Aldi franchise Cost, Revenue & Profit 2024

Aldi is one of the leading discount grocery store chains worldwide, with more than 10,000 stores across 20 countries.

Aldi has become famous for its low prices and wide selection of products ranging from food to household items.

This popularity has made it an attractive option for those looking to open their own business through franchising.

Considering the potential for success, starting an Aldi Franchise is a great way to be your own boss.

However, before you embark on this journey, it’s important to understand what is involved.

In this article, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about the Aldi Franchise, from the possibility of owning one to the costs associated with the franchise and alternatives to consider.

Aldi  franchise

About Aldi

Aldi is one of the world’s leading discount grocery store chains.

The company has become renowned for its low prices and wide selection of products ranging from food to household items.

Aldi is also known for being the world’s first discount grocery store, with a mission to offer customers quality products at unbeatable prices.

In addition to their expansive selection of standard supermarket fare, Aldi also offers a range of organic options as well as award-winning wines.

They also carry exclusive name-brand products that many other retailers don’t have access to.

This has made Aldi a go-to destination for shoppers looking for both value and quality when it comes to their grocery needs.

Aldi provides an excellent shopping experience for its customers that includes convenient payment options and fast checkout times at all its locations.

In addition, Aldi regularly offers promotions and discounts on select items, allowing customers to save even more money on their purchases.

Overall, Aldi has become one of the most trusted names in discount grocery stores due to its commitment to providing premium-quality products at affordable prices along with an enjoyable shopping experience.

Aldi’s wide popularity and success have made it an attractive option for those looking to open their own business through franchising.

Aldi History

Aldi History

Aldi’s story began in 1913 when the Albrecht family opened a small grocery store in Essen, Germany.

Brothers Karl and Theo Albrecht took over the business in 1946, and it was at this time that they introduced the concept of discount groceries, which had yet to be seen in Germany.

The brothers officially changed the name of their chain to Aldi, an abbreviation for Albrecht Diskont (Albrecht Discount), in 1962.

This marked a major turning point for the company as it allowed them to separate themselves from other traditional supermarkets by offering customers unbeatable prices on quality products.

The success of Aldi’s discount model led them to expand internationally after they acquired the Austrian grocery chain Hofer in 1968.

They opened their first store in the United States three years later in Iowa and then went on to open branches throughout Europe and into Great Britain in the 1990s.

The early 2000s saw Aldi launch more stores across Australia, France, China, Russia, Italy, and other countries.

To date, there are over 10,000 stores operating across 20 countries under the Aldi brand name.

Aldi has grown to become one of the most successful discount supermarket chains around due to its commitment to providing quality products at low prices backed by excellent customer service.

The company’s mission is still very much based on its founders’ ideals: “to offer customers top-quality foods at discounted prices.”

If you’re interested in becoming an ALDI franchise owner, our article Who Owns ALDI offers helpful information about who owns the company. It explains the different owners and gives you a better understanding of how ALDI is structured.

Franchise Model Table

Cost or FeesAmount
Initial InvestmentN/A
Franchise FeeN/A
Estimated Outlets10,000+

How Much Does It Cost To Open An Aldi Franchise?

The cost of opening an Aldi franchise is not available since the company does not offer franchising opportunities.

Aldi is a privately held company owned by the Albrecht family, meaning it cannot be franchised.

This also means the Albrecht family retains control over business decisions and expansion plans.

That said, there are still some ways to get involved with Aldi’s business model without actually owning a franchise.

For example, you can become an independent contractor for Aldi and run one of their stores as an independent owner-operator.

Though this type of involvement won’t provide the same level of control and autonomy that comes with ownership of a franchise, it can still be a great way to learn about running a retail operation and potentially even earn some extra income.

However, you can not just purchase an Aldi franchise. All of Aldi’s stores are company-owned, making it impossible for you to purchase a franchise.

Why Doesn’t Aldi Offer Franchising?

Why Doesn't Aldi Offer Franchising

Aldi’s business model is based on the concept of fractional ownership, which means that all store owners are part of a larger organization.

They do not offer franchising opportunities, as each is owned by a single company and is tightly integrated with other stores in their network.

The reason for this is to ensure efficiency and uniformity across their stores, allowing Aldi to provide customers with consistent prices and quality goods regardless of which store they visit.

This also helps Aldi remain competitive in the discount grocery market by keeping overhead costs low since they can more easily control operations from a central office.

Also, Aldi’s commitment to providing value comes from its ability to negotiate with suppliers and get exclusive deals that other retailers may not be able to get.

This is possible because of their massive buying power and economies of scale that come with having one unified ownership structure rather than a network of individual owners.

