10 Best Education Franchise Opportunities Of 2024

If you’re planning to start your education franchise in 2024 but can’t figure out which opportunity is the best, this article is for you.

In this post, we have compiled a list of the ten best education franchises you can buy in the United States. 

Educating children is a noble profession honored by society due to its fundamental contribution towards a sustainable society.

From the old-day classrooms under trees to the present-day digital classrooms, education has transformed completely over the centuries. 

The franchise opportunities in the education sector are booming and inviting entrepreneurs to get involved and leverage the opportunities in the education industry.

Over the past five years, child education and developmental center franchises in the U.S. grew at an annualized rate of 3.1% in the United States.

Best Education Franchise
Best Education Franchise

However, starting a business in the education sector can be tricky and needs the right strategy to succeed.

Here are the ten best education franchise opportunities in the United States that are worth considering if you are serious about making money. 

10 Best Education Franchise Opportunities 

1. Sylvan Learning Center Franchise

Sylvan Learning Center Franchise

Franchising Since1980
Estimated Outlets750+
Initial Investment$70,980-$159,885
Franchise Fees$34,000
Royalty Fees16%

Sylvan Learning is the nation’s largest provider of STEM education with more than 39 years of proven track record of success.

Founded in 1979, they are passionate about changing lives and believe that education is the most powerful tool to transform the lives of children.

They provide each child with personalized instruction to ensure 100% results. 

They are looking for franchisees with entrepreneurial drive and experience in sales, marketing, management, and technology.

The franchisees are provided specified training through Sylvan University Department and a propriety online learning management system.

They have a mix and modular curriculum and allow franchisees to deliver services through parent-day institutional contract opportunities while providing them with multi-revenue streams with higher revenue potential.

They also offer third-party financing as well as a discount for veterans.

2. Kumon Franchise

Kumon Franchise

Franchising Since2005
Estimated Outlets26,000+
Initial Investment$64,400 to $160,9750
Franchise Fees$7,000-$14,000
Royalty FeesN/A

Kumon Method Learning is an after-school learning center where kids from three years of age stay through the completion of programming calculus and Shakespeare and also master other skills such as focus, grit, and confidence. 

Founded in 1954, the school uses a unique method of learning that instills self-learning and develops top-notch students ready for lifetime success.

They have been consistently ranked #1 in the education category by Entrepreneurs Magazine and no #6 on the Franchise 500 list. 

Kumon Franchise has one of the lowest startup fees and looking for people with a passion for education and helping kids succeed not just in certain subjects but in life.

Franchisees are offered a system of support, including training, marketing, territory selection, and ongoing support to open a Kumon Center and drive their business toward success.

3. Club Z! Franchise

Club Z! Franchise

Franchising Since1998
Estimated Outlets400+
Initial Investment$33,800-$52,750
Franchise Fees$19,750-$34,750
Royalty Fees2% 

Club Z! is a leading home tutoring and test prep franchise with more than 400 locations across the United States and Canada.

They offer one-on-one tutor services in the United States and Canada through their extensive network of franchises.

They offer tutoring in a broad range of academic subjects, including computers, foreign languages, music, SAT, ACT prep, and more. 

Club Z! is looking for franchisees dedicated to helping children and developing relationships with families in their community.

The franchisees are provided training from the top franchises within their network, along with ongoing marketing support and assistance with local tutor recruitment. 

The franchise owners are also allowed to choose between an in-home option and a learning center and offer subject tutoring, online test prep, and on-demand homework help to earn more revenue.

4. Eye-Level Franchise

Eye Level Franchise
Franchising Since1976
Estimated Outlets800+
Initial Investment$52,318
Franchise Fees$5,000-$121,650
Royalty Fees$29-$36/ subject/month

Eye Level is one of the world-class education franchisees in the field of mathematics and English, with more than 1,100 branches in the United States and worldwide and over 2 million students registered.

Eye-level offers methods and programs for mathematics, English, and other academic curricula for preschool to high-school students. 

With over 800 units across 15 countries, the Eye Level learning center has transformed the learning experience into a fun and exciting process.

The franchisor is looking for someone with a passion for education and sales experience. 

The franchisees will be provided foundational training, introductory online modules, independent learning guidance, designated locations, and ongoing support to ensure that business operations are smooth.

Third-party financing is also available to cover startup and franchise fees as needed. 

5. Bricks 4 Kidz Franchise

Bricks 4 Kidz Franchise

Franchising Since2009
Estimated Outlets640
Initial Investment$10,000-$20,000
Franchise Fees$5,400
Royalty Fees7%

Bricks 4 Kidz is a science-based education franchise and kids’ enrichment center devoted to shaping young minds by providing an extraordinary atmosphere for children where they can learn while building and playing with LEGO bricks.

