10 Best Franchise Compliance Software Of 2024

Running a franchise can be an exciting, rewarding experience. But it also comes with its own set of unique challenges – from legal frameworks to organizational policies, health and consumer standards, and more.

It’s no wonder that many franchisors find themselves overwhelmed when trying to stay in compliance with all the various regulations. 

Fortunately, there is a solution: franchise compliance software. This software helps simplify the process by providing automated tools and processes that help you manage your franchise operations quickly and efficiently while ensuring full compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

To help you find the best franchise compliance software for your needs, we’ve rounded up the top contenders.

From industry leaders to rising stars, read on for our picks for the best franchise software.

10 Best Franchise Compliance Software
10 Best Franchise Compliance Software

What Is Franchise Compliance Software?

Franchise compliance software is an automated system that helps franchise businesses stay in line with legal requirements.

This type of software typically includes tools to help you manage compliance with franchise laws, health and safety standards, consumer protection regulations, and other regulatory frameworks.

Using this kind of software can save you time and money by allowing you to generate reports more quickly, compare data from multiple locations at once, and remain up-to-date with any changes in regulations.

It also provides a single platform for storing all the paperwork related to franchise operations, making it easier to track everything in one place.

The best franchise compliance software also offers additional features such as risk assessment tools, employee training programs, alerts for potential violations or breaches of regulations, and dashboards for monitoring performance metrics.

All these features help streamline the franchising process and make it easier to adhere to all applicable laws and regulations.

Franchise compliance software allows franchisors to focus on growing their franchise rather than fretting about staying compliant.

The right solution can provide peace of mind while taking the guesswork out of managing a successful franchise business.

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Types Of Franchise Compliance Software

Franchise compliance software has come a long way since its early days. With modern technology, there are a variety of different types of software available to handle all of the compliance needs of franchise businesses, such as:

1. Internal Compliance Management System 

An internal compliance management system is a type of franchise compliance software that helps ongoing and consistent adherence to all applicable legal requirements for franchising.

This software provides a comprehensive solution for ensuring that franchises comply with all relevant laws, regulations, and policies in an efficient manner.

With an internal compliance management system, franchisors can easily monitor the operational processes of their franchisees and quickly detect any potential breaches in compliance.

This type of software also automates data reporting, allowing for faster management and analysis of the compliance process.

2. External Compliance Management System

An external compliance management system is franchise compliance software that helps franchisors track and manage their franchisees’ financial activities.

This type of software provides tools for monitoring stock prices, cash flow, financial health, and other essential metrics.

The real-time data provided by this software helps franchisors make better decisions when it comes to financial management, staying compliant with regulations, and managing the overall health of their franchisees.

3. Governance Risk & Compliance System

A governance risk & compliance system is a type of franchise compliance software that helps franchisors ensure their operations are in line with applicable laws and regulations.

This software provides features such as automated tracking of compliance requirements, monitoring of employee activities and training programs, risk assessment tools, and dashboards for real-time performance metrics.

This type of software also helps franchisors quickly identify potential risks with their operations and make timely decisions to mitigate those risks.

10 Best Franchise Compliance Software

1. Connecteam

Connecteam offers a robust compliance software solution designed to help franchisees maintain data security and regulatory compliance. With a wide array of features, Connecteam helps franchisors ensure their data is protected and meets regulatory requirements.

The software includes document management, encryption, audit trails, and real-time alerts, providing a comprehensive approach to data security.

One of Connecteam’s standout features is the ability to customize rules and policies for data handling, allowing businesses to align their compliance processes with specific requirements.

The software also offers automated compliance testing and reporting, streamlining the monitoring and reporting of compliance activities.

In addition to its security features, Connecteam provides advanced authentication and secure email capabilities, further enhancing data protection measures.

These features contribute to a holistic approach to compliance management, empowering businesses to track, manage, send notifications, collect and store data, and generate comprehensive reports.

With Connecteam’s compliance software, franchises can confidently navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance, ensuring the integrity and security of their data while adhering to industry standards.

The software’s user-friendly interface and extensive features make it a valuable tool for businesses seeking efficient and reliable compliance management.


