A Place At Home Franchise

Some franchises give you the opportunity to help your community. A Place At Home franchise is one of these: it’s a senior-focused care service provider. 

The company provides several services: care coordination, personal care, staffing solutions to senior care communities, medication administration services, and assistance services to seniors (for example, when they need to find their next accommodation). 

A Place At Home is also a franchise, so you can start providing these services to your community while exploiting a well-known brand name like A Place At Home.

Of course, before launching a new franchise business, you need to know as much as you can about it.

In this article, we’re discussing anything you need to know about the A Place At Home franchise.

A Place At Home Franchise
A Place At Home Franchise

About A Place At Home Franchise

As we’ve mentioned, A Place At Home is a service provider aimed at seniors’ needs.

The company can provide a range of different services, all aimed at improving the life of a community’s seniors. 

With the A Place At Home franchise, franchisees have the opportunity to build a network of caregivers ready to answer to the needs of their community.

If you are a caregiver but don’t know how to run a business or how to manage a network of caregivers, you can still apply for this franchise because the main company provides tons of support to their franchisees, helping them understand how to manage a network of resources and grow as a business.

History Of The A Place At Home Franchise

A Place At Home was founded in 2012. The founders of the company experienced in first person how difficult it is for families to assist seniors in today’s frenetic world. From this need, they founded the A Place At Home unit. 

With their franchise program, they were able to help the company grow and reach other communities in the United States.

Today, A Place At Home is a wide network of caregivers capable of providing all kinds of services to help seniors in all the different aspects of their life.

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A Place At Home: Business Model

A Place At Home is a service provider. It builds a network of caregivers, at it, ‘s aimed at seniors’ needs.

It is also a franchise, so if you want to, you can become the owner of a new A Place At Home unit.

Company nameA Place At Home
Business ModelCaregiver service provider
Initial Investment$59,000 – $150,000
Franchise Fee$34,500
Royalty fee5,5%
Ad royalty fee1%
Number of units2

How Much Does It Cost To Start A New Place At Home Unit?

When you start a new A Place at Home unit, you need to invest in a small location, equipment, supply, and, above all, in building your network of caregivers (meaning that you’ll need to hire some people).

Because it is a franchise, you need to add the franchise fee to the initial investment, which amounts to $34,500. Summing everything up, you can estimate an initial investment of $59,000 or more (up to $150,000).

As it often happens, the initial franchise fee isn’t the only required fee (but it’s the only one you need to pay at the beginning of your collaboration).

There is also a 5,5% royalty fee and a 1% advertising royalty fee. Both the royalty fees are calculated on your gross revenue.

A Place At Home Franchise: Requirements

In order to apply for the A Place At Home franchise, you need to have a minimum net worth of $120,000 and $55,000 liquid capital.

It’s easier to obtain this franchise contract if you already have some experience as a caregiver or as a caregiver’s manager.

A Place At Home: Terms Of Agreements And Renewal

The information about the length of the initial franchise contract with the A Place At home franchise is not public.

This usually happens when details are not standard but can be customized for each specific case.

Make sure to require information about it when you apply for the franchise program, and also check how much it is the renewal fee.

It is the fee you need to pay at the end of the contract to keep owning the franchise and extend the franchise contract.

A Place At Home Franchise: Training And Support

A Place At Home provides a lot of training, and it is organized in different phases.

Phase 1 is the Discovery stage, where the company walks you through the different aspects of its operations.

After that, there are several training programs: the CARE Launch program, the CARE coaching program, and the CARE Pro program.

All these programs deal with different aspects of the business: from the most technical ones to the most ethical ones.

A Place At Home franchise: Obligations & Restrictions

There is no public information about A Place At Home’s obligations and restrictions for their franchisees.

Because their ethics are strong, you can expect a lot of restrictions concerning ethics and quality standards, so make sure to carefully read the franchise contract and absorb as much as you can during the training.

A Place At Home: Financial Assistance

A Place At Home Franchise provides a franchise fee discount for franchisees that already have experience in the field of senior care or assistance. There are reduced fees also for veterans.

A Place At Home VS Homewatch Caregivers

CompanyA Place At HomeHomewatch Caregivers
Business sectorCaregiver servicescaregiver services
Founded in 20121980
Franchise fee£34,500$49,500
Initial Investment  $59,000 – $150,000$83,000 – $141,500


A Place At Home gives you the opportunity to launch a franchise business that can be a resource for your community.

Because of the world, we’re living in, the demand for this type of service is high, meaning that there are great chances of success for a business like this.

A Place At Home Franchise: FAQs

Is A Place At Home a franchise or a chain?

A Place At Home is a franchise, meaning that you can become the owner of a new A Place At Home business.

Who is the owner of A Place At Home?

Dustin Distefano and Jerod Evanich, the founders of the company, are still its owners.

How many A Place At Home units are there?

Because A Place At Home is a young company, there are only 2 franchised units at the moment.

Is A Place At Home a good investment?

The A Place At Home franchise is a good investment in both financial and ethical terms. It’s, after all, an investment in your community.

You can help it become a place where seniors no longer have difficulties doing their activities and where they can receive professional help when they need it.

Is A Place At Home worth it?

The A Place At Home franchise is totally worth it, even if it is a big investment. As we’ve mentioned, it’s an investment for yourself and for your community.

The profit you earn isn’t only in terms of money but also in terms of social improvement within your community.

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