Are Escape Rooms Profitable 2024?

Escape Room businesses have experienced a significant growth in the recent years. But the question here is: Are Escape Rooms Profitable 2024?

Are Escape Rooms Profitable

The escape room industry emerged from Japan 15 years ago and expanded in the Western and Eastern markets by the early 2010s. They are now so popular that according to Yahoo Finance, it was valued at $7.9 billion in 2022 and is estimated to reach $31 billion by 2032.

So, does this mean that escape rooms are profitable? Let’s find out all the answers by reading this guide, from how profitable escape rooms are to how much money you can make from them.

What Is An Escape Room?

What Is An Escape Room

Imagine this: you and your friends are locked up in your room with puzzles, hidden clues, and a ticking clock. And your mission is to find the hidden clues, solve the puzzles, and escape the escape room before the time runs out.

Sounds so fascinating. Right? Well, that’s what a fun-filled, adventurous escape room is.

An escape room is basically a themed space with all the puzzles and numerous physical and electronic elements. You and your folks have to solve those puzzles, and once all the puzzles are solved, you get to escape the room.

The participants are put into situations that can only be seen in Hollywood movies or video games.

How Much Does It Cost To Start An Escape Room Business?

Escape Room Design/ Construction$50,000-$100,000
Building Permits$500-$2,500
Staff/ Labor Costs$15,000-$20,000
Gaming Systems and Consoles$2,000-$10,000
Insurance $400-$1,500
Technology And IT Security$500-$1,500
Legal Fees$1,000-$5,000
Total Start-up Cost$87,400-$241,400

What Equipment Are Required To Create An Escape Room?

What Equipment Are Required To Create An Escape Room

If you are thinking about starting an escape room business, then proper equipment is a must. These equipments will offer a more enjoyable experience to the players, and you also don’t have to do all the work by yourself.

The equipment can be divided into 4 categories:

  • Command And Control Software
  • Puzzles And Gadgets
  • Setup Equipment
  • Costumes And Decorations

1. Command And Control Software

Command and control software includes room management software. This software will allow the game masters to track the players via a camera system to communicate and interact with them.

You can perform multiple features, such as showing a countdown timer, adding themed music, connecting buttons in the room, controlling the lights, and triggering some digital props.

So, these softwares not only saves your time but also increases your productivity.

2. Puzzles And Gadgets

If you don’t have any idea about puzzles, then you can also buy them. There are various options available in the market. So, you can just buy them according to the suitable theme of the escape room.

Now, talking about the gadgets, these are also easily available on the internet and don’t require any professional knowledge to set them. Therefore, an inexperienced person can also set up these gadgets.

3. Setup Equipment

Equipment for connecting all the objects in the escape room should be of high quality. As everything in the escape room depends on the connection and setup of equipment.

High-quality connecting equipment is a matter of convenience, and people’s safety is also dependent on it. It can also save your business from potential disasters like fire or short circuits.

4. Costumes And Decorations

Nobody wants to go to an escape room that doesn’t have a unique atmosphere, and costumes are a huge part of that atmosphere.

Decorations are also one of the things that make an escape room special. So, convince the players that they are actually loving life and not just playing some game.

How To Start An Escape Room?

Are Escape Rooms Profitable 2024?

Escape Room businesses are booming. According to industry reports in the United States, the number of escape rooms has increased rapidly, indicating the growing demand for this unique entertainment form.

The industry revenue showed an average growth rate of 27% annually. This positive shift is also expected to continue in the future.

Moreover, the average escape room in the United States generates annual revenue ranging between $200,000 to $500,000 with an average profit margin of 20-40%.

This profit margin depends on several factors, including the location of the business, the size of the facility, and pricing strategy.

All these statistics indicate that owning an escape room business is indeed lucrative.

How Much Does An Escape Room Owner Make?

