15 Best Franchises Under $10,000

When launching a new business, there is always some risk involved.

You need to invest some money and do your best to make your business successful and make sure you have a return on investment. Possibly, as quickly as you can.

Suppose you can’t risk too much money. In that case, there are some strategies that you can utilize to lower the risk: for example, you can try to lower the initial investment as much as you can so that, if you lose your investment, you lose only a certain amount of money and not a fortune. Furthermore, you could launch a franchise business.

15 Best Franchises Under $10k
15 Best Franchises Under $10,000

Franchise businesses are less risky than traditional ones because the companies are already successful, and you can exploit their marketing, their products, and their brand name.

So, how can you merge the two strategies we’ve mentioned? Investing a small amount of money and launching a franchise business?

Well, of course, by choosing a franchise that allows you to launch your business with a small investment, let’s say, lower than $10,000.

To help you with that, in this article, we’re providing you with the list of the 15 best franchises under $10,000.

Top 15 Best Franchises Under $10,000

1. Cruise Planner Franchise

Cruise Planner Franchise
Cruise Planner Franchise

Franchise Model

Locations 2500 units
Initial Investment $2295-$23,665
Franchise-Fee $6,955
Royalty-Fee 3%

Cruise planner is an American travel agency.

It’s very well known, and for this reason, it is an excellent opportunity for franchisees.

You can operate your travel agency from home; you only need a computer and an Internet connection.

They require a franchise fee of $4000. $4000 plus the cost of your computer is the total initial investment you need to start this business.

One of the best options of the 15 Best Franchises Under $10,000 for investors to invest in is the Cruiser planner homes-based Franchise.

Customers love their impressive services, and it is a well-regarded group of cruise experts with many clients.

2. Winzer Franchise

Winzer Franchise
Winzer Franchise

Franchise Model

Locations 287 units
Initial Investment $5950-$16,153
Franchise-Fee $3500
Royalty-Fee 14%

Winer is a retail franchise that provides different fastener tools and other automotive and industrial repair supplies.

It has grown to be a major, full services distributor to more than 35,000 customers in various markets.

They also provide training, demonstration activities, and a proprietary sales support system. It is one of the lowest-cost Franchises under 15k, and individuals can run it.

Read our complete guide on Winzer Franchise.

3. Brokerplan Franchise

Brokerplan Franchise
Brokerplan Franchise

Franchise Model

Company NameBrokerplan
Founded in2004
Franchise fee$5,136
Royalty Fee None
Initial Investment$6000

Brokerplan is a network of financial consultants. Suppose you want to offer financial services to your clients instead of freelancing.

In that case, you can join the Brokerplan franchise: you’ll have some important software tools at your disposal (without having to buy them) and, just like it happens with franchises, you’ll be able to exploit an important brand name. They require a franchise fee of $5,136.

4. Coffee News Franchise

Coffee News Franchise
Coffee News Franchise

Franchise Model

Locations 338 units
Initial Investment $9,250 to $11,750
Franchise-Fee $6,000
Royalty-Fee $80/week

CoffeeNews is a company that provides news in weekly publications. They have a franchise program that allows you to publish your edition of Newsweekly.

It is very effective when the news is related to the surrounding community: you can become a point of reference in the community.

They require a franchise fee of $10,000, and you can start publishing with them.

Read our complete guide on the Coffee News franchise.

5. Eazi-Apps Franchise

Eazi-Apps Franchise
Eazi-Apps Franchise

Franchise Model

Locations 300 partners in over 40 countries
Initial Investment $10,000
Franchise-Fee $9,995
Royalty-Fee N/A

When you join the Eazy-app franchise, you can start helping businesses in their digital transformation.

The demand in this sector is at its highest, so if you have the skills, this is one of the best promising businesses you can start during these times.

If you don’t have the technical knowledge to provide digital services to businesses, Eazy-app provides you with the necessary training. The initial investment is $9,995.

Read our complete guide on the Eazi-App franchise to get every detail on the franchise.

6. Dream Vacation Franchise

Dream Vacation Franchise
Dream Vacation Franchise

Franchise Model

Locations212 units 
Initial Investment $3,245 to $21,850
Franchise-Fee $10,500
Royalty-Fee 1.5%-3%

Dream Vacation is a low-cost travel franchise. It is a home-based opportunity. It helps people to achieve the gateway of their dreams.

They are part of a powerhouse in the travel industry; their connections are vast. They always have an exclusive booking offer for their customers.

If you plan a relaxing escape with a family or girlfriend, your experience will be fabulous and tailored to your wants and needs.

Read our complete guide on Dream Vacation franchise.

7. OpenWorks Franchise

OpenWorks Franchise
OpenWorks Franchise

Franchise Model

Locations 700+ around the world
Initial Investment $18,500 to $72,000
Franchise-Fee $15,200, $67,500
Royalty-Fee N/A

With Openworks, you can start your own commercial cleaning business. They’ll provide training and allow you to use their brand name to market your business.

You’ll be providing cleaning services to offices, commercial locations, and more.

