AFC Franchise

The Advance Fresh Concept (AFC) franchise is an excellent opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to enter the restaurant business. With its attractive menu, reliable customer service, and low cost of entry, AFC has grown from a single location in 1988 to more than forty locations across the United States today.

This article will provide information about the requirements and benefits of owning an AFC Franchise as well as give insight into the potential return on investment that can be expected.

We will discuss the fees associated with franchising, how much money is required for total investment, the type of training you should expect to receive, and any restrictions or limitations on expansion opportunities and renewal policies.

AFC Franchise
AFC Franchise

About AFC

Advanced Fresh Concepts Corp (AFC) is a U.S.-based food service provider that has been a leading innovator in the fresh prepared foods industry since its founding in 1984.

The company provides a wide range of meal solutions to customers across the United States and Canada, including ready-to-eat meals, custom salads and sandwiches, pre-packaged sides and snacks, smoothies and frappes, frozen yogurt, and ice cream novelties.

Today AFC operates over 200 locations in malls, colleges/universities, airports, military bases, corporate cafeterias, and other non-traditional venues throughout North America.

AFC Franchise Model

 Initial Investment$19,944-$83,169
Area RequirementN/A
Total Outlets4,000

Advantages Of AFC Franchise

  • The lowest-cost Franchise
  • No extra expense for construction
  • They provide ongoing training and support
  • Growth and business knowledge
  • Develop your experience as a franchisee and businessman

How Much Does An AFC Franchise Make?

Several aspects determine the profitability of the Advanced Fresh Concept franchise.

Profit varies depending on the investment size, expenses, and demand for the product.

As we all know, Advanced Fresh Concept has already earned goodwill in the market, so there is a good possibility that revenue must be higher.

Why Is AFC The Defining Leader In The Sushi Bar?

  • Advanced Fresh Concept sushi is made from fresh vegetables with the highest quality products.
  • The packaged product is inconvenient ready-to-go containers for customers seeking a healthy alternative to fast food.
  • They currently have more than 4000 sushi franchise locations.
  • The service is available in the United States, Canada, and Australia.
  • Many signature items and sushi-related products to choose from.

AFC Comparison

CompanyAFCPanda Express 
Founded In19861973
Initial Investment$19,944-$83,169$377,100 – $1,884,000
Total Outlet1411,900
Annual Revenue$363.5 Million$100 Billion

Frequently Asked Question

When did Advanced Fresh Concept begin franchising?

 In 2002, Advanced Fresh Concept started offering franchises.

How many locations does Advanced Fresh Concept have?

Advanced Fresh Concept owns more than 4,000 franchises across the world.

How much is an Advanced Fresh Concept franchise fee?

Advanced Fresh Concept franchise fee is $2,300.

Does AFC offer a franchise?

Yes, AFC offers remunerative franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs.

How much does an AFC franchise cost?

AFC requires a franchise fee of up to $2,300, with a total investment of $19,944-$83,169.

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