10 Best Franchise Opportunities for Veterans

If you’re a veteran and unsure about what you should be doing when your military service ends, this article is for you.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the ten best franchise opportunities for veterans in the USA, including their startup cost, initial investment, and franchise fees. 

When military service ends, transitioning back to civilian life can be tough, especially if you don’t know what to do when you are done serving the country.

Veterans are known for possessing vast and unique skills and experience, making them excellent candidates for entrepreneurship. 

According to the U.S Small Business Administration, around 25% of veterans are interested in starting their businesses, and franchises are one of the best routes to achieve this goal.

When veterans discharge from the military, they take a wide range of soft and hard skills with them, which can help them become successful business owners.  

Veterans tend to learn quickly, identify and solve problems, execute operations properly, and have leadership experience, which is essential to building and managing a franchise with success.

Even if they don’t have a relevant experience in the desired industry, the skills they have gained throughout their military career can help them excel and leverage their skills in a million ways.

There are endless franchise opportunities in the United States with military experience.

Here are the ten best franchise opportunities for veterans to start their businesses, along with the necessary support and resources. Let’s dive right in!

Best Franchise Opportunities for Veterans
Best Franchise Opportunities for Veterans

10 Best Franchise Opportunities for Veterans 

Here are some top franchise opportunities for veterans looking to start a business in the USA: 

1. Baskin Robins Franchise

Baskin Robins Franchise

Franchising Since1950
Estimated Outlets7,735
Initial Investment$293,840-$626-360 
Franchise Fees$25,000
Royalty Fees2.9%- 4.9% 

Baskin Robbins is one of the most well-established global ice cream franchises that serve a wide range of ice cream flavors, custom ice cream cakes, and other frozen desserts.

Founded in 1946, the franchise has built a strong reputation and customer base, making it an excellent franchise opportunity for veterans looking for a reputable and supportive franchisor to start their entrepreneurial journey. 

As a Baskin Robbins franchisee, you will sell their ice cream, frozen products, and other related food items compatible with the franchisor’s concept.

The franchisor offers initial training and ongoing support, and veterans will get the opportunity to pay the initial franchise fee over a 10-year plan, along with reduced royalties for the first three years in recognition of their service to the nation.

Read our complete guide on the Baskin Robbins franchise.

2. Dunkin’ Donuts Franchise

Dunkin’ Donuts Franchise

Franchising Since1955
Estimated Outlets12,500
Initial Investment$121,400-$1,787,700 
Franchise Fees$1,000-$2,25000/year
Royalty Fees5.9%

Dunkin’ Donuts is one of the largest coffee and baked goods chains in the world.

Founded in the 1950s, the global donut and coffee house has over 12,000 locations in 36 countries and looking for qualified franchisees to expand its services. 

Dunkin’ Donuts is a great franchise opportunity for veterans interested in starting a business in the fast-food industry and looking for a promising business opportunity. 

The franchisor offers best-in-class training and ongoing support to help franchisees start outstanding businesses.

Veterans can avail of 20% off on the initial franchise fee by purchasing a store development. 

3. Snap-On Franchise

Snap-On Franchise

Franchising Since1991
Estimated Outlets4,200
Initial Investment$44,121-$64,636
Franchise Fees$16,000
Royalty Fees$120/month

Snap-On is the number one professional tool brand in the world that specializes in manufacturing and distributing high-quality tools, equipment, and related products in numerous fields, including aviation, automobile, marine, and more.

The company sells its products only through dealers and has a franchise network of over 4,200 franchises in more than 130 countries. 

The company was ranked no#1 franchise for veterans in 2020. They offer a range of supportive services and special incentives for veterans, including $20,000 on their initial tool inventory, and if you choose to get financing through Snap-On credit, you will get a lower down payment for your franchise. 

Read our complete guide on the Snap-On franchise to know more about the franchise opportunity.