At Bricks, kids are taught through fun activities that engage them and boost their creativity. 

Bricks 4 Kids has a network across the United States and worldwide to provide low-cost home-based business and teaching opportunities to entrepreneurs to promote STEM principles.

Every franchisee can count on comprehensive training, third-party financing, and ongoing support to grow their business.

By opening a Bricks 4 Kidz franchise, you will get a chance to make a difference in the lives of children and their families and bear witness to the beautiful journey of child development.

6. The Little Gym Franchise

The Little Gym Franchise

Franchising Since1992
Estimated Outlets400+
Initial Investment$59,500
Franchise Fees$29,500
Royalty Fees1%

The Little Gym is the nation’s premier enrichment and physical development center for kids ages 4 months through 12 years.

That offers a non-competitive and nurturing learning environment for children to help them explore their physical development while promoting their intellectual, emotional, and social development via age-appropriate events. 

The company began franchising in 1992 and has been ranked in Entrepreneur’s Franchise as a top children’s franchise consistently in the past decade.

The Little Gym is passionate about impacting multiple communities and looking for renowned partners and brands that share the same values and beliefs. 

The franchisees will get comprehensive training and support to build and grow their business, including pre-opening to business growth, ongoing guidance, and access to the latest technologies and tools for benchmarking and tracking the success of the gym.

7. School of Rock Franchise

School of Rock Franchise

Franchising Since2005
Estimated Outlets293+
Initial Investment$170,000-$400,000
Franchise Fees$49,900
Royalty Fees8%

School of Rock is a leading music education franchise in the United States.

For more than two decades, they have been aspiring musicians how to channel their inner rock stars and hone their talents using a revolutionary performance-based model of music instruction.

The franchise is a trademark brand and global phenomenon and has music schools in more than 12 countries and opening new schools around the globe. 

Whether you are an experienced businessman looking to buy an education franchise or a musician who wants to start your first business venture to make an impact on children’s lives through music, the School of Rock is a safe place to invest your money.

They provide incredible support to the franchisees, including training, marketing support, and financing to help them open, market, and operate their school confidently. 

8. E2 Young Engineers Franchise

E2 Young Engineers Franchise

Franchising Since2008
Estimated Outlets85+
Initial Investment$36-400-$59,183
Franchise Fees$20,000
Royalty Fees7% 

The E2 Young Engineers is an enrichment program for children that adopts a rational edutainment approach to teach a range of programs, including arithmetic, mechanical and software engineering, and physics.

They operate in schools, libraries, community centers, and museums and arrange workshops for children who are either gifted or have learning disabilities. 

To provide their services all across more states, E2 Young Engineers has been looking for franchisees.

They offer a comprehensive training program, exclusive territory, managerial, financial planning, and logistic support, with modest investment options.

E2 Young Engineers is one of the best education franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs who want to enter the fast-growing industry with numerous options to diversify their revenue stream.

9. Action Coach Franchise

Franchising Since1997
Estimated Outlets740+
Initial Investment$77,315-$155,460
Franchise Fees$44,500-$70,000
Royalty Fees20%

Action Coach is the world’s leader in business coaching, with more than 1,000 coaches in more than 70 countries.

The coaching firm is focused on SMEs and offers a wide range of courses in finance, sales, marketing, and team building tailored to help small to medium-sized businesses. 

Action Coach has been ranked in the top 50 franchises by the Franchise Business Review based on franchisee satisfaction.

The franchisor provides the initial training and ongoing support to the franchise partners to enable them to implement these systems effectively and build a better business.

For those looking to establish a career in the business coaching industry, Action Coach is a perfect opportunity.  

10. Mathnasium Learning Centers Franchise

Mathnasium Learning Centers Franchise

Franchising Since2003
Estimated Outlets1050+
Initial Investment$112,750-$149,110
Franchise Fees$150,000
Royalty Fees2%

Mathnasium is a learning brand and supplemental learning franchise that offers instruction in mathematics to students in pre-kindergarten through high school.

Consisting of over 1,000 thriving learning centers in North America, South America, the Middle East, Europe, and Asia, Mathnasium is one of the fastest-growing franchises in the world. 

Mathnasium is looking for franchisees who deeply care about helping children succeed at mathematics while realizing their financial goals.

Each franchised center utilizes an individually customizable educational curriculum to make kids understand, master, and love mathematics. 

As a Mathnasium franchisee, you will receive the initial training and several ongoing support options to run your learning center.

Third-party financing is also available to cover startup costs, franchise fees, equipment, inventory, accounts receivable, and payroll.

When Should You Choose An Education Franchise?

