10 Best American Franchises In 2024

It is not surprising that quick-service restaurants dominate the American market, but according to our list of 10 best American franchises, there are other franchises too that you can own in 2024.

10 Best American Franchises

According to the experts, 2024 will be a good year for many franchises, as they are gaining traction after the hit of the pandemic.

So, if you are thinking of owning a franchise, then this year is ideal for you. Therefore, keep reading our article to know the 10 best American franchises to own and when you should choose a franchise.

10 Best American Franchises

1. Taco Bell

10 Best American Franchises-Taco Bell
Franchising Since1965
Estimated Outlets8,320
Initial Investment$575,600 – $3,370,100
Franchise Fees$25,000- $45,000
Royalty Fees5.5%

Taco Bell is one of the top quick-service restaurant franchises, which is known for serving Mexican-style food quickly and at a low price.

The popular quick-service restaurant is a subsidiary of Yum! Brands, Inc. This brand operates over 43,000 restaurant locations across 35 nations and territories.

The best thing about owning a Taco Bell franchise is that it mostly focuses on the financial requirements of the franchisees rather than their personal background.

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2. Jersey Mike’s Subs

10 Best American Franchises-Jersey Mike's Subs
Franchising Since1987
Estimated Outlets2,557
Initial Investment$214,449 – $1,352,580
Franchise Fees$18,500
Royalty Fees6.5%

Jersey Mike’s Subs was originally known as Mike’s Subs in 1956 in New Jersey. Sub sandwiches were a rising trend in the 1950s, and Mike’s Subs seized the opportunity.

It is now a well-known fast-casual sandwich chain specializing in submarine sandwiches. Since 1956, the company has expanded to 2,400 stores across different states and became one big and popular fast sandwich chain.

This franchise is also counted among the 10 best sandwich franchises to own.

They take pride in preparing fresh food daily and focus on quality. This is something its franchisees can be proud of. Owning this franchise can be easy to manage as it requires less equipment and smaller staff.

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3. Popeyes Lousiana Kitchen

Popeyes Lousiana Kitchen
Franchising Since1976
Estimated Outlets4,091
Initial Investment$383,500 – $3,695,800
Franchise Fees$50,000
Royalty Fees5%

Popeyes Lousiana Kitchen is one of the top food franchises in the US. It specializes in serving scrumptious dishes along with its mouth-watering chicken.

It was originally named Chicken on the Run by AI Copeland in 1972. Later, Copeland decided to rebrand the concept and also changed the name to Popeyes.

Today, Popeyes has over 3,000 restaurant franchises across the United States Of America and 30 countries worldwide. So, if you love fried chicken, then Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen might be the right franchise for you.

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4. The UPS Store

10 Best American Franchises- The UPS Store
Franchising Since1980
Estimated Outlets5,570
Initial Investment$101,819 – $476,993
Franchise Fees$9,950-$29,950
Royalty Fees5%

The UPS Store was founded in 1907 by James Casey and Claude Ryan. The company began franchising in 1980, and since then, it has expanded to 5,570 stores across the United States.

With a history of almost 40 years, the UPS Store is the world’s leading retail shipping, printing, and business service center franchise.

The UPS Store is also ranked as number one in its sector on Entrepreneur Magzine Fortune 500 List. So, owning this franchise means you’ll be a part of a prestigious and well-established franchise.

5. Ace Hardware

10 Best American Franchises-Ace Hardware
Franchising Since1976
Estimated Outlets5,813
Initial Investment$579,350-$1,913,080
Franchise Fees$5,000
Royalty FeesN/A

Founded in 1924, Ace Hardware became a household name with over 6,000 locations in 50 states and 60 countries.

It is the world’s largest hardware retail cooperative and a globally recognized brand. The company specializes in offering various lawn, paint, and hardware services. It also offers seasonal products like grills, patio furniture, and more.

Ace Hardware has a unique business model that sets it apart from other franchising opportunities. It also provides an in-depth training experience of 40 hours of classroom training to new franchisees.

6. Dunkin’

10 Best American Franchises-Dunkin' Donuts
Franchising Since1955
Estimated Outlets13,372
Initial Investment$437,500-$1,809,500
Franchise Fees$40,000-$90,000
Royalty Fees5.9%

Dunkin’ Donuts was founded in 1950 and began franchising in 1955. It has now become a well-known coffee and donut shop franchise operating worldwide.

The franchise serves over 50 different varieties of donuts, such as jelly-filled, glazed, maple, and powdered donuts. The company serves over 3 million customers daily.

As a Dunkin’ Donuts franchisee, you’ll be a part of a successful brand which also loved by many people. Moreover, you’ll benefit from the support and resources of the corporate team of the company.

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7. Culver’s

10 Best American Franchises- Culver's
Franchising Since1988
Estimated Outlets918
Initial Investment$2,524,000-$7,228,000
Franchise Fees$55,000
Royalty Fees4%

Culver’s is one of the most famous fast-casual restaurant chains in the United States. It was founded in 1988 and since then has expanded to over 850 stores and is looking to expand more.

The restaurant takes pride in using fresh and high-quality ingredients in all the food in their restaurant. Its headquarters is located in Prairie Du Sac, Wisconsin, and offers a variety of food items such as frozen custard desserts, cheese curds, and sides.

There are a lot of lot of reasons to own this franchise and one of them is the built-in customer base. Culver’s has a loyal customer base across 26 states because of the quality and delicious food it offers.

