10 Best DTF Printers For Small Business In 2024

Direct To Film, or DTF, has revolutionized the world of apparel printing. With its vibrant color, quality, and versatility, DTF printers have become increasingly popular in recent years. So, if you are also looking for a quality DTF printer and stumbled upon this article then you are at the right place. We are going to discuss the best DTF printers for small business in 2024.

Best DTF Printers For Small Business

DTF printers are popularly known for their application in T-shirt printing. Through the years the demand and application of DTF printers are strongly growing in the clothing market. It has become the main production method in this market.

Moreover, experts predict that the DTF printer industry will be worth $1.7 billion by 2026. This data indicates how popular and profitable this industry is going to be in the future.

Therefore, without further delay, let’s begin this guide to understand what exactly DTF printers are, how they work, the best DTF printers to choose from, and how to choose the best.

What Is A DTF Printer?

What Is A DTF Printer

DTF printer, or Direct-to-film printing, is a digital printing technology that is specifically designed for printing on garments and fabric printing.

This method allows direct printing on the garments using a heat transfer method. Direct-to-film printers have eliminated the need for multiple layers and transfers that are required in the traditional style of printing. This has revolutionized the printing industry as a whole by making the process more easy and efficient.

How Do DTF Printers Work?

What Are The Advantages Of DTF Printer?

There are a plethora of benefits of DTF printers. Let’s go through some of them:

1. Versatile

DTF printers are versatile. So whether you want to print a t-shirt, hoodie, or custom fabric for home decor, the DTF printer can do all the work easily.

This benefit of the printing machine has made it a popular choice among manufacturers, designers, and hobbyists.

2. Offer High-Resolution

As we know, DTF printing uses the heat process to transfer the design. This allows the printer to offer precise and detailed printing while capturing every small detail of the design with clarity.

Thus, if you are looking for a printer that transfers intricate patterns and designs, ensuring every nuance is accurately transferred onto the fabric, then DTF printers are the right option for you.

3. Produces Vibrant Colors

The ink used in direct-to-film printers is precisely formulated for fabric print, which results in giving vivid and rich colors that last long.

It is ideal for creating eye-catching designs and patterns on various types of fabric, from cotton to synthetic.

How To Choose The Best DTF Printer?

How To Choose The Best DTF Printer

There’s no doubt that using a DTF printer will make your printing process easy, but the difficulty arises when you have to choose the DTF printer. Therefore, here are some factors that you should consider while buying a DTF printer:

1. Set Your Needs:

The first thing to do is to specify your business’s needs in terms of print volume, fabric type, and complexity of design.

This will help you to choose a DTF printer that can handle your workload effectively and deliver the desired quality.

2. Aanalyze

There are different DTF printers available in the market, so do your research and compare the different types of printers.

Select a DTF printer that offers a good balance of price, performance, and reliability. You can also read online reviews of the products and request samples to evaluate the print quality.

3. Cost Of Ownership

It is important to have a clear understanding of the long-term expenses associated with buying a DTF printer. This includes ink, film costs, maintenance, and energy consumption.

You must also understand the warranty rules and regulations of the printer before buying it. If you are tempted by the cheapest option available in the market, then have a precise knowledge of what are getting.

4. After-Sale-Service And Technical Support

Ensure that the company you are buying from offers comprehensive customer support and training to help you run the machine efficiently and efficiently.

A reliable manufacturer should also offer warranty and replacement parts that are readily available.

10 Best DTF Printers For Small Business

1. Epson SureColor F3070 DTF Printer

This DTF printing model brings a new level of productivity and efficiency to the printing business. It offers high-speed printing without compromising the quality of the print. It can also handle large print volumes efficiently due to its bulk ink system and advanced printhead technology.

The cost of this DTF printer is around $59,995.00. To check for more pricing details, you can also visit their official site.


Printing TechnologyDual advanced PrecisionCore microTFP 10-channel
Maximum Print Resolution1200 x 1200 dpi
Ink TypeUltraChrome DG
Ink PaletteCyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, White
Nozzle Configuration8,000 White ink print nozzles; 6,400 color ink print nozzles
Operating Systems:Windows® 10 and 8.1, macOS 10.12 (Sierra) or later
Eco FeaturesOeko-Tex ECOPASSPORT certified
RoHS compliant
Recyclable product

Pros & Cons Of Epson SureColor F3070 DTF Printer

It is user-friendlyUses only genuine Epson-brand ink packs
Have updated garment creator softwareQuite expensive
Dual precision core printheads

2. Brother GTX Pro B

Brother GTX Pro series is one of the top DTF printers in 2024. It offers exceptional printing quality with its advanced technology and user-friendly features.

