10 Best Cupcake Franchise Opportunities 2024

Americans consume more than 770 million cupcakes annually; as such, you can imagine how profitable opening a cupcake business can be. If you see potential in this business, then this guide on 10 best Cupcake Franchise opportunities is just what you need.

But why open a franchise instead of an independent business, you may ask? This is because perfecting cupcake recipes can take time and a lot of effort. So, instead, you can buy a franchise and benefit from the existing customer base and tried and tested recipes.

Now, let’s see the options we have found for you.

10 Best Cupcake Franchise Opportunities

10 Best Cupcake Franchise Opportunities

1. Nothing Bundt Cakes

Nothing Bundt Cakes
Franchising SinceN/A
Estimated Outlets500+
Initial Investment$483,600 to $699,700
Franchise Fees$35,000
Royalty Fees6%

Founded in 1997, Nothing Bundt Cakes is a unique and successful bakery franchise concept with more than 500 locations in the U.S. and Canada.

This bakery franchise is known for its specialty bundt cakes and cupcakes and is one the best franchises that you can invest in.

To be eligible, you need to have a net worth of $750K and meet all the financial criteria mentioned in the above table. If you get selected, you will receive 30-45 days of training and ongoing support throughout the life of your business.

2. Smallcakes Cupcakery

Smallcakes Cupcakery
Franchising SinceN/A
Estimated Outlets200+
Initial Investment$70,000 – $120,000
Franchise Fees$30,000
Royalty Fees4%

Smallcakes Cupcakery began as a small-town bakery in Overland Park, Kansas, in 2008 and has become one of the fastest-growing cupcake chains in the country.

The success of Smallcakes Cupcakery can be attributed to their wildly famous made-from-scratch cupcakes and homemade ice creams.

The franchisor has tie-ups with suppliers that allow you to enjoy a high-profit margin and serve more than 300 proprietary cupcake recipes.

The franchisor offers veteran, first-timer, and teacher discounts, too, making it a low-cost cupcake franchise to invest in.

3. Pinkabella Cupcakes

Pinkabella Cupcakes
Franchising Since2015
Estimated Outlets4
Initial Investment$97,260 – $189,100
Franchise FeesN/A
Royalty Fees3%-5%

Margo Engberg, the founder of Pinka Bella Cupcakes, has been baking since childhood, and she started baking cupcakes for children who have never had a birthday party before.

But today, Pinka Bella has grown and expanded to multiple stores and franchises.

You can run a Pinka Bella franchise right from a truck, which can help you save a lot on building costs. And if you are seeking a fun cupcake franchise opportunity, then Pinka Bella is worth considering.

4. Bliss Cupcake Cafe

Bliss Cupcake Cafe
Franchising SinceN/A
Estimated Outlets2
Initial Investment$145,000-$315,000
Franchise Fees$35,000 (included in investment)
Royalty Fees4% – 6%

Bliss Cupcake Cafe was founded in 2009 and is a locally owned and operated cupcake shop.

The bakery uses 50 time-tested cupcake recipes and makes some of the best cupcakes that one can have. Bliss Cupcake currently has only two franchises in Fort Smith and Jonesboro.

The company is seeking interested candidates to join and expand their business. You need an initial investment of $145,000-$315,000 for this cupcake franchise. And there are not many qualifying restrictions to own this business.

5. Sprinkles Cupcake

Sprinkles Cupcake
Franchising Since2010
Estimated Outlets24
Initial Investment$40,500 to $202,500
Franchise Fees$40,000
Royalty Fees3% – 6%

Sprinkles Cupcake is an innovative cupcake franchise that is known for its on-demand Cupcake ATMs, unexpected flavors, and convenient online ordering.

The company is not accepting franchise inquiries for standalone Cupcake ATMs/vending machines and is seeking only looking for a selected few franchises for production and pantry bakeries.

If you are someone who has the ability to develop large territories and hold experience in promoting and growing a US brand, then you can apply for this franchise.

6. Cupcakes At Guildford

Cupcakes At Guildford
Franchising SinceN/A
Estimated OutletsN/A
Initial InvestmentN/A
Franchise FeesN/A
Royalty Fees3% – 5%

Cupcakes at Gilford is a very popular Vancouver-based retail bakery that specializes in whimsical cupcakes, cakes, and other home-baked items.

The company was founded by Heather and Lori, two best friends, back in 2002, and today, they have expanded their menu to include even ice creams, cookies, coffee drinks, etc.

The company is looking to franchise in Canada and North America right now. In order to find out information about the franchise’s investment, you have to get in touch with the company.

7. Gigi’s Cupcakes

Gigi's Cupcakes
Franchising Since2010
Estimated Outlets50+
Initial Investment$237,200 to $427,500
Franchise Fees$35,000
Royalty Fees5%

Founded by Gigi Butler in 2008, Gigi’s Cupcakes is a well-known brand that specializes in gourmet cupcakes and other baked goods.

The concept of this cupcake franchise is to provide customers with beautifully decorated, high-quality cupcakes.

Gigi’s Cupcakes’ first outlet was opened in Nashville and has expanded to more than 50 locations in 21 states today.

This franchise is a low-cost, profitable, and scalable business opportunity that is definitely worth considering.

