Bath & Bodyworks Franchise

Do you wonder whether owning a franchise business is actually worth the money and time you are going to invest?

It might seem like franchises cost a lot of money, and it’s hard to start, but the truth is not generally like that.

They provide exceptional value for the money and time you are spending because you buy a brand that already has customers.

Bath And Body Works is just one of those extremely popular and lucrative franchise businesses.

Working in the industry for decades, they deliver their customers environmentally friendly and real-time goods.

If you are thinking of owning a Bath and Body Works franchise, read more to learn about the entire process.

Bath & Bodyworks Franchise
Bath & Bodyworks Franchise

About  Bath and Body Works

Bath and Body Works is a brand in the healthcare product industry that sells its customers both body care and home fragrances.

They were founded in 1990 in Ohio, but they currently work across six continents.

At one point in 1997, it became the largest bath shop chain in the United States which increased its brand awareness exponentially.

Their products are focused on being environmentally friendly, and they invest quite a lot in making a visual impact on local communities.

This encourages people to buy their products even more, helping the brand and its franchisees. Their efforts ensure that their products are popular and the brand name lives on.

Interested In Bath & Body Works Franchise?

Bath and Body Works Store

History Of Bath & Bodyworks

The first shop of Bath and Body Works was opened in 1990 in a mall in Cambridge, and they have been in operation ever since. They quickly grew into other parts of the industry.

They opened a second brand called Bath and Body Works at Home in 1997 and White Barn Candle Company in 1999. They first opened up stores abroad in Canada in 2008.

Later in their journey, the company decided to franchise in 2017, only very recently compared to when the company was founded.

They are now operating more than 1,600 stores across six continents, most of which are franchised.

However, they currently do not franchise in the United States and in Canada. They only franchise with the rest of the world through their partners.

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Bath & Bodyworks Franchise Model

Initial Investment$250,000- $2 million
Franchise YES
Franchising Since2017
Estimated Outlets1600

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How Much Does It Cost To Open A Bath and Body Works Franchise?

The financials of opening a Bath and Body Works franchise depends on various factors, from the store’s size to the number of employees you are going to have.

On average, the initial investment could be anywhere between $250,000 and $2 million. This number includes the training, equipment, property, and every other thing.

On top of the initial investment, you also need to pay a franchise fee to the franchisor to get the rights of the brand. This fee costs $50,000, and you have to pay it directly and in a lump sum.

Bath and Body Works Franchise Requirements

Since Bath and Body Works currently do not franchise in the United States and Canada, the requirements for a franchise branch differ from country to country.

That is because some countries require special permits to open the store, which you have to get in order to start the branch.

However, there are some other things that Bath and Body Works wants you to have to approve as a franchisee.

Most importantly, you must have a net worth of at least $750,000 to be eligible. Then, you also need to have a sales and marketing background.

If you can cover these, you will most likely get approval from the company in whichever country you are in.

Bath and Body Works Profit & Revenue

Bath and Body Works as a company is an extremely big company that also shows in its profit and revenue numbers.

They had an annual revenue of $7.56B in 2023, which had a decline of about 7% compared to the previous year.

This means that each Bath and Body Works had an annual revenue of $10.4 million, on average.

Looking at their profits, Bath and Body Works had a net annual revenue of $0.8B in 2023. This number saw a decline of about 40% from the previous year, from 2022.

This means that a Bath and Body Works store has a profit of less than $1 million annually, on average.

Bath and Body Works Franchise Training and Support

Bath and Body Work supports its franchisees and their employees, whether full-time employees or part-time.

They have their own training programs teaching day-to-day operations to both business owners and employees.

In addition to their training programs, they also offer continuous support.

This support includes marketing and operations help, such as proprietary software, email marketing, and other necessary details.

Bath & Bodyworks Comparison

CompanyFranchise FeeRoyalty FeeInitial Investment
Top of the Line Fragrances$20,0005%$164,000-$238,000
Third Sense$3,000N/A$29,000-$100,000
Bath and Body Works$50,000N/A$250,000-$2 million


It is no surprise that Bath and Body Works is a business that is extremely profitable and renowned worldwide.

Even though they do not franchise in the United States and in Canada, you still have the option to become a franchisee outside of these two countries.

Their numbers also suggest that the company is profitable and you can have a successful branch if you operate it well.

So if you are thinking about having a Bath and Body Works franchise, you should if you can meet the requirements. You will most likely have a profitable branch.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Bath & Bodyworks a franchise?

No, Bath & Bodyworks is not a franchise. All the stores of Bath & Bodyworks are owned and operated by the company.

How much does a Bath & Bodyworks franchise cost?

As mentioned above, Bath & Bodyworks does not offer franchises. Therefore, no information is available related to the cost of the Bath & Bodyworks franchise.

Are Bath and Body Works franchise profitable?

They are generally profitable. However, it mostly depends on how you manage the branch and where you are located.

Can you fail with a Bath and Body Works franchise?

Just like any other business, you can also fail a Bath and Body Works franchise branch.

If you are not good at the operational side of things and your store doesn’t attract enough people, you will fail.


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