10 Best Franchises Under $20,000

If you have 20,000 dollars to invest in a new business and you want to optimize your budget, your best choice is to opt for a franchise business.

It’s true that, with franchises, you need to pay a franchise fee, but there are many of them that require a low franchise fee, and that allows you to set up your business with less than 20K. 

With a franchise business, your investment is actually optimized because you can count on a big and well–known brand name, you don’t have to start your marketing strategies from scratch, and you can build a big clientele in half the time that traditional businesses require.

But what are the franchises under 20K? Keep on reading because we’re providing you with the list of the 10 best franchises under $20,000.

Best Franchises Under $20,000
Best Franchises Under $20,000

10 Best Franchises Under $20,000

1. Time to Eat Delivery Franchise

Time to Eat Delivery is a chain of little groceries and restaurants that was founded in 2001. Today, it counts more than 200 locations.

With them, you can set up your grocery and restaurant for less than $20,000. They’ll require a $4,000 franchise fee and a minimum investment of $20,000.

If you are not experienced in the sector, it doesn’t matter because they offer training and support.

CompanyTime to Eat Delivery
Founded in 2001
Franchise fee$4,000
Royalty feeNone
Initial Investment$20,000

2. Maid Simple Franchise

Maid Simple

Maid Simple is a residential and commercial cleaning franchise. They allow you to launch your cleaning business.

They require a franchise fee of $9995, and you’ll need to buy some equipment to start (that they estimated for $1200-worth).

When you start with them, they’ll provide a 3-day training program and, after that, you can start your own cleaning business and offer cleaning services in both houses and offices or commercial environments.

CompanyMaid Simple
Founded in 2012
Franchise fee$9,995
Royalty feeNone
Initial Investment$12,000

3. iDeal Furniture Franchise

iDeal Furniture Franchise

iDeal Furniture was founded in 1982, and it offers furniture and mattresses for houses and offices.

They are a franchise, so they let you use their brand name to set up your own furniture and mattress business.

They require a franchise fee of $19,000: with that, you are licensed to use their brand name in their specific territory. They also provide training and support.

CompanyiDeal Furniture
Founded in 1982
Franchise fee$19,000
Royalty feeNone
Initial Investment$19,000

4. Thrivewors Counseling franchise

Thrivewors Counseling franchise

Thriveworks Counseling offers life coach services. The company is a network of consultants that started its activity in 2008 but began franchising only in 2013.

Since 2013, consultants can join the Thriveworks Counseling franchise and used their brand name. 

When you start your franchise business with them, they provide a 3-day training program so that you can learn anything about their coaching programs, how to provide them to your clients, how to market them, and how to sell them.

They require a franchise fee of $16,700, and you won’t need to invest anything more than that since coaching can be offered even remotely.

CompanyThrivewors Counseling
Founded in 2008
Franchise fee$16,700
Royalty feeNone
Initial Investment$16,700

5. Dogs Love Running Franchise

Dogs Love Running Franchise

If you love pets and animals in general, you’d love this franchise opportunity.

Dogs Love Running offers pet sitting and care; the company was founded in 2008, and it began franchising in 2010.

The franchise fee to start with them is $18,000: other than the franchise license; it includes a training program, operational guidance, and marketing materials.

If you need to purchase materials for your activity, furthermore, they provide a discount if you buy them from them.

CompanyDogs Love Running
Founded in 2008
Franchise fee$18,000
Royalty feeNone
Initial Investment$18,000

6. Auto Appraisal Network Franchise

Auto Appraisal Network

Auto Appraisal Network was founded in 1989. It provides automotive services, and it has been franchising since 2007. 

If you want to start a business in the automotive-service sector, you can start an Auto Appraisal Network franchise business: the brand is so well known and appreciated that clients will be already familiar with your business, even if it is just started.

They require a franchise fee of $16,700, and other than the franchise license, they’ll also provide training, operational support, and periodical meetings and conventions.

CompanyTime to Eat Delivery
Founded in 1989
Franchise fee$16,700
Royalty feeNone
Initial Investment$20,000

7. Fast Shine Franchise

Fast Shine provides a car washing service. It’s a very easy business to set up.

You’ll need a small space, some equipment, and – because Fast Shine is a franchise – you can market your business very easily.

The company was founded in 2010 and began franchising in 2012. Since then, they’ve opened car washing service points in more than 30 cities all over the world.

They require a franchise fee of $6,000. Plus, you’ll need to spend about $10,000 on equipment.

CompanyFast Shine
Founded in 2010
Franchise fee$6,000
Royalty feeNone
Initial Investment$10,000

8. Slip Doctors Franchise

Slip Doctors is a company that formulates and distributes chemical treatments for floors for slipping prevention.

The company was founded in 2008 and began franchising in 2010. Begin a franchise; they allow their franchisees to sell their products independently.

They require a $15,000 fee to start: with their license and products, they’ll also provide training on the products and how to use them.

CompanySlip Doctors
Founded in 2008
Franchise fee$15,000
Royalty feeNone
Initial Investment$20,000

9. 360 Clean Franchise

360 Clean

360 clean is a cleaning company specializing in commercial cleaning. It was founded in 2005 and began franchising in 2008. Today, there are more than 90 units active in the United States.

If you’d like to join them, you can become a 360 Clean franchisee. They require a $15,000 franchise fee, and they provide training for a total of 29 hours.

Other than the franchise fee, you’ll need to pay for some equipment, but the initial investment will remain under $20,000.

Company360 Clean
Founded in 2005
Franchise fee$15,000
Royalty feeNone
Initial Investment$20,000

10. VivoPools

This is a company that provides pool maintenance and management service.

They offer repair services, periodical maintenance, and upgrade services. It was founded in 2010 in Monrovia and started franchising only after a year. 

The franchise fee is $13,800. They provide 1 week of training with it.

You’ll need to provide yourself with all the equipment you’ll need to offer your services, so your initial investment will reach about $20,000.

Founded in 2010
Franchise fee$13,800
Royalty feeNone
Initial Investment$20,000


If you’re searching for a way of optimizing a budget of $20,000 to start a new business, a franchise is your best option.

With this list of the 10 best franchises under $20,000, we hope we’ve just helped you find the one you need. 

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