4. Pirtek USA Franchise

Pirtek USA Franchise

Franchising Since1986
Estimated Outlets475
Initial Investment$346,800-$782,300
Franchise Fees$20,000-$50,000
Royalty Fees1.5-3%

Pirtek USA is a hydraulic hose and repairs replacement service company that specializes in a wide range of services, including emergency hydraulic hose repair, hydraulic system design, preventive maintenance, hose assembly fabrication, and more.

Founded in 1996, the company provides 24/7 on-site service through the fleet of mobile services and also maintains a comprehensive inventory of hydraulic hoses, fittings, and other accessories for customers to ensure quick and efficient repairs. 

Pirtek USA is one of the preferred franchise opportunities for veterans because they value the skills demonstrated by veterans and demonstrate a commitment to supporting them.

They have a special franchise program for honorably discharged veterans called the “Pirtek Veterans Program” that provides a 30% discount to veterans on the initial franchise fees to help them transition into civilian life comfortably. 

5. Biggy Coffee Franchise

Biggy Coffee

Franchising Since1996
Estimated Outlets280+
Initial Investment$276,6000-$439,000 
Franchise Fees$20,000
Royalty Fees6%

Biggby Coffee is another fantastic franchise opportunity for veterans.

Founded in 1995, the company offers a wide range of specialty coffee and tea beverages, pastries, snacks, and other food items in a fun and friendly atmosphere.

Biggby Coffee offers several franchise opportunities for veterans interested in owning and operating their coffee shop.

They have a special franchise program for veterans called “B Cubed” that provides discounted franchise fees to honorably discharged U.S. military veterans. 

Qualified veterans will get a 50% discount on the initial franchise fees.

In addition, Biggby Coffee also offers initial training and ongoing support to the franchisees through their dedicated support team, operational guidance, marketing and advertising support, and access to resources and suppliers. 

6. ProSource Wholesale Franchise

ProSource Wholesale Franchise

Franchising Since1991
Estimated Outlets136+
Initial Investment$509,649-$518,258
Franchise Fees$46,450
Royalty Fees3%

ProSource Wholesale is America’s largest retail home improvement franchise that offers a wide selection of flooring, kitchen, bath, and plumbing products from top brands at wholesale prices.

The company caters to contractors, interior designers, remodelers, and other home improvement professionals.

Founded in 1991, the company was ranked #01 in the flooring industry by Entrepreneur. 

ProSource Wholesale is looking to expand and reach new markets and offering franchise opportunities for entrepreneurs and veterans interested in entering the home improvement industry with a focus on serving trade professionals.

As a franchisee, you can benefit from their established brand reputation, centralized purchasing power, and propriety software for managing orders to run a profitable business.

In addition, they have a special discount for veterans, offering them 57% off on their initial franchise fee. 

7. Fast Signs Franchise

Fast Signs Franchise

Franchising Since1986
Estimated Outlets750+
Initial Investment$80,000
Franchise Fees$49,750
Royalty Fees6%

Fast Signs is one of the most trusted names in the global signs and graphics industry.

Founded in 1985, the company specializes in providing custom graphics, signs, and visual communications solutions to individuals, businesses, and organizations.

With over 750 locations in ten countries, Fast Signs has been recognized as one of the “Top Franchises for Veterans “By Business Review” and “G.I. Jobs”.

They offer a 50% discount on the initial franchise fee and personalized guidance to the veterans throughout the franchising process. 

As a Fast Signs franchisee, you can expect to get initial training, ongoing support, assistance with site selection and access to a proven business model, SBA financing, and a wide range of tools and resources of a global company to succeed in your business. 

8. Fetch Pet Care, Inc. Franchise

Fetch Pet Care, Inc. Franchise

Franchising Since2003
Estimated Outlets120
Initial Investment$68,000-$76,000
Franchise Fees$62,500
Royalty Fees7%

Fetch Pet Care, Inc is a reputed and well-established brand in the pet care industry that offers a wide range of services for pets and their owners, including pet sitting, pet walking, pet boarding, pet taxi services, and more.

