21 Artistic Side Jobs To Make Money Quickly 2024

In today’s gig economy, combining your passion for art with the opportunity to earn extra income can lead to fulfilling and lucrative ventures. And if you are an artistic person then you must read the article 21 artistic side jobs to make money quickly 2024.

21 Artistic Side Jobs To Make Money Quickly 2024

From freelance graphic design, photography, and custom illustration to more niche pursuits like cake decorating or furniture restoration, the possibilities are endless. 

This guide will explore 21 artistic side jobs that will allow you to express your creativity and also make money out of it.

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21 Artistic Side Jobs To Make Money Quickly

1. Sell Physical Art

Sell Physical Art

In today’s world, where the appreciation for tangible art pieces remains high, artists can leverage various platforms to sell their creations quickly. 

Therefore, selling physical art is a brilliant way for artists to turn their passion into profit, especially as a side job.

2. Sell Virtual Art

Sell Virtual Art

Selling virtual art has also emerged as a lucrative job for artists. It includes digital illustrations, animations, or 3D models. There are such online marketplaces tailored for art sales.

These marketplaces include Etsy and Saatchi Art. Moreover, through platforms like Instagram, ArtStation, and DeviantArt, you can showcase and sell your art without the need for physical distribution.

3. Offer Video And Photography Services

Offer Video And Photography Services

According to recent reports, the rise of social media usage has increased the demand for video and photography services.

Under this, you will either capture the essence of a wedding, create compelling promotional videos for businesses, or produce stunning portraits. Overall, your skills in video and photography can open up numerous opportunities.

4. Create Fonts Or Offer Calligraphy Services

21 Artistic Side Jobs To Make Money Quickly 2024- Create Fonts Or Offer Calligraphy Services

The world of typography offers a unique blend of art and commerce. Creating custom fonts or offering calligraphy services taps into the evergreen demand for personalized and distinctive text designs. 

Under this, your clients can include businesses seeking a unique brand identity through custom fonts and any individual.

5. Web Design Services

21 Artistic Side Jobs To Make Money Quickly 2024- Web Design Services

Offering web design services combines the art of visual design with the practicality of user experience.

As businesses and individuals strive for an online presence that engages their audience, the demand for skilled web designers has skyrocketed. 

This role  allows you to express your creativity through layout, color schemes, and typography. It also challenges you to think about how users interact with websites.

6. Illustrate Book Covers And Children’s Book

21 Artistic Side Jobs To Make Money Quickly 2024- Illustrate Book Covers And Children's Book

Becoming an illustrator tap into the evergreen demand for captivating visuals that attract readers and convey the essence of a story at a glance.

For artists skilled in bringing narratives to life through vibrant illustrations, this niche offers a unique opportunity to quickly monetize their talents. 

Moreover, the rise of self-publishing and digital platforms has expanded the market, allowing illustrators to connect with clients worldwide.

7. Become A Social Media Manager

21 Artistic Side Jobs To Make Money Quickly 2024- Become A Social Media Manager

With more companies becoming aware of the power of social media, the demand for this job role is never ending.

Companies are always on a lookout for individuals who can

  • Craft compelling content,
  • Design eye-catching graphics, and
  • Develop engaging strategies to elevate their online presence. 

Additionally, the rapid evolution of digital platforms means that social media managers can see immediate results from their campaigns and strategies, leading to quick financial returns.

8. Teach Your Creative Skills

21 Artistic Side Jobs To Make Money Quickly 2024- Teach Your Creative Skills

Leveraging your artistic talents by teaching them to others. Whether it’s painting, digital art, photography, or writing, through workshops, online courses, or private lessons, can quickly turn into a profitable venture. 

9. Paint Murals

21 Artistic Side Jobs To Make Money Quickly 2024- Paint Murals

Painting murals represents an artistic endeavor that can quickly turn into a lucrative career.  Mural projects often come with substantial budgets, reflecting the scale, visibility, and potential cultural significance of the work. 

Additionally, each completed mural serves as a public portfolio piece. This often leads to more commissions and further opportunities to generate income.

10. Become A Face Painter

21 Artistic Side Jobs To Make Money Quickly 2024- Become A Face Painter

This artistic job thrives in a variety of environments, from children’s parties and community events to festivals and corporate functions.

What makes face painting an attractive option for quick financial gain is the minimal startup cost compared to the potential.

Therefore, artists can showcase their creativity through their designs, turning simple moments into memorable experiences for their clients. 

11. Become A Tattoo Artist

21 Artistic Side Jobs To Make Money Quickly 2024- Become A Tattoo Artist

This unique profession allows individuals to express their creativity through the medium of ink on skin.  