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8. Hampton By Hilton

Hampton By Hilton
Franchising Since1984
Estimated Outlets2,919
Initial Investment$12,834,733 – $24,076,967
Franchise Fees$67,000
Royalty Fees6%

Hampton By Hilton is also known as Hampton Inn & Suites and is one of the leading hotel franchisees in the United States.

The guests in Hampton By Hilton enjoy fresh coffee, exercise rooms, business travel meeting space, hotel breakfasts, discounted rates, and free internet access.

So, if you are interested in opening a hotel and restaurant business, then starting Hampton By Hilton is the ideal choice for you. However, make sure to be financially ready in order to be a part of the franchise.

9. Arby’s

Franchising Since1965
Estimated Outlets3,602
Initial Investment$644,950-$2,451,000
Franchise Fees$0-$37,500
Royalty Fees4%

Arby’s is an American multinational fast-food sandwich restaurant chain that was started in 1964 by Raffel Brothers. The restaurant chain specializes in roast beef, sandwiches, and many other items.

Currently, Arby’s operates over 3,000 locations and looking to expand further throughout the United States. However, you must be financially capable to own this franchise.

In order to own Arby’s franchise, you require an initial investment of $644,950-$2,451,000 and a net worth of $1,000,000

10. Kumon

10 Best American Franchises- Kumon
Franchising Since1958
Estimated Outlets26,244
Initial Investment$68,428 – $146,640
Franchise Fees$2,000
Royalty Fees$36-$40.50/student/mo.

Kumon Math & Reading Centers started in Japan in 1954 as a father’s gift to his son. The learning technique of the reading center focuses on specialized, example-based worksheets.

The franchise is more than a tutoring club as it lets you contribute positively to the betterment of society. Kumon Math & Reading Center is a huge company overseas, with over 24,000 franchised locations.

It is a major player in the United States, boasting more than 1,500 locations nationwide. Most importantly, it has been highly ranked in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 for decades on the end.

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When Should You Choose A Franchise?

Consider owning a franchise after you have clarified all these points:

1. Kind Of Ownership

When it comes to owning a franchise, you must also clarify the type of ownership model you’ll be getting into. For example, absentee ownership, semi-absentee ownership, single-unit ownership, and multi-unit ownership.

So, you have to get a clear idea of among all these options which ownership you’ll be getting into.

2. Track Record Of Success

A track record of success is the second important thing that you need to clarify. It’s not necessary that if a company is offering a franchise opportunity, then you must grab it, and it’ll be a success.

In fact, owning a franchise doesn’t guarantee success, but you have to work to turn it into a successful franchise.

Therefore, check for the financial statements of the company, such as balance sheets, profit & loss accounts, and income statements.

This will help you ensure that the company you are getting into knows the route to success.

3. Your Budget

Budget is a very crucial thing to understand. Owning a franchise requires a large amount of money to invest.

This amount not only includes initial investment but other costs, too, such as franchise fees, royalty fees, ad royalty fees, and marketing or advertising fees.

You must also have your financials in place to cover the loss that occurs in the initial stage of the opening of the franchise.

Therefore, check all the sources of money along with ensuring that your budget aligns with the investment amount of the franchise.

Factors To Consider Before Investing In A Franchise

1. Kind Of Systems And Training

Before investing in the franchise, you must clarify with the franchisor about the training and what other kind of support system you’ll be receiving.

For example, most often, the franchisors help you to negotiate the prices of the location. They also provide you with the necessary training and marketing material to ensure the smooth operation of the franchise.

2. Level Of Restriction Imposed By The Franchisor

The next thing to clarify is the level of restrictions imposed by the franchisor. As you are diving into an already established business, so the franchisor has already set the rules and regulations to conduct the franchise business.

Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that you are ready to follow the rules and regulations of the franchisor. Owning a franchise also limits your creativity, as every new idea has to be approved by the franchisor.

So, you must consider all these factors and then sign any agreement.

3. Research The Potential Of The Location

Research is the crucial thing to do when owning a franchise. It will help you to determine the demand in your location ultimately increasing the sales estimates.

So, determine what clientele and the market will support your franchise business both now and in the future.

Comparison Of 5 Best American Franchises

Company NameTaco BellJersey Mike’s SubPopeyes Lousiana KicthenThe UPS StoreAce Hardware
Outlets 8,3202,5574,0914,0915,813
Franchise Fee $25,000- $45,000$18,500$50,000$9,950-$29,950$5,000
Initial Investment $575,600 – $3,370,100$214,449 – $1,352,580$383,500 – $3,695,800$101,819 – $476,993$579,350-$1,913,080
Royalty Fee5.5%6.5%5%5%N/A


This list of the 10 best American franchises is based on experience, reputation, and the proven business model.

There are an infinite number of franchises to choose from, which makes the process quite overwhelming. Therefore, other than providing you with the best franchises, this list also saves you time in researching the best ones.


Which is the largest franchise on the earth?

McDonald’s has been the largest franchise on earth for decades. It currently operates around over 38,000 franchises across the globe.

Which is the cheapest franchise?

According to our list, the cheapest franchise is Kumon, as it requires an initial investment of $68,428 – $146,640 and a franchise fee of $2,000, which is quite less than the other franchises.

Can I become a millionaire by franchising?

Yes, many franchisees make millions of dollars by owning multiple franchises. Franchising offers great potential to earn revenue and profit an become rich.

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