionalism, and they expect the same from their franchise.

Modern & Contemporary Furnishings: 

The interior design they provide is very contemporary and modern, and it gives the whole outlet an international feel.

The Only Dessert Chain in India That is Fully Vegetarian:

Half of India is vegetarian, and the country as a whole consumes vegetarian food.

Most vegetarian consumers choose to shop solely in vegetarian stores, which gives them a huge competitive advantage.

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