29 Best Hobbies That Make Money For Teenagers 2024

In today’s fast-paced world, when everybody is chasing to make a living, why not use your hobbies to make some cash as a teenager? This is why this “29 Best Hobbies that Make Money for Teenagers 2024” guide offers you options to earn extra while enjoying what you really like.

29 Best Hobbies That Make Money For Teenagers 2024

From creative outlets to leveraging technology, there are numerous activities that can transform leisure time into a profitable venture.

Therefore, without wasting further time, let’s begin to explore these 29 amazing and lucrative options.

29 Best Hobbies That Make Money For Teenagers

1. Blogging

29 Best Hobbies That Make Money For Teenagers 2024-Blogging

Blogging stands out as an exceptional hobby for teenagers. It combines the joys of creative expression with the potential to earn money.

In today’s digital age, where content is king, passionate young writers can carve out their niche, share their unique perspectives, and connect with a global audience. 

2. Starting A Youtube Channel

29 Best Hobbies That Make Money For Teenagers 2024- Starting A YouTube Channel

Starting a YouTube channel is an incredibly rewarding hobby for teenagers. It offers a dynamic platform for creativity, self-expression, and even financial gain.

This hobby not only allows teenagers to develop valuable skills in video production, editing, and digital marketing but also fosters confidence and public speaking abilities.

3. Selling DIY & Crafts

29 Best Hobbies That Make Money For Teenagers 2024-Selling DIY & Crafts

The next amazing hobby that can help you make money is selling DIY and crafts. These options offer you a golden opportunity to showcase your talents and passion for crafting unique items. These unique items range from jewelry and home decor to custom artwork and digital designs. 

Platforms like Etsy, Instagram, and local craft fairs provide accessible venues for you to sell your creations.

4. Makeup Art & Beauty

29 Best Hobbies That Make Money For Teenagers 2024-Makeup Art & Beauty

This creative endeavor allows young enthusiasts to experiment with colors, techniques, and styles in the vast beauty industry. 

Moreover, this hobby can serve as a stepping stone to professional opportunities, such as becoming a makeup artist for events, weddings, or even fashion shows. 

5. Dog Walking

29 Best Hobbies That Make Money For Teenagers 2024-Dog Walking

Dog walking presents a fantastic hobby for teenagers looking to combine their love for animals with the opportunity to earn money. 

It’s a flexible hobby that can easily fit around school schedules and other commitments. Moreover, it opens the door to further opportunities in pet care, such as pet sitting or grooming services.  This is the best side hustle for teenagers.

6. Gardening & Flower Arrangement

Gardening & Flower Arrangement

Do you know that, according to Utah State University reports, Americans buy 10 million cut flowers each day? This market is so big that in 2022, the global cut flowers market was estimated to be valued at USD 36.4 billion.

So, if you are one of those people having an interest in gardening and flower arrangement, then why not dive into this ever-growing industry?

With the growing demand for local and sustainable products, adept you can tap into the market, selling your plants and floral creations at farmers’ markets and many other platforms.

7. Photography

29 Best Hobbies That Make Money For Teenagers 2024-Photography

Another hobby on our list that can help you make around $74,000 is photography. In today’s digital age, the demand for high-quality, unique images is higher than ever, opening up numerous avenues for monetization.

Social media platforms also provide a fantastic space to showcase your portfolio, attract clients, and even land sponsorships or partnerships.

8. Graphic Design

29 Best Hobbies That Make Money For Teenagers 2024-Graphic Design

It’s a field where artistic talent meets the digital world, allowing young designers to express themselves through various mediums—be it logos, websites, or social media content. 

The beauty of graphic design lies in its versatility and the endless demand for fresh, innovative designs across industries.

With platforms like freelance websites, social media, and online marketplaces, you can offer services to small businesses, startups, and individuals looking for unique designs.

9. Writing & Proofreading

29 Best Hobbies That Make Money For Teenagers 2024- Writing & Proofreading

Writing and proofreading also stand out as one of the rewarding hobbies for teenagers having an interest in it. 

This gig is perfect for those with a knack for writing in blogging, article writing, or even crafting short stories and novels.

Similarly, those with an eye for detail can offer proofreading services, ensuring texