7 Best Concrete Franchise Opportunities 2024

The statistics say there are more than 50,000 concrete businesses in the United States. It reached an estimated 93 million metric tons in 2023. If this entices you to enter the market then here are 7 best concrete franchise opportunities that you can own in 2024.

7 Best Concrete Franchise Opportunities

However, if you are thinking of the competition in the market, then there are plenty of ways for a new franchise to carve out its place in a new market.

So, let’s begin the guide to choosing the best from the 7 best concrete franchises.

7 Best Concrete Franchise Opportunities

1. Concrete Craft

10 Best Concrete Franchise Opportunities- Concrete Craft
Franchising Since2008
Estimated Outlets85
Initial Investment$156,330– $233,450
Franchise Fees$19,950
Royalty Fees4%-7%

Concrete Craft was founded in 2006 and was known by the name All American Decorative Concrete. The company was started by two friends named John Kostro and Dan Lightner. They created the company to produce top-notch concrete materials and designs.

The franchises of Concrete Craft are owned independently, allowing you to be your own boss. It has also been ranked in the Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 multiple times in recent years.

So, opening a Concrete Craft franchise will be a good idea because of its passion for utilizing top-tier technology to produce decorative concrete.

However, to own this franchise, you must make sure that you are financially ready with all the investments in hand.

2. A-1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation Repair

A-1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation Repair
Franchising Since1993
Estimated Outlets50+
Initial Investment$120,500– $150,900
Franchise Fees$85,000
Royalty Fees6%

A-1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation Repair is a company founded in the year 1992 in an effort to provide less expensive concrete floorings to customers.

The company specializes in commercial and residential concrete repair and leveling throughout the United States. Its services include concrete leveling, sealing, cleaning, caulking, crack repair, foundation repair, bent basement wall repair, etc.

With more than 50 franchises across the United States, A-1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation Repair is one of the country’s largest enterprises of its kind.

3. Sam The Concrete Man

Sam The Concrete Man
Franchising Since2013
Estimated Outlets74
Initial Investment$92,149– $145,393
Franchise Fees$67,000
Royalty Fees6%

Sam The Concrete Man, has been providing residential and commercial concrete services since 1989.

It has been in the industry for 30 years and strives to provide highest standards, world-class customer service, and sustainable products.

The original Sam started the company, and later, in 2007, it was purchased by Todd Stewart, who saw something with a solid foundation that Sam had already built.

Today, Sam The Concrete Man is a national leader in residential and commercial concrete services.

4. Precision Concrete Cutting

Precision Concrete Cutting
Franchising Since2002
Estimated Outlets70
Initial Investment$155,000– $181,500
Franchise Fees$135,000
Royalty Fees9%

Precision Concrete Cutting helps make sidewalks safe. It is a trip hazard removal company that uses unique techniques to correct ineffective sidewalks.

It was founded in the year 1991 and began franchising in 2002 after the creator, Ballard Gardner, realized that the sawing method used in correcting the sidewalks required too much time and was messy.

Gardner then got the idea of designing the equipment and decided to patent them and create a business. Since then, the company has received many awards for its technological advancement in American concrete cutting.

5. Concrete Technology Inc.

Concrete Technology Inc.
Franchising Since1991
Estimated Outlets697
Initial Investment$15,000
Franchise FeesN/A
Royalty FeesN/A

Concrete Technology Inc. is also known as Cti and provides a revolutionary coating designed to protect the existing coating while also giving it the look, texture, and color of inlaid brick, tile, etc.

Since opening its doors in the Tampa Bay area, Florida, in 1991, the company has experienced 700% growth. It has been listed in INC magazine’s list of 500 fastest-growing companies in America

To own this franchise, you require a total investment of $15,000 and liquid capital that ranges between $15,000-$29,500.

6. Concrete Raising of America Inc.

Concrete Raising of America Inc.
Franchising Since1993
Estimated Outlets11
Initial Investment$34,900-$249,400
Franchise Fees$34,900-42,500
Royalty Fees4%-8%

CRC Concrete Raising Corporation has been in the business since 1947. It has made significant contributions to the processes and technologies used in the cement grouting and slab-raising industry.

The Concrete Raising Of America Inc. was formed in 1995 with the venue of forming business associations around the United States.

Currently, the company is offering franchise opportunities to new entrepreneurs. To own this franchise, you need an initial investment of $34,900-$249,400.

7. Garage Force

10 Best Concrete Franchise Opportunities- Garage Force
Franchising Since2014
Estimated Outlets133
Initial Investment$117,000-$185,000
Franchise Fees$49,500
Royalty Fees5%

Garage Force was founded in 2012, and it is a franchise company offering garage concrete coating all around the United States.

The company has more than 100 units in the United States. To make the franchise easy for its franchisees, Garage Force has a proven operating model, established policies, training and procedures, and standards.

Garage Force’s focus is to sell their franchise to veterans and blue-collar workers, but this doesn’t mean only they get to operate their franchise. Anyone else can also do it.

Read our full article to get more details about Garage Force Franchise.

When Should You Choose A Concrete Franchise?

The right time to invest in a concrete franchise is when you have a good understanding of the following points:

1. Your End Goal

It is very crucial to know what you want from the franchise. In simple words, end goals are the long-term results that a business wishes to accomplish.

But every individual has different goals. For example, your end goal may be to earn only profit from the business, or it might be to grow the franchise further.

Therefore, whatever your end goal is, you must be clear about it.

2. Know Yourself

This is the second thing that you need to think about before entering into the concrete franchise industry. Know yourself and know whether the concrete franchise is a good fit for you or not.

There are many types of personality tests that you can take to determine exactly what kind of industry will be the best fit for you.

You need to ask yourself if you are ready to spend your days outside, if you are ready to work alongside the installation crew, and if you like sales and customer service. If the answer to all this is yes, then you are ready to enter the concrete franchise industry.

3. Talk To Other Franchisees

The last thing that will help you decide when you should invest in the franchise is to talk to other franchisees.

Investing in a franchise is like a big purchase, and for every big purchase, you read reviews. While you can find many reviews online, but a good idea is to speak with the existing franchisees and get an experience on what it is like to run a concrete franchise.

Factors To Consider Before Investing In A Concrete Franchise

Here are a few factors to consider before investing in a concrete franchise:

1. True Cost Of The Franchise

When you start your business from scratch, the investment amount goes directly into the company’s operations.

However, when you invest in a franchise, a large portion of the investment goes to the franchisor for equipment, licensing rights, and training.

Therefore, determine the actual cost of the franchise by thoroughly reviewing the franchise disclosure document (FDD). It is recommended to hire the best attorney who will guide you through all the legal terms of the document and help you determine the true cost of the franchise.

2. Rules And Restrictions Imposed By The Franchisor

This is one of the drawbacks of owning a franchise. The franchisor has already set rules and regulations to run the franchise smoothly.

Most often, the franchisor wants you to follow the regulations strictly. These rules and regulations can be about things like products, pricing, operational hours, and store design.

You won’t even be able to deviate from these rules and run things in your way. For this reason, you need to determine the level of rules and restrictions imposed on you as a franchisee before signing any agreement.

3. Research The Market Potential And Competition

Before selecting a concrete franchise, consider the local market and customer demographics. Research the potential competitors that are already working in the location.

Some of the most reputable franchisors will help you with the research and selecting the best site for your franchise. However, it is critical that you do your research to ensure the demand for the concrete franchise and the future potential of the franchise.

Comparison Of 5 Best Concrete Franchises

Company NameConcrete CraftA-1 Concrete Leveling & Foundation Repair Sam The Concrete ManPrecision Concrete Cutting Concrete Technology Inc.
Outlets 8550+7470697
Franchise Fee $19,950$85,000$67,000$135,000N/A
Initial Investment $156,330– $233,450$120,500– $150,900$92,149– $145,393$155,000– $181,500$15,000
Royalty Fee4%-7%6%6%9%N/A


This is our list of 7 best concrete franchise opportunities that you can own in 2024. This list is made on the basis of reputation, experience and proven models of the franchise.

It is advised to hire an attorney to understand all the terms and regulations of the franchise. So, select the best concrete franchise to invest by considering all the factors mentioned above.


Which is the cheapest concrete franchise?

The cheapest concrete franchise is Concreet Technology Inc. It requires no franchise or royalty fee. The total investment required by the franchise is $15,000.

What is the profit margin of a concrete contractors?

A good profit margin to start with as a concert contractor is 20% based on the 10-10 rule in construction. This means 10% overhead and 10% profit.

Is Concrete Craft a good franchise to own?

Yes, Concrete Craft is an excellent choice to own. It has grown to more than 85 franchises throughout the US and Canada with proven business model.

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