Just like starting any business, investing in an education franchise also require you to consider and understand many things.

It is essential to have a good understanding of these advantages and disadvantages of the business, which will help you make the decision on when you should choose an education franchise:


1. Business Model

The very first advantage of education franchise is that they come with an established business model. A well-established franchise saves the time of both the founder and the franchisee.

It also reduces the risk involved in trying out new concepts.

2. Support Team

A successful and well-established education franchise comes with strong support team which is skilled in managing failures.

They will also give you value advices to run the franchise successfully.

3. Learning Resources for Both Teachers And Students

Education Franchise provide learning resources like different types of books, online materials, and courses.

A successful education franchise will also provide tools and training programs for teachers.


1. Flexibility

The no flexibility disadvantage of education business can be problematic for a creative and independent person.

Buying a franchise means you have to follow the franchisor’s guidelines, their teaching routines, and their marketing.

2. Hiring And Training Regulations

The United States has the strictest employment and training regulations when it comes to businesses whose end users are children.

So following these rules and regulations become significant, just like operating within the franchisor’s working practices.

3. Fees

Estimating the fees of the education franchise according to your budget is essential. Some franchises comes with low-investment while some have very expensive fees.

Therefore, before signing any contract with the franchisor research every element that is important.

Things You Need To Know Before Buying An Education Franchise

1. Financial Assessment

The most significant thing to consider before buying an education franchise is the financial requirements of the business.

Here are some questions that will help you financially evaluate the business:

  1. How much will it cost to buy an education franchise?
  2. What is the return on investment (ROI)?
  3. What is the franchise fee, royalty fee, and marketing cost?

2. Franchisor’s Background

Check the background of the franchisor including any parent company, and predecessor. Check how long the franchise has been in the business.

Also, check if the franchisor, its affiliates, or any of its executives have filed for bankruptcy.

3. Syllabus And Curriculum

An education franchise differs on the basis of the curriculum and the syllabus. A successful and best education franchise with experienced educators continuously revise and develop their syllabus and curriculum according to the changing needs.

4. Contract

After everything goes well, the company will send you the contract stating every detail like franchise fee, royalty fee, and initial investment.

You must read the contract carefully, and if required you must get legal advice and review the contract carefully before signing it.

Comparison of Top 5 Education Franchise Opportunities

CompanySylvan Learning Center Kumon Method LearningClub Z!Eye LevelBrick 4 Kidz 
Outlets 750+26,000+400+800+640
Franchise Fee $34,000$7,000-$14,000$19,750-$34,750$5,000-$121,650$5,400
Initial Investment $70,980-$159,885$2,000$33,800-$52,750$52,318$10,000-$20,000


Owning an education franchise can be an excellent business opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to put their skills to use.

As an education franchise franchisee, you can tap into the potential of any child and provide your community with the opportunity to improve education in ways people never thought possible. 

However, when it comes to franchising, there are different requirements, and a key step is to go through the franchise requirements and ensure you only work with the franchisors who have similar goals and are willing to help you along the way.

It is safe to say that the franchise opportunities listed above are ones you can invest in with your eyes closed.

To make the challenge easier, we have made a comparison table of the top five best education franchise opportunities in the USA.

It shows the estimated initial investment, franchise, and royalty fees for each, so you can decide which one is best for you.


Why Should One Invest In An Education Franchise?

The education sector is one of the most profitable and recession-proof sectors in the United States.

The demand for education franchises that help children succeed academically is at an all-time high.

According to a report from Business Wire, the K 12 online tutoring market is projected to grow by $80.18 billion by 2024 at a CAGR of 14%.  

How Much Does An Education Franchise Cost In The USA?

The cost of starting an educational franchise varies depending on the franchisor and the location.

Typically, the startup cost can be as low as $37,000 or as high as $1 million.

How Much Can An Education Franchise Owner Make?

The profitability of an education franchise depends on many key factors, including concepts, and services, territory, return on investment, number of units, stock control, years in operation, industry experience, effort, and building and managing a solid workforce. What you can earn as an educational franchise owner is quite situational.

The highest-earning education franchise in the USA earned about $501,000 in 2020. 

Is Education Franchise Profitable?

Yes, education franchises basically have low initial investment and is a profitable investment.

For instance, Sylvan Leaning Franchise published its gross annual revenue of $518,159, which symbolizes a very healthy profit margin.

What Is The Education Franchise Profit Margin?

Depending on the location and the marketplace, the profit margin for early learning centers ranges between 15% to 30%.

Which Is The Cheapest Education Franchise?

According to the above-mentioned data, the cheapest education franchise is Kumon Method Learning, with franchise fees starting at $7000 and an initial investment of $2000.

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