According to the reports, an average escape room in the US has 6 rooms. With a price of $20/ticket per player and an average team size of 4 players and 4 games per day, this is how much an escape room owner can make in a month:

  • 1 room: $10,596 per month
  • 2 rooms: $21,192 per month
  • 3 rooms: $31,788 per month
  • 4 rooms: $42,384 per month

Therefore, on average, an escape room generates over $315,000 per year in the United States Of America. However, this amount can differ from owner to owner and state to state.

These can be affected by factors such as insurance, employee salary, utilities, marketing expenses, and maintenance costs of puzzles and other props.

Factors Affecting The Profitability Of An Escape Room Business

Factors Affecting The Profitability Of An Escape Room Business

Here are a few factors that determine the profitability of an escape room business:

1. Location

The location plays a vital role in determining the profit of an escape room. Therefore, being located in a high-traffic area with excellent visibility attracts more customers and, in turn, increases your earnings.

Similarly, setting up the escape room in a popular tourist destination or near other entertainment venues can help you attract the right type of audience and make your business successful.

2. Pricing

Another vital factor that determines the profitability of the escape room business is the pricing strategy. Your pricing should be competitive with the local market but should also ensure profitability.

Consider these factors while making your pricing strategy:

  • Cost of operations
  • Rent
  • Marketing Expense
  • Quality of the experience

3. Customer Experience

Providing exceptional customer service should be your priority. Positive interactions with the customers, prompt responses to inquiries or issues, and friendly and helpful staff all these things can enhance the overall experience of the customers.

A good customer service or experience will also help you to retain the customers.

4. Marketing

A business will not become popular by itself, but you’ll need to do the necessary marketing and promotion of your escape room business. It is also one of the important factors that determines the profitability of your escape room business.

Therefore, utilize every relevant marketing channel, such as social media platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. And also partner with local businesses that can help drive awareness of your business.

Tips For Running An Escape Room Business Smoothly

To be honest, your work doesn’t end once you open the escape room. So, here are some tips that will help you streamline your operations and ensure that your escape room is successful for years.

1. Put Your Customers On Priority

The success of your escape rooms lies in the hands of your customers. So, you need to put your customers on the priority.

You need to create a truly memorable experience to keep the customers coming back for more. Here are a few tips to retain customers:

  • Create an immersive experience with the help of visual appeal, sounds, and smells.
  • Use high-quality props and ensure everything in the room presents a cohesive story.
  • Update the rooms, and bring new puzzles and props to make the customers interested in your escape room.

2. Quality Staffing And Management

Make sure that the staff you are hiring understands what business they are getting into. They must be passionate about offering excellent customer service and should be capable of the smooth operation of the business.

For this, you can provide them with proper training and establish guidelines to help the team deliver positive results.

3. Maintain Safety Regulations

  • Ensure your team is trained to handle the emergency situations.
  • Establish clear safety protocols.
  • Constantly check the escape room equipment.
  • Reset the puzzles to maintain their functionality.

4. Promote Your Business

Create and maintain a marketing strategy to attract potential customers. Also, use relevant social media platforms and paid advertisements to increase your visibility.

You can also promote your business by encouraging your customers to give positive reviews. This will help your business to build a positive reputation around your business.


So, are escape rooms profitable 2024? Well, the escape room business is an excellent escape from your 9 to 5 to a lucrative business. However, the success depends on how interesting the escape room is.

Also, before starting your escape room business, determine the age of the customers you want to attract. As an escape room for kids won’t entice the adults and vice versa.

Additionally, consider all the costs associated with the business and implement the tips to increase the profitability of your escape room business.


Is escape room growing?

Yes, escape rooms are growing. As per the reports, the global escape room market size is expected to record a CAGR of 15% from 2023 to 2032.

What is the future of escape rooms?

Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and smart technology are the future of escape rooms. As technology is growing rapidly, these will soon play an important role in escape rooms.

What are the advantage of escape room?

One crucial advantage of the escape room is the cost. Typically, escape rooms are priced per person, so the cost can go higher based on the larger group of people. This is what is the most vital advantage of escape rooms for the business owner.

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