  • Policy management
  • Data encryption
  • Audit trails
  • Customizable rules and notifications
  • Advanced authentication features


  • Small Business: $0/month
  • Operations Basic: $29/month
  • Operations Advanced: $49/month
  • Operations Expert: $99/month

2. SafetyCulture

SafetyCulture, formerly known as iAuditor, is a comprehensive franchise compliance software that puts a strong emphasis on safety protocols and task monitoring.

By leveraging checklists, this cloud-based platform aims to enhance responsibility and compliance rates within your organization.

With SafetyCulture, franchises can seamlessly track and manage compliance and tasks across their entire business.

By consolidating all your important documents in the cloud and bringing all activities under one roof, SafetyCulture helps you streamline operations and free up valuable time to focus on more critical matters.

Moreover, SafetyCulture offers additional features to further empower your franchise management.

The software provides customizable checklists tailored to your specific compliance needs, ensuring that no crucial detail is overlooked.

It also offers real-time analytics and reporting capabilities, allowing you to monitor performance and identify areas for improvement.

SafetyCulture’s user-friendly interface and intuitive mobile app enable effortless adoption and easy access to compliance information on the go.

The platform supports collaboration and communication among team members, ensuring everyone stays informed and accountable.


  • Checklist management
  • Real-time analytics and reporting
  • Mobile access
  • Collaboration tools
  • Customizable checklists


  • Free: $0/month
  • Premium: $19/month

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3. LogicGate

LogicGate is a comprehensive risk management platform that combines potent risk assessment tools and identification methods with a centralized risk dashboard.

It simplifies the complex process of risk management by providing a unified platform where all risk-related data can be collected, analyzed, and managed.

A key strength of LogicGate is its powerful third-party risk management tool.

This feature allows organizations to conduct automated assessments and scoring on any supplier or vendor within minutes, thereby reducing the time and resources typically required for these processes.

It helps businesses identify, evaluate, and mitigate potential risks associated with third-party relationships, providing a more secure and resilient operational landscape.

LogicGate’s ability to facilitate collaboration across teams is another standout feature.

It provides a shared workspace where team members can collectively assess risks, strategize mitigation plans, and monitor progress.

This collaborative approach fosters a more cohesive risk management strategy, ensuring that all team members are on the same page.

The software’s dashboards offer a comprehensive visual representation of risk data, making it easy for stakeholders to understand the organization’s risk landscape at a glance.

This, combined with its intuitive user interface, makes LogicGate an accessible and efficient tool for risk management.


  • Third-party risk management
  • Automatic assessments and scoring
  • Collaborative workspaces
  • Comprehensive visual dashboards

Intuitive user interface 


  • Custom

4. NetSuite

NetSuite is a versatile, cloud-based franchise compliance software. It effectively centralizes financial, customer, and operational data management, positioning itself as an all-in-one solution for businesses.

Its main strength is its adaptability, making it suitable for enterprises of various sizes and sectors.

NetSuite provides customization options catering to unique business needs, enhancing its value across various applications.

NetSuite’s governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) module covers a range of areas, including data security, audit trails, and internal controls.

Its integrated suite of tools enables companies to identify gaps in compliance processes, ensuring their data remains confidential and secure. Automation allows you to establish and track policies, freeing up manual labor.

In addition to its robust GRC system, NetSuite provides powerful analytics capabilities. Businesses can obtain detailed insights into their operations and performance, allowing them to gain a clear understanding of their key metrics and areas for improvement.

Whether you’re looking for a compliance solution for your franchise or an all-in-one platform, NetSuite is worth considering.


  • GRC/Data security
  • Analytics and Reporting
  • Audit trails
  • Internal controls
  • Customizable workspaces


  • Custom

5. Jolt

Jolt is a comprehensive cloud-based franchise billing software, ideally tailored for both human resource operations and various commercial functions.

This robust platform not only streamlines staff scheduling but also enhances team communication and automates mundane tasks with ease, freeing up valuable time for other critical operations.

With a keen focus on financial management, Jolt delivers an array of features designed to provide a complete overview of your business’s financial health.

It offers capabilities such as generating detailed profit and loss statements, keeping a pulse on your financial performance, and facilitating efficient money management.

By providing a clear financial landscape, it empowers you to make informed decisions that can positively influence your profit margins and, consequently, bolster cash flow.