This printer is designed to handle high-volume printing and is perfect for hard-to-place designs. It also has a high print head that helps to go over zippers and bulky items with ease.

The monthly payments for this printer start from $556 and include full equipment packages. It also offers extra at a price of $4,300, which also includes other products such as 100 sheets of A3DTF film and adhesive, a T-lock Platen kit oversized alert, and much more.


Printing ApplicationDirect To Garments and Direct To Film
Maximum Print Size16” x 21” / 40,6cm x 53,3cm
Ink DeliveryAdvanced Ink system
Number Of Print Heads2 Print heads: 1 for White Inks, 1 for CMYK Inks
Print resolution 1200 dpi x 1200 dpi
Power SupplyAC 100V-240V, 50/60Hz ± 1Hz
Power Consumption 0.8A(average) (Reference: 0.4A – during circulation)

Pros & Cons Of Brother GTX Pro B

Fast printing speedLimited color gamut
User-friendly interfaceQuite expensive
High-quality prints and sharp details

3. Maverick AIO DTF Printer

This printer is designed to handle high-volume production with ease, which makes it an ideal choice for businesses with large order quantities. It is known for its

Maverick DTF printer has advanced features such as an automatic tensioning system and synchronized indexing. The cost of the printer is somewhere around $70,000.


Heater SystemQuartz heaters on each side of the print carriage
Maximum Print Resolution14” maximum print width
Ink System 5-liter main tanks and two 5-liter white main tanks provide long run times in between refills
Ink Palette40.6 x 50.8 cm (16” x 20”) standard pallets
Six industrial printheads support Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Red, and Green.
Print System1,280 nozzles (per head) achieve 600 DPI native resolution in single-pass mode and 600 x 1200 DPI in dual-pass mode.
PrintheadsDual Epson i3200 Printheads
Warranty 24-hour hotline is staffed 365 days a year
One-year limited warranty

Pros & Cons Of Maverick AIO DTF Printer

Touch screen powder shaker controlneeds climate control set to 70-75 degrees
User-friendly interfaceQuite expensive
High-quality prints and sharp detailsrequires Windows 7 and Windows 10 to operate

4. Ricoh Rі 1000

The Ricoh Ri 1000 offers fast production speed in comparison to its other models. It is equipped with Ricoh’s industrial-grade printheads, delivering sharp and accurate prints with fine details and complex designs.

The price of Ricoh Ri 1000 is as low as $390, 0% APR, $0 down, and up to 6 months of deferred payments.


Heater SystemLight shirt (CMYK only): 356F/180C, 40 seconds
Dark shirt (white ink): 330F/165C, 90 seconds
Resolution settingSuper Speed: 600 x 300 dpi/2 pass
Speed: 600 x 600 dpi/4 pass
Fine: 600 x 600 dpi/8 pass
Extra Fine: 600 x 600 dpi/9 pass
Super Fine: 1200 x 1200 dpi/16 pass
Ink PaletteCyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, and White.
Print SystemUses variable drop-size inkjet technology and CMYK+ white pigment ink
Operating systemWindows 10 (Pro, Enterprise), Windows 11, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019
Supported files types TIFF, PNG, JPG, BMP, PSB, PSD (PDF, PS, EPS are supported for non-bundle editions)

Pros & Cons Of Ricoh Rі 1000

Easy to uselimited color gamut
Has compact sizeSlow printing speed

5. Kornit Presto DTF Printer

Kornit Presto is known for its versatility and high-end capabilities. It eliminates the need for external process steps. The printer utilizes Kornit’s NeoPigment DTF ink technology, which enables it to provide vibrant colors, excellent washability, and color fastness.


Print headsas per configuration
Ink Type Kornit’s water-based NeoPigmentTM Robusto ink + Fixation agent (FOF)
Printing Areaup to 180 cm / 70.8 in
Power Required110/220V, 60/50 Hz, 40A, 3Ph+N+GND 25kW
Ink PalateCyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, Red, and Green
Dryer TypeMCS- Modular Curing System
Ink ChannelCMYKRG+ White

Pros & Cons Of Kornit Presto

High-speed printingQuite expensive
Large color gamutLarge footprints

6. PUNEHOD A3+ DTF Printer R1390 Transfer Printer

This printing machine is a new-generation high-performance printer. It has updated RIP software, a pre-heating element, and a powder shaker, which makes it a popular choice among people.

Moreover, it generates 5760*1440DPI high-resolution pictures, and its 6-color ink delivers rich details and seamless color transitions. Its price ranges over $2,699, depending on the site you purchase from.


Maximum Print Resolution5760*1440DPI
Printere speedA3 (1440dpi/7min), 3 ppm
Ink consumption1m2 / 20ml
Color SchemeCMYK+WW/White ink output/support / white, color print at the same time
Connectivity TechnologyUSB
Operating systemWindowXP, 7,10

Pros & Cons Of PUNEHOD A3+ DTF Printer

Supports rolls and sheetsOnly supports Windows 7 or Windows 10
No pre-treatment required
High need after-sale customer support

7. PLK L1800 A3 DTF Printer

PLK L1800 A3 DTF Printer breaks traditional craftsmanship by providing ingenious, unique, and quality products in comparison to other printers. It comes with updated technology, which allows you to print the image without any pre-treatment directly.

Additionally, the heater automatically dries and solidifies the ink on the DTF film, preventing it from flowing further. The price of this printer is somewhere around $2,899 on Amazon.


Ink Supply modecontinuous ink supply, white ink mixing
Printer speed & size6min/A4, A3
Ink consumption1m2 / 20ml
Color SchemeCMYK+WW
Print NozzleL1800
Ink consumption1sq.m/20ml
VoltageAC100~230V/optional according to the country

Pros & Cons Of PLK L1800 A3 DTF Printer

Automatic film in and out systemOnly supports Windows 7 or Windows 10
Less ink consumption
No print head blockage

8. DSV L1800 DTF Transfer Printer With Roll Feeder

The DSV L1800 is another printer type that offers premium quality printing and performance. It is slightly costly compared to other printers but comes with a complete printing solution kit. This kit includes a DTF printer, oven, ink, PET film roll, and free RIP software.

DSV L1800 is the best printer if you want to print on black and white fabrics at a time. Additionally, it offers easy operation and does not require the positioning of print heads after pouring the ink.


Printer Head6-color print head, 1440 x 1440dpi Fuller
Printer speed & size6min/A4, A3
Ink consumption1m2 / 20ml
Color SchemeCMYK+WW
Ink consumption1sq.m/20ml
Connectivity TechUSB
Compatible devices PC, Laptop

Pros & Cons Of DSV L1800 DTF Transfer Printer

No print head clogDoes not support Mac operating system
Wide applicationslow printing speed
High speedthe white print is faint and dull

9. PLK XP600 DTF Printer Machine For Fabric

This printer is a high-speed printer with an XP600 print head. It also has a roll feeder that eliminates the paper jas.

PLK XP600 DTF Printer Machine For Fabric delivers washable prints that do not crack or fade after multiple washes. Additionally, it has a white ink-stirring system that preheats the system to ensure smooth printing. The price of this printer is $3,199.


Item weight88 pounds
Controller typeRemote controller
Suitable fabricall kinds of Fabrics, Leather, bags, hats, gloves, umbrellas, pillows, shoes, Denim, cotton/cotton blends, polyester, and textiles. 
Scanner TypePhoto
Printer TechnologyThermal
Connectivity TechUSB
Operating systemWindows 10

Pros & Cons Of PLK XP600 DTF Printer Machine For Fabric

Ideal for all types of fabricHave high after-sale cost due to its PET transfer film
Has white ink-stirring system
Produce long-lasting sharp colors

10. PUNEHOD A4 DTF Printer L805

This is a popular printing machine in the DTF printer industry. It delivers excellent speed and simultaneously prints both color/monochrome at the speed of 0.2 ppm.

It is a cost-effective printer that offers budget-friendly packages for beginners as well as professionals. Moreover, L805 delivers excellent results and consistently produces sharp, vibrant, and durable prints.

The price of this printer is $1,999 on Amazon.


Printer speed & size3 ppm, A3
Special featureBuilt-in White ink Circulation &Stirring
Suitable fabricall Fabric. Cotton, Polyester, Nylon, Leather and Blends Fabric. White, Dark, and colored Textiles.
Maximum media size11.7″x17″
More settings Bake Powder: 284°F for 180 seconds
Heat Press: 300°F for 20-30 seconds
Cold Peel: Wait 20-30 seconds after pressing
Hot Peel: Peel off in 5 seconds

Pros & Cons Of PUNEHOD A4 DTF Printer L805

Affordable Does not support Mac operating system
Easy to use
No white ink precipitation

How Much Does DTF Printing Cost Per Print?

The DTF printing cost per print depends on the base price, film and adhesive cost, design charge, and quantity discount.

The cost per print in the DTF industry also varies depending on the area and level of competition. But typically, the cost falls between $3 and $8.

The typical cost of wholesale DTF printing ranges between $2 and $6 per print. If we talk about a single DTF print, then the cost for a single DTF print T-shirt ranges from $1.50 to $5.00.

A well-run DTF company can estimate a return on investment of 20-40% after the first year.

However, when calculating the price per print, every cost, such as the cost of supplies, work, and any other fees, should also be considered.

Factors Affecting The DTF Printing Costs

Factors Affecting The DTF Printing Costs

There are also factors to consider which impact the cost of DTF printing. Here are some of the factors:

1. Material And Color Of T-Shirt

The very first factor that affects the printing cost of DTF printers is the fabric and color of the t-shirt. If you are printing on a dark-colored t-shirt, then it will require the use of while base layer that ultimately increases the cost of manufacturing and the amount of ink required.

Similarly, certain types of fabric, like synthetic, need specialized films and adhesives that raise the price of DTF printing.

2. Quality Of Glue And Film

The cost of DTF printing is also affected by the quality of the film, the adhesive, and the powder used in DTF printing.

For example, to produce brighter colors and clear pictures, you need to use high-quality films and adhesives, which ultimately raise the prices. However, even if you use low-quality films and adhesives, it will also raise the cost of printing because of the poor transfer quality.

3. Design And Complexity

The design and complexity of the design also impact the cost of DTF printing. More complex and large designs will cost more to produce since they use more ink and film and also take more time to transfer the print.

4. Order Quantity

The cost of DTF printing also depends on the order quantity given by the customers. Large orders are subject to bulk discounts, which reduce the cost per shirt.

On the contrary, smaller orders incur higher costs due to material costs across fewer products.

What Is The Difference Between UV DTF Printers & DTF Printers?

UV DTF printers and DTF printers have different unique characteristics and offer significant benefits for garment printing. However, they use a different set of technology for printing.

UV DTF printers use UV-curable inks, which are transferred using ultraviolet light. These printers offer faster printing speeds and superior color vibrancy. However, they tend to be more expensive than other types of DTF printers and require proper color management due to the ink’s thickness and curing issues.

However, these printers can be used on a broader range of products, such as glass, fabric, metal, and more.

On the other hand, DTF printers use a heat mechanism to transfer the ink from the film to the fabric. This allows it to produce high-quality prints with vibrant colors and washability.

DTF printers are known for their ease of use, versatility, and cost-effective properties.


Best DTF Printers for Small Business in 2024 provides a list of the best DTF printers that you can use to increase the productivity of your small business. However, there are some factors too that you should consider while purchasing the printing machine.

Also, when calculating the cost of printing, consider all the costs associated with it and choose the printer that is most suitable for your small business.


What printers are used for DTF ink?

DTF printers require a specialized setup with a specifically designed software ink system and firmware. The most common printer that is used for DTF printing is Epson as they are specifically designed to handle DTF inks but you can also use the above-listed printers.

Are DTF prineters worth it?

Yes, DTF printers are an excellent option for your small business. Even though its print feels plastic and slightly stiff, DTF prints are elastic, which ensures longevity.

What is the maintance required in DTF printers?

Regular maintenance of DTF printers includes regular cleaning of print heads, and monitoring and changing the ink.

Which is cheaper DTF or DTG?

DTF is cheaper in comparison to DTG. Unlike DTG, DTF also doesn’t require pretreated garments and can be used on a wide range of fabrics.

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