Arby’s Franchise 

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Arby’s has thinly chopped roast beef to our delicious Market Fresh assortment of salads, sandwiches, and wraps.

Arby’s has distinct cut-above selections. It also provides clients with unique food options, a warm dining environment, and an authentic, remarkable, and genuine experience.

If you are looking for Arby’s Franchise, then you are at the right place.

Arby's Franchise
Arby’s Franchise

About Arby’s Company

Arby’s is a fast-food sandwich restaurant franchise based in the United States with over 3,300 locations and ranks third in sales.

Arby’s is known for the roast beef sandwiches, with the Beef n’ Cheddar being one of their most popular, but they don’t just serve roast beef sandwiches.

They’ve also expanded their menu to include corned beef, bacon, turkey, chicken, Angus steak, brisket, and ham sandwiches.

Arby’s Company History

Forrest 1922–2008 and Leroy Raffel, founders of a restaurant equipment company, opened Arby’s in Boardman, Ohio, on July 23, 1964, believing there was a market opening for a fast-food franchise based on a meal other than hamburgers.

The brothers intended to rename Big Tex’s eateries, but an Akron company already had that moniker.

Instead, they picked the name Arby’s, which is derived from R. B., the initials of the Raffel Brothers; yet, it is sometimes confused with Roast Beef.

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Arby’s Franchise Model

Total investment$500,000 – $2,474,400
Area RequirementN/A
Total Outlets3400

Arby’s Training

New franchisees must attend new franchisee orientation, which the franchisor requires.

The franchisor mandates that a partnership or authorized shareholder engage in the NFO if the franchisees are a collaboration or corporation.

The NFO is a synopsis of Arby’s system and the support staff supplied by the company.

Franchisees must employ three managers in the first and second locations at all times who have completed and been licensed in the Arby’s Restaurant Training Course or an equivalent training program authorized by the franchisor in its absolute discretion.

Terms Of Agreement And Renewal Of Arby’s Franchise

The initial franchise concept for a typical restaurant can be up to 20 20 years.

Still, it can be less if the franchisee’s lease is less than 20 years, or if the franchisee acquired an original corporation eatery and the franchisor may not own property or investments an existing franchisee’s eatery, in which case the franchisee will either obtain the remaining term under the international treaty or a 20-year term.

The starting period for non-traditional restaurants is shorter than ten years, the contract term with the appropriate transit agency, stadium, or arena, or the contract duration for the licensed premises.

Financial Assistance Of Arby’s Franchise

The franchisor can not provide explicitly or implicitly financing to its franchisees. The franchisor does not guarantee the franchisee’s note, contract, or contract.

Arby’s franchisees are qualified for accelerated and simplified SBA loan processing through the SBA’s franchise registry.

Arby’s Comparison

CompanyArby’sJimmy John’s
Founded In19641993
Initial Investment$500,000 – $2,474,400$316,100-$558,600
Total Outlet34002800
Annual Revenue$4.22 Billion$1.2 Billion

Frequently Asked Question

Which Arby's sandwich is the most popular?

A classical roast beef sandwich

Is there a 5 for $10 deal at Arby's right now?

Right now, Arby’s Roast Beef Sandwiches are 5 for $10.

Is Arby's a successful franchise?

An Arby’s franchise can be a smart option if you’re trying to get into a faltering industry, especially given the track performance of the two guys in charge, Brown, and Aronson.

Is Arby's a franchise?

Yes, Arby’s is a franchise and is one of the largest fast-food chains that has franchised more than 3,000 locations, including the 1,000+ locations operated by the company.

How much does an Arby's franchise cost?

An initial investment required to open Arby’s is $500,000 – $2,474,400, with a franchise fee of $37,500.

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