What sets Jolt apart is its robust suite of additional features. For instance, the software ensures automated, consistent record-keeping across all locations and offers at-a-glance reporting, providing a transparent view of your business operations.

It also sends email and text notifications for tasks that are out of range, overdue, or incomplete, keeping you and your team on track.


  • Payroll tracking and scheduling
  • Inventory control and management
  • Consistent record-keeping across locations
  • At-a-glance reporting
  • Notification alerts for tasks out of range, overdue or incomplete


  • Available upon request

6. FranConnect

Arguably one of the most well-known franchise management platforms, FranConnect offers a robust cloud-based solution that supports franchises in effectively running their operations, maintaining communications, and managing projects.

The software shines particularly in performance management, royalty calculation, reputation management, and lead nurturing.

Within FranConnect, the Info Manager tool stands out as a game-changer in compliance management.

It eliminates the need for manual tracking of franchisee information such as electronic FDD delivery, contract expiration, renewals, terminations, and transfers.

By doing so, it significantly mitigates legal risk and helps streamline administrative tasks.

The CRM module, another significant component of the FranConnect platform, empowers administrators to manage territories and paperwork with ease.

It has the capacity to track marketing campaigns meticulously, send automated emails to leads, and monitor delivery schedules, thereby enhancing organizational efficiency.

This module goes a step further to allow administrators to keep tabs on various marketing activities.

By providing a comprehensive view of marketing efforts, it makes sure that no lead is missed and that every opportunity is capitalized upon.

Overall, though not specifically a business compliance software, FranConnect makes an ideal companion in helping franchises achieve and maintain compliance.


  • Performance management
  • Royalty calculation
  • Reputation management
  • Lead nurturing and nurturing campaigns
  • Task automation and scheduling


  • Starts at $200/month

7. Hyperproof

As an exceptional compliance management and security assurance software, Hyperproof expertly centralizes the management of multiple compliance frameworks, including ISO, SOC 2, and NIST CSF, along with risk management tasks.

It alleviates the burden of scattered compliance efforts by offering a unified platform for all compliance-related activities.

With Hyperproof, organizations can automate evidence collection, test control effectiveness, and remediate issues at an accelerated pace.

The software is designed to streamline compliance management, with a particular emphasis on reducing manual, time-consuming tasks.

Its automatic task assignment feature is a testament to this, as it efficiently delegates responsibilities to appropriate team members, ensuring that tasks are completed promptly and accurately.

One of Hyperproof’s standout features is its extensive library of over 70 out-of-the-box framework templates.

This provides a significant head start for organizations by offering a well-structured, pre-formatted foundation for various compliance frameworks.

Hyperproof’s powerful dashboards and reporting capabilities provide a clear, comprehensive view of an organization’s compliance status.

Visualizing data in an intuitive manner allows stakeholders to easily understand the current state of compliance and identify areas for improvement.


  • Automatic task assignment
  • A comprehensive library of templates
  • Data visualization and reporting
  • Evidence collection and analysis 
  • Centralized management of multiple compliance frameworks


  • Essentials: $4,800/year
  • Professional: $9,600/year
  • Business: $19,200/year
  • Enterprise: Custom

8. Franchise 360

Franchise 360 stands as a comprehensive franchise management platform, extending its functionality beyond the typical confines of franchise billing software.

While it doesn’t solely focus on compliance, it incorporates operations compliance into its diverse toolkit, making it a versatile asset for franchises.

Operating on a web-based platform, Franchise 360 is engineered to assist franchisees in managing sales prospects, handling quotes, orchestrating workflows, and capitalizing on recruitment networks.

It is accessible from anywhere with an internet connection, which adds a layer of convenience and mobility to your franchise management tasks.

The software’s operational solutions are designed to drive your franchise’s productivity to new heights.

It facilitates the maximization of sales, effective management of the existing franchise network, and streamlining of administrative tasks across the entire franchise, resulting in reduced overheads and improved operational efficiency.

A key highlight of Franchise 360 is its adaptability. A key highlight of Franchise 360 is its adaptability.

You can customize the software to meet the particular needs of your franchise. This ensures a bespoke user experience, catering to your unique needs and preferences.


  • Sales management
  • Quote handling
  • Workflow automation
  • Recruitment network optimization
  • Customizable platform layout


  • One-time installation fee: £1000
  • Price for up to 20 units: £25/franchise/month

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9. Onspring

An award-winning platform, Onspring stands out as a fully integrated Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) software solution.