Founded in 2002, the company has become one of the largest and most trusted pet care brands in the USA. 

As a franchise opportunity, Fetch Pet Care, Inc provides a proven business model for veterans and entrepreneurs who are passionate about pets and want to start their own pet care business.

Veterans can get 10% off on the initial franchise fee, extensive training, ongoing support such as assistance with site selection, marketing, and operations, and access to the company’s propriety software to help them manage and grow their business efficiently.

9. Anytime Fitness Franchise

Anytime Fitness Franchise

Franchising Since2002
Estimated Outlets5,000
Initial Investment$381,575-$783,897
Franchise Fees$42,500
Royalty Fees$699/month

Anytime Fitness is one of the largest and most successful franchises in the fitness space that offers a variety of services and amenities to its members, including 24/7 access to world-class fitness equipment, personalized training, virtual fitness options, and a supportive and inclusive fitness community.

Founded in 2002, the franchise is a popular choice for busy individuals seeking flexible schedules to work out at their own pace. 

With over 5,000 locations worldwide, Anytime Fitness is looking to continue its expansion and is excited to welcome new franchisees onboard.

The franchisor offers veteran incentives like $2,500 to $7,500 off the franchise fee and provides extensive training and support to make it easy for veterans to own and run a successful business in the fitness industry.

10. Budget Blinds Franchise

Franchising Since2002
Estimated Outlets1,400
Initial Investment$110,140-$253,870
Franchise Fees$89,950
Royalty Fees$300-$1k per month

Budget Blinds is the world’s leading provider of custom window coverings in North America.

Established in 1992, the company provides exclusively designed driven window covering solutions, including blinds, shades, shutters, and drapery for residential and commercial customers. 

If you’re interested in building your business while enjoying the perks of a proven franchise system, Budget Blinds may be a perfect fit for you.

The franchisor provides extensive initial training, expert support, and complete access to their operations platform to run your business. In addition, veterans can get 15% off on the purchase full price of a franchise.

Comparison of Top 5 Franchise Opportunities for Veterans

CompanyBaskin Robbins Dunkin’ DonutsSnap-OnPirtek USABiggy Coffee 
Outlets 7,73512,5004,200475280+
Franchise Fee $25,000$250,000$16,000$20,000-$50,000$20,000
Initial Investment $293,840-$626-360$121,400-$1,787,700$44,121-$64,636$346,800-$782,300$276,6000-$439,000
Royalty Fee2.9%- 4.9%5.9%$120/month1.5-3%6%


To conclude, we can say that franchise opportunities for veterans in the USA can provide a viable path to entrepreneurship and business ownership, leveraging their skills, experience, and the support of established franchisors.

However, as with any business venture, careful research, planning, and due diligence are crucial to maximize the chances of success.

So, veterans should thoroughly evaluate their options, seek professional advice, and leverage available resources to make informed decisions. 

All the franchises listed above are the best for veterans interested in starting their businesses and leveraging their skills and experience gained from military service.

Regardless of which one you pick, you will get the training and support you need to kickstart your franchise business.


Are There Any Special Discounts Or Incentives Offered To Veterans Starting Their Own Franchise?

Yes, most franchisors offer special incentives for qualified veterans, recognizing their service to the country, such as reduced franchise fees, multiple financing options, and specialized training programs tailored for the veterans to help them gain knowledge about the relevant industry.  

What Kind Of Support And Training Do Franchisors Typically Offer To Veterans?

Franchisor usually offers comprehensive training programs that cover various aspects of running and managing a particular franchise, including site navigation, operations, marketing, and management.

In addition, some franchisors also offer ongoing support and mentorship to veterans to help them succeed in their businesses.

What Type Of Financing Options Are Available For Veterans To Finance Their Businesses?

Many franchises allow veterans to finance their business through various means, including personal savings, loans from banks or financial institutions, or utilizing the financing options offered by the franchisors or the government, such as third-party financing or SBA loans.






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