8. Wanna Cupcake

Wanna Cupcake
Franchising Since2012
Estimated OutletsN/A
Initial Investment$308,000-$488,950
Franchise Fees$45,000
Royalty Fees5%

Founded in 2011, Wanna Cupcake is a unique cupcake franchise known for its rotating menu. The brand sticks to selling only those items that are popular and generate a lot of profit.

The franchisor has decent working hours and Sunday offs that allow a great work-life balance. They offer multiple kinds of franchise models that you choose according to your needs.

The eligible candidates receive three weeks of training and ongoing support. To be eligible, you must have the needed capital along with a credit score of 700+.

Overall, this is a great opportunity to invest in a cupcake franchise.

9. Fat Cupcake

Fat Cupcake
Franchising SinceN/A
Estimated OutletsN/A
Initial Investment$266,900 to $411,550
Franchise Fees$30,000
Royalty Fees6%

Founded in 2014, Fat Cupcake is a growing cupcake franchise that is known for its eccentric cupcake flavors.

You do not need any relevant experience to be eligible for this franchise. However, you must have a net worth of $500,000 and meet the financial requirements to buy this franchise.

Upon approval, you will receive three weeks of training and setup help and will be able to complete all the formalities and open the store in 4-5 months.

For more details, you can get in touch with the franchisor on their website.

10. My Favorite Muffin

My Favorite Muffin
Franchising SinceN/A
Estimated Outlets84+
Initial Investment$240,500 – $374,500
Franchise Fees$30,000
Royalty Fees5%

My Favorite Muffin has been in business for over thirty years now and is a successful cupcake franchise that you can invest in.

The franchisor offers 100 different cupcake recipes to franchisors to keep customers coming back for more.

You only need $240,500 – $374,500 in initial investment for this franchise and, in return, can generate $628,715 in annual revenue.

The low investment and high-profit figures make it a cupcake franchise that is worth looking more into.

Comparison Of 5 Best Cupcake Franchise Opportunities

CompanyFoundedOutletsFranchise FeeInitial Investment Royalty Fee
Nothing Bundt Cakes1997500+$35,000$483,600 – $699,7006%
Smallcakes Cupcakery2008200+$30,000$70,000 – $120,0004%
Pinkabella Cupcakes20094N/A$97,260 – $189,1003% – 5%
Bliss Cupcake Cafe20092$35,000$145,000 – $315,0004% – 6%
Sprinkles Cupcake200524$40,000$40,500 – $202,5003% – 6%

When Should You Choose A Cupcake Franchise?

Here are some key points to think about when opening a cupcake franchise:

1. Market Research

You should choose to open a cupcake franchise, or any other business for that matter, only after looking at the market prospects in that industry.

So make sure you do the proper market research to find out what the demand for cupcake business is in your area, how many local competitors are there, etc.

2. Competitors

Many new business owners overlook this, but before opening a franchise, you must determine how many competitors are there in your area.

You shouldn’t open a cupcake franchise if your local area is already saturated. Or you should look for a territory that does not have the same kind of business nearby.

Things You Need To Know Before Choosing A Cupcake Franchise

Here are some key things that you should know about before buying a cupcake franchise:


You must obviously compare the investment amount needed for different cupcake franchises and must compare them with their respective profits, fees, etc.

This will help you in obtaining the best return on investment for your cupcake franchise business.

Training & Support

If you have zero knowledge about the bakery industry, then you must pick a franchisor that offers you the needed training and support to help you set up.

Since most of the companies offer training, finding a suitable option shouldn’t be a problem.

Royalty & Other Fees

The most important thing to consider before choosing a cupcake franchise is to determine how much royalty, marketing, and other fee the franchisor charges.

These fees usually range from 2% to 10% and are directly deducted from your profits. So you must make sure that you choose an option that does not charge a very high fee.

Wrap Up

Investing in one of the 10 best cupcake franchise opportunities mentioned in this guide could be really great for you.

This is because the high profit potential and margin in this industry are high because of low start-up and material costs.

All you need to do is pick the right option, and in no time, you will be able to make a great income by opening a cupcake franchise.


How Much Does A Cupcake Franchise Cost?

As per the options mentioned in this guide, you can buy a cupcake franchise for anywhere between $40,500 to $699,700. The intial investment will vary greatly depending on the franchise brand you choose to buy.

How Much Can I Make From A Cupcake Franchise?

Your revenue from a cupcake franchise will vary greatly depending on the franchise you buy, your location, demand, taste, etc. On average, however, a cupcake franchise owner can expect to make $100,000 to $300,000 annually.

Is Cupcake Business Profitable?

The startup cost for cupcake businesses is usually low, and so is the cost of bakery ingredients, which is why a cupcake business can be very profitable.

Which Is The Cheapest Cupcake Franchise To Own?

As per the franchise options listed in this guide, Sprinkles Cupcake is the most affordable cupcake franchise to own, costing $40,500 – $202,500 only, followed by Smallcakes Cupcakery, which costs only $70,000 – $120,000. 

What Is The Profit Margin In Cupcake Industry?

The profit margin of a successful cupcake bakery can easily be between 20% and 30%. This means you get to keep 20-30 cents for every dollar.

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