Apricot Lane Boutique Franchise

Apricot Lane Boutique is recognized as one of the best women’s fashion boutiques, and if you want to diversify your portfolio, then Apricot Lane Boutique Franchise is one of the great opportunities for you.

In this article, we are going to share everything related to the Apricot Lane Boutique franchise, like its profit, franchise fee, investment, and other expenses. So, let’s begin. 

Apricot Lane Boutique Franchise
Apricot Lane Boutique Franchise

About Apricot Lane Boutique

In 1996, Apricot Lane Boutique was founded by Ken Petersen, Tom Brady, and Scott Jacobs.

It is a retail store that sells fashion apparel, accessories, bath and body products, gifts, wall décor, and other merchandise under the mark “Apricot Lane.”

In 2004, Apricot Lane Boutique started offering franchises, and now it has a comprehensive market of 82 units across the nation.

The business model of Apricot Lane Boutique is very flexible, and the policies of the franchise are not rigid as others. A candidate can buy an Apricot Lane Boutique franchise without any prior experience.

However, it requires you to put in the cost of investment which is relatively low compared to other retail stores.

They also provide third-party finance and a $5,000 reduction on the franchise fee as a veteran discount to eligible candidates.

Moreover, they also provide in-depth training programs and different kinds of support to all new franchisees to enhance the franchise business. 

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Apricot Lane Boutique Franchise Model

 Initial Investment$80,000 – $361,800
 Area RequirementN/A
 Total Outlet82

Training & Support Of Apricot Lane Boutique

Apricot Lane Boutique provides a training program to all new franchisees. This program consists of three phases.

The first phase includes orientation and onboarding, which must be completed by all new franchisees. After the completion of the first phase, the second phase will be started.

This phase includes training for three days at the designated boutique. And the last and third phases include the certification, where the franchisees will be tested.

Term Of Agreement & Renewal

The initial length of the term of the Apricot Lane Boutique agreement is 10 years. After the expiry of the initial term, the option of renewal term is available for two consecutive terms of 5 years each, but only if franchisees have met the conditions required by the franchisors.

Financial Assistance Apricot Lane Boutique

Apricot Lane Boutique does not offer direct or indirect financing. And the franchisors are not responsible for any franchisees’ promissory note, lease, or other obligations.

However, the franchisors allow third-party financing and other sources of financing and may provide a $5,000 reduction on the franchise fee to the candidates who are eligible for a veteran’s discount. 

Apricot Lane Boutique Comparison

CompanyApricot Lane Boutique Mainstream Boutique
Founded In19961991
Initial Investment$80,000 – $361,800$160,800 – $306,350
Total Outlet8280
Annual Revenue$7 Million$2.5 Million

Frequently Asked Question

How many Apricot Lane Boutique franchises are there?

Apricot Lane Boutique has more than 82 units across the U.S.

Does the Apricot Lane Boutique franchise offer financial assistance?

Yes, the Apricot Lane Boutique franchise offers third-party finance to franchisees. 

Where is Apricot Lane Boutique headquarters?

Vacaville, California

Is Apricot Lane Boutique a franchise?

Apricot Lane Boutique is a Powerhouse of clothing boutique franchise brand that offers opportunities to women of all ages.

How much does the Apricot Lane Boutique franchise cost?

The franchise fee for Apricot Lane Boutique is $39,500, and the total estimated investment is $80,000 – $361,800.

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