A&W Menu Prices 2024

A&W is an American restaurant chain with specialties in burgers, draft root beer, and root beer floats. Their full name is Allen & Wright Restaurants, and they are the oldest restaurant chain in the United States, operating since 1923.

Their specialties are what makes them famous, and they have lured many people in since they started operating as a roadside drink stand. You might have some questions about A&W menu prices and items and want to learn more about it. We will answer some of the common questions about their menu.

A&W Menu Prices

What is in A&W Best Burger?

A&W Best Burger is a special burger that A&W Canada made together with Chef Matty Matheson. It’s only available for a limited time across specific restaurants in Canada. The burger is made with a 4oz grass-fed prime rib patty, fried pickles, real cheddar cheese, grilled onions, and garlic aioli. The buns are buttery brioche bun.

What Sauces Do They Have At A&W?

The exact sauces available might be different from restaurant to restaurant and from country to country. However, most of the time, they have certain sauces available to choose from as an extra to your meal. These are cheese, spicy papa, BBQ, marinara, honey mustard, papa sauce, and ranch sauces.

Did A&W Change Their Burgers?

A&W Menu Prices: Did A&W Change Their Burgers

A&W didn’t change the entire burgers, but they made some adjustments to them. These adjustments were to remove any artificial items on the burgers. A&W started to use real cheddar cheese and, remove any processed cheese from their burgers and use real ones without any preservatives or anything similar.

Why Did A&W Discontinue Their 1 3 Pound Burger?

The main reason behind the failure of the 1 3 pound burger was that an average person didn’t understand the fractions and couldn’t understand its size. People thought the quarter burger was bigger than 1 3 pound because the four is bigger than three, so they didn’t buy the 1 3 pound burger.

Does A&W Use Real Beef?

A&W generally guarantees that they are using 100% U.S. beef in their patties on the burgers. The A&W Canada branch has made the decision to use 100% grass-fed Canadian beef in their Canadian restaurants. They also state that they source their beef from select ranches in the United States, Canada, and New Zealand.

Does A&W Have Caffeine?

A&W offers a variety of drinks. The most popular one is a root beer, which could contain caffeine. But in A&W, none of their drinks, including their root beer, has caffeine in it. You can still make sure to ask if it is caffeine-free before buying it.

Does A&W Have Poutine, And How Much Does It Cost?

Does A&W Have Poutine

They do, but not all of their locations offer it. It’s mostly available in their Canadian locations in certain restaurants. In Canada, poutine costs C$ 5.99, which is about US$4.40.

Does A&W Have Ice Cream, And How Much Does It Cost?

Yes, A&W has ice cream. They have a variety of ice creams. These include signature soft serve, sundaes, and polar swirls. You can choose different flavors and sizes, which affect the prices. Depending on the size, polar swirls are either $3.49 or $3.99. Sundae is $2.99, and classic cone ice creams are between $1.99 to $4.99.

Does A&W Have Salads?

No, A&W doesn’t have salads in any of their locations.

Does A&W Have Onion Rings?

Does A&W Have Onion Rings

Yes, A&W offers onion rings as a side. You can order them either as separate sides or add them to your menu, like next to a burger, salad, or something else. They cost $4.29.

Does A&W Have Milkshakes?

Yes, A&W has milkshakes available. They have three milkshake flavors: vanilla, strawberry, and chocolate. Each costs the same, but the sizes change the prices. It costs between $4.79 and $5.99.

Does A&W Have An All-Day Breakfast?

A&W offers breakfast, but not all of their locations, only some. Those that offer breakfast have certain breakfast hours that you can only order at that time. That’s why they don’t have all-day breakfast. However, some items from their breakfast menu are available throughout the day. Some breakfast burgers, breakfast wraps, and hash browns are options that are available all day.

Does A&W Deliver?

Does A&W Deliver

A&W delivers to anywhere that is within their restaurants’ reach in the places they operate. You can order from A&W either directly from them, by using their app, or by using third-party services like DoorDash. The availability of third-party services might vary depending on your location.

How Much is A&W Frozen Root Beer?

There are three varieties of frozen root beer at A&W. All variations are the different sizes of the same frozen root beer. The small one is $4.04, regular is $4.24, and the large one is $5.24.

How Much Does A&W Coffee Cost?

A&W only offers organic Fairtrade coffee. The plants of coffee in this are grown organically and in a healthy ecosystem. It’s only available in their Canadian locations, and it’s not available in other countries. They also serve this coffee at a fixed price of $1 across Canada, regardless of size.

How Much is A&W Beyond Meat Burger?

A&W Beyond meat burger is $6.99 as is, just for the burger. If you want to make it a combo and add a drink and a side, the price for a Beyond Meat burger combo is $12.37. The prices might vary depending on the country and the location of any given country.

How Much is A&W Beyond Mama Burger?

How Much is A&W Beyond Mama Burger

They don’t have a mama burger with Beyond Meat, but they have a mama burger made with normal meat. The mama burger on its own is C$5.29, and the mama burger combo, the one with drink and side, is C$9.48. They also have a mama cheeseburger, which is C$6.04 as a burger and C$10.23 as a combo.

How Much is A&W Frozen Lemonade?

Frozen lemonades are available for a short time, and it’s only available in their Canada location. The cost is $4.13 in the small size and goes up as you go bigger on the size. The prices don’t change based on the flavor.

What Does A&W Stand For?

A&W stands for Allen & Wright Restaurants. The name comes from the original owners, Roy W. Allen and Frank Wright, who partnered with Roy to open their first restaurant. Roy was managing just a roadside drink stand before partnering with Roy.

What Time Does A&W Open and Close?

There are no set opening and closing hours for every A&W restaurant. It depends from location to location. On average, they open between 10 AM and 11.30 AM in most locations. There are some restaurants that open at 7 AM. These are generally the ones that serve breakfast.

They close between 9 PM and 10.30 PM, depending on the location. Some locations are open 24 hours.

What Are The Most Popular Items At A&W?

A&W is popular for their root beer, and they are known for their own root beer. Other popular items include their burgers like Teen Burger, Mama Burger, Beyond Burger, and so on.

A&W Menu Prices: FAQ

Why is A&W so popular?

The first reason why A&W got popular in the beginning was their root beer and how they served their root beer. They would keep their mugs in a freezer filled with root beer and then serve it to the customer. Then, the chain grew, having signature foods like burgers and fries, which helped them to increase their popularity.

Why is A&W so expensive?

Most people think A&W is rather expensive, and it is true that most of their products are somewhat above the market price. According to A&W, the biggest reason for that is because A&W markets itself as a healthy burger chain. They don’t use additives, probiotics, and other chemical stuff. They source their beef as grass-fed from certain places.

Is A&W a Pepsi or Coke product?

A&W is a restaurant owned by A Great American Brand, LLC. They are not a Pepsi or Coke brand. Their famous A&W root beer is also a product of the A&W brand that belongs to the Great American Brand. They have no affiliation with Pepsi or Coke.




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