In a short time, you could build a larger and larger organization with as little as $7000 of the initial investment.

8. Jazzercise Franchise

Jazzercise Franchise
Jazzercise Franchise

Franchise Model

Locations 6,256 Units
Initial Investment $2,415 to $3,200
Franchise-Fee $1,250
Royalty-Fee 20%

Jazzercise is known for its Fitness services. The combination of aerobic exercise, HIIT, and dance fitness is safe and effective for all ages and fitness levels.

It has a special pulse-pounding, beat-pumping, body-blasting fitness program that gets you to results fast.

Jazzercise is like a highly intense dance party that fuses cardio, Pilates, Yoga, Kickboxing, and hip hop.

Jazzercise is the lowest-cost Franchise and is easy to manage. During the pandemic, they give virtual coaching to students and those who didn’t want to come to the studio.

They also have the option of a virtual class. So the Jazzercise franchise is the lowest-risk franchise.

Read our full guide on the Jazzercise franchise to know more about the franchise opportunity.

9. Building Stars Franchise

Building Stars Franchise
Building Stars Franchise

Franchise Model

Locations 703 Units
Initial Investment $2,245-$8,295
Franchise-Fee $795-$1995
Royalty-Fee N/A

Buildingstars offer a commercial cleaning service. They have a unique three-stage business model that guides the franchise owner through a step-by-step blueprint for growth.

They offer the lowest initial investment of any cleaning franchise with the highest opportunity for growth.

It ranked among Franchise Business Review’s top 200 franchises because of its great services and review from the Franchise.

10. Ameriprise Financial Franchise

Ameriprise Financial Franchise
Ameriprise Financial Franchise

Franchise Model

Locations 4246 Units
Initial Investment $10,432 to $114,480
Franchise-Fee $1,500
Royalty-Fee N/A

With Ameriprise Financial, you can start your financial franchise business. If you are already experienced in finance, you’ll have no difficulties setting up this business.

However, if you don’t have any experience, the Ameriprise Financial team provides all the training you need to start.

They require a franchise fee of $10,000, including the training. Read our complete guide on Ameriprise Financial Services franchise to know about the franchise opportunity.

11. Poop 911 Franchise

Poop 911 Franchise
Poop 911 Franchise

Franchise Model

Locations 64 Units
Initial Investment $3,260-$25,970
Franchise-Fee N/A
Royalty-Fee 23%

Poop 911 operates a pet waste removal service business. They provide poop-scooping services for dog owners, breeders, kennels, or other places that deal with animal dropping.

It has a 5-star reputation of trust between pets, owners, and techs.

The brand keeps America’s yards and pet owners healthy without being intrusive. It’s a dirty job, but you can make money at the lowest investment.

12. Algorithmics Franchise

Algorithmics Franchise
Algorithmics Franchise

Franchise Model

Company NameAlgorithmics
Franchise fee$5,000
Royalty Fee None
Initial Investment$5,000

Algorithmics is a company that provides programming courses in schools and outside of them.

If you have some skills in this field and like to teach, you can join this franchise so that you can have your shoulders covered by an important company, and it will be easier to find clients. 

They require a franchise fee of $5,000, and you’ll need little more than that to start with this business.

13. Fit4mom Franchise

Fit4mom Franchise
Fit4mom Franchise

Franchise Model

Company NameFit4Mom
Founded in2013
Franchise fee$6,495
Royalty Fee None
Initial Investment$7,500

This franchise business offers fitness programs to mothers of young children. It is also prenatal and post-natal programs.

You can start with this franchise with as little as $6,495. However, their franchise contract lasts for three years.

It means that, after three years, if you want to keep exploiting the Fit4Mom programs and brand name, you’ll need to pay the franchise fee again.

14. BabyBoot Camp Franchise

BabyBoot Camp Franchise
BabyBoot Camp Franchise

Franchise Model

Company NameBabyBoot Camp
Founded in2001
Franchise fee$7000
Royalty Fee None
Initial Investment$8000

If you are passionate about fitness, BabyBoot Camp offers you the possibility of launching your fitness business.

They are aimed at a very restricted niche: they offer nutrition and fitness programs to prenatal and postpartum women.

This could be a great way to distinguish your business from the competition and build your career with them.

You don’t need much money to set up your business since you only need to rent a small room to host your clients. The franchise fee is $7,000.

15. Mobile Stamp Franchise

Mobile Stamp Franchise
Mobile Stamp Franchise

Franchise Model

Company NameMobile Stamp
Franchise fee$149
Royalty feeNone
Initial Investment $3000

MobileStamp is a company that provides loyalty cards and reward stamps for businesses in an innovative way.

Instead of having a piece of paper and stamps, it provides customers with a mobile platform that allows business managers to provide virtual cards and stamps.

They are open to franchise partners and provide all the training and support they need to understand the business and how to sell it.

The MobileStamp franchise fee is only $149. Then, you’ll need additional investment to set up your business: a computer, a smartphone, and a marketing strategy.


With any of the franchises included in our list of the 15 best franchises under $10,000, you can lower the risk of starting your business and raise your chances of success.

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