In short, Aldi does not offer franchising opportunities since it’s a privately owned company that prefers to keep tight control over its operations and pricing structure.

Aldi Revenue & Profit

Aldi has seen steady growth in revenue and profits over the years. In 2021, the Aldi Group reported total revenue of about $134 billion, an increase of nearly 15% from the prior year.

This expansion was credited primarily to strong demand and their continued success in new markets.

The company’s operating margin also saw a slight increase to 0.4%. This was mainly attributed to Aldi’s ability to keep costs low due to its efficient discount model, which focuses on offering quality products at unbeatable prices for customers.

While this operating margin is considerably less than that of other grocery chains like Tesco, which usually report margins of around 5%, Aldi’s low overhead costs have enabled them to remain competitive in the discount grocery market.

What Are Some Alternatives To Aldi Franchise?

Circle K alternative

Even though it is not possible to open an Aldi franchise, there are still some alternatives that can provide a similar discount retail experience. Here are some of the most popular options:

Circle K

Circle K is one of the largest convenience store businesses worldwide, with over 15,000 locations in more than 33 countries.

The company was founded in 1951 and has become a giant in the retail market.

For those interested in owning a franchise similar to Aldi, Circle K offers an appealing alternative.

It requires an initial investment of $189,250–$2,204,150, depending on the specific store location and size.

This includes construction costs, equipment & inventory purchases, real estate costs, if applicable, branding fees, and other associated start-up expenses.

Circle K stores offer a wide range of products, including beverages, snacks, and food items; health and beauty products; automotive supplies; cleaning products; home goods; and much more.


7-Eleven is another popular option for those looking to own a discount retail franchise.

Founded in 1927, 7-Eleven operates more than 78,000 stores worldwide and offers an extensive selection of products that includes snacks, beverages, prepared foods, convenience items, health and beauty supplies, automotive products, electronics, and much more.

To open a 7-Eleven store as a franchisee, you will need to have an initial investment of $69,650–$1,233,900, depending on the size and location of your store.

This includes the franchise fee, construction costs, equipment & inventory purchases, real estate costs, if applicable, branding fees, and other associated start-up expenses.

The 7-Eleven franchise focuses on delivering proactive customer service and convenience in order to meet the needs of its customers.

This makes it a great alternative to Aldi for those looking to open their own discount retail business.

Save A Lot

Save A Lot is a discount grocery store chain with more than 900 locations in the United States and Puerto Rico.

The company was founded in 1977 and has grown to become a major player in the retail market.

Save A Lot of stores offer a wide range of products, including fresh produce, meat & seafood, deli items, snacks, home goods, health & beauty supplies, automotive products, and much more.

Save A Lot focuses on providing customers with quality products at an affordable price, as the name implies.

Save a Lot isn’t exactly a franchise. Instead, the business offers a licensing opportunity that requires a minimum initial investment of $750,000–$1,500,000, depending on the store size and location.

Since it’s not a franchise, there is no franchise fee or ongoing royalties to worry about.

Potential franchisees interested in grocery stores can investigate opportunities with 7-Eleven, Swiss Farm, and JioMart Franchise.

Aldi Comparison

Founded In19131993  
Initial InvestmentN/A$50,000 to $1,000,000
Total Outlets2,13053,000
Annual Revenue$121.1 Billion $78.748 Billion 


Aldi is a popular discount grocery store chain that has been loved by customers for decades.

Unfortunately, Aldi does not offer franchising opportunities since it’s privately owned and prefers to keep tight control over its operations and pricing structure.

However, there are still some great alternatives that can provide a similar discount retail experience.

These include Circle K, 7-Eleven, and Save A Lot. Each option is an excellent choice for those looking to own their own discount retail business and offers different advantages that can make it the right solution for your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to buy an Aldi franchise?

Currently, there is no way to establish a franchise with Aldi, and this does not appear to be changing very soon.

How Can You get an Aldi in Your Town?

If you’d like to see an Aldi grocery shop in your town, go to their website and submit a suggestion.

Who is the owner of Aldi?

The Albrecht family still owns the Aldi group, which is still a privately held firm.

Is ALDI a franchise?

No, ALDI is a privately held company. They don’t offer franchise opportunities.

How much does an ALDI franchise cost?

As mentioned above, ALDI does not offer franchises. Therefore, no information is available related to the cost of the ALDI franchise.

How Much Does It Cost To Open a Franchise Similar to Aldi?

The cost of opening a franchise similar to Aldi will depend on the specific franchise you choose, although it ranges from $100,000–$2,200,000.

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