With the right training, a strong portfolio, and the ability to connect with clients, a skilled tattoo artist can start earning as soon as they land their first gig. 

12. Become An Animator

21 Artistic Side Jobs To Make Money Quickly 2024- Become An Animator

Becoming an animator caters to the ever-growing demand for digital content in entertainment, advertising, and education.

By building a strong portfolio and networking within the industry, you can secure freelance projects or positions within studios.

Moreover, whether working on movies, video games, or online content, animators play a crucial role in today’s digital landscape, making it a lucrative career for those with the right combination of skills, creativity, and dedication.

21 Artistic Side Jobs To Make Money Quickly 2024- Fashion-Related Services

This broad field encompasses a range of services, from personal styling and image consulting to fashion design and tailoring. 

Many social media platform also prove to be a powerful tool or showcasing talent and attracting clients, making it easier than ever to turn a passion for fashion into a thriving career. 

14. Become A Prop Maker

21 Artistic Side Jobs To Make Money Quickly 2024- Become A Prop Maker

Becoming a prop maker niche within the entertainment and event industries involves creating items that bring visual stories to life.

This includes creating historical replicas for film and television to fantastical creations for theater and themed events.

Leveraging social media and industry contacts can quickly lead to a steady stream of projects, especially in areas with a vibrant film, television, or theater presence. 

15. Become An Interior Designer Or Decorator

21 Artistic Side Jobs To Make Money Quickly 2024- Become An Interior Designer Or Decorator

With an innate sense of style and a keen eye for color, space, and texture, interior designers and decorators can transform ordinary spaces into visually stunning and practical environments.

Therefore, venturing into fashion-related services offers an eclectic and potentially lucrative career path for those with a flair for style and creativity.

16. Custom Furniture Making

Custom Furniture Making

For those with a flair for design and a passion for craftsmanship, becoming a custom furniture maker is an ideal job for you.

The ability to create one-of-a-kind pieces that is aesthetic means that custom furniture makers can command premium prices for their work. 

With the right marketing, a strong portfolio, and a network of satisfied customers, making money quickly in this field is not just possible, but probable.

17. Art Restoration

This profession requires a deep understanding of art history, materials, and conservation techniques, enabling restorers to breathe new life into damaged or aged artworks. 

While the field may seem niche, the demand for skilled art restorers is consistently high, driven by museums, galleries, collectors, and institutions looking to preserve valuable pieces for future generations. 

18. Screen Writing

Screen Writing

Screenwriting stands at the crossroads of storytelling and cinematic art. It offers a unique opportunity for creatives to turn narratives into visual masterpieces.

In the fast-paced world of film and television, a compelling script is the backbone of any successful production.

With the right script, screenwriters can quickly capture the attention of

  • Producers,
  • Directors, and
  • Streaming platforms eager for content that stands out.

19. Music Lessons

Music Lessons

In today’s world, where the appreciation for personalized education is at an all-time high, skilled musicians find themselves in a prime position to monetize their expertise.

Whether it’s teaching the basics to beginners or refining the skills of more advanced students, music instructors cater to a wide range of clients. 

20. Art Critique Blogging

Art Critique Blogging

Art critique blogging offers a unique blend of personal expression and analytical thought. By providing thoughtful analyses, reviews, and critiques of artworks, exhibitions, and trends, you can attract a dedicated following of art enthusiasts, students, and professionals alike. 

Monetization opportunities arise through advertising, sponsored content, affiliate marketing, and even selling digital products or memberships.

21. Art Supply Retail

Art supply retailing offers an exciting opportunity for individuals passionate about art to delve into a business that can turn profitable quickly.

By catering to the diverse needs of artists, art supply stores become essential hubs in the artistic community. Additionally, hosting workshops and art demonstrations not only drives foot traffic but also builds a loyal customer base. 


In conclusion, these 21 artistic jobs that makes money quickly 2024 areers are not just about self-expression and following one’s passion; many offer the potential for rapid financial success as well. 

These fields exemplify how art and commerce can blend seamlessly. With dedication, a keen understanding of market demands, and a flair for networking, you can achieve both recognition and financial reward in short order. 

These are some of the artistic ways to make money, but there are also other ways to make money fast and are not that artistic.


How quickly can one start making money in an artistic career?

This varies by field and individual effort. However, with a strong portfolio and effective networking, it’s possible to begin earning shortly after entering the market.

Can artistic careers provide a stable income?

Stability can vary, but many artists find financial success through freelancing, securing positions within companies, or selling their work independently.

What’s the best way to start an artistic career?

Begin by honing your craft, building a strong portfolio, understanding your market. Among these points the most important one is to network both online and in-person within your industry.

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