What sets Onspring apart is its ability to interconnect policies, compliance, and risks within a single, cohesive tool, thereby eliminating the need for multiple disjointed systems.

Onspring shines in its ability to eliminate process bottlenecks and streamline business operations.

Automating business processes, enables organizations to focus on strategic decision-making and growth initiatives rather than getting mired in routine tasks.

Its dependable workflows are designed with a keen understanding of business dynamics, ensuring that every process aligns with the organization’s specific needs and objectives.

A unique feature of Onspring is its role-based controls, which ensure that access to data and functionalities is granted based on each user’s role within the organization.

This not only bolsters security but also enhances operational efficiency by ensuring that everyone has the right tools at their disposal.

The real-time reporting feature of Onspring also deserves mention. It empowers organizations with actionable insights derived from up-to-the-minute data, helping them stay proactive in their approach to risk management and compliance.

The reporting tool is highly intuitive and customizable, enabling users to create reports that align with their unique requirements.


  • Integrated GRC platform
  • Automated workflows
  • Role-based access controls
  • Real-time reporting and analytics 
  • Customizable reports


  • Custom

10. Auditus

Perfectly tailored for quality audits and safety inspections, Auditus is a multi-faceted application that excels in offering a seamless auditing experience.

It’s a multi-lingual platform with support for over 20 languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, and Chinese.

This wide language coverage ensures that businesses operating across diverse geographies can easily use the software without language barriers.

Auditus is available online and offline on Android and iOS devices, thereby enabling the flexibility to conduct audits anytime, anywhere.

This accessibility feature allows auditors to capture information and images on the spot, significantly saving time and resources.

This immediate data capture enhances efficiency and ensures that no critical details are overlooked or forgotten.

The software shines with its state-of-the-art action management workflows and scoring system, specifically designed to minimize risk.

By providing a clear, systematic approach to managing tasks and scoring audit results, Auditus helps organizations maintain a proactive stance on compliance and risk management.

Overall, with powerful real-time reporting capabilities, comprehensive security measures, and seamless user experience, Auditus is an all-encompassing franchise compliance software offering.


  • Multi-lingual platform
  • Online & offline usage on Android & iOS devices
  • Action management workflows
  • Scoring system 
  • Real-time reporting capabilities


  • Premium: £10/month
  • Enterprise: Custom

Comparison Of Top 10 Franchise Billing Software

NameYear FoundedFree TrialPricingCapterra RatingHeadquarters
Connecteam2016Available$29/month4.8New York, NY
SafetyCulture2004Available$19/month4.6Sydney, Australia
LogicGate2015Demo availableCustom4.7Chicago, IL
NetSuite1998AvailableCustom4.1Austin, TX
Jolt2015Demo availableAvailable upon request4.7Lehi, UT
FranConnect2003Demo available$200/month4.3Herndon, VA
Hyperproof2018Demo available$4,800/year3.8Bellevue, WA
Franchise 3602005Not available£25/franchise/month4.7Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK
Onspring2013Demo availableCustom  4.6Overland Park, KS

Wrapping Up

Franchise compliance software is more than just a tool to ensure regulatory compliance – it is an essential component of any business strategy.

These ten software solutions not only guarantee the security and integrity of data but also enhance operational efficiency, improve productivity, and provide actionable insights.

Whether your business needs automation tools or real-time reporting capabilities, there’s no doubt that one of these ten solutions will fit your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do I Need a Compliance Software for My Franchise?

Franchise compliance software ensures that your business meets the necessary standards and regulations in your industry.

Not only does this help you remain compliant, but it also protects your brand by safeguarding sensitive data and enhancing operational efficiency.

What Are The Main Features of Franchise Compliance Software?

The features of franchise compliance software vary from solution to solution.

However, most solutions will offer automated workflows, role-based access controls, real-time reporting and analytics, action management workflows, customized reports, and more.

What Are The Benefits of Having a Franchise Compliance Software?

Franchise compliance software provides a host of benefits, which include improved data security, streamlined operations, enhanced productivity, and actionable insights.

These features help businesses remain compliant with industry regulations as well as protect their brands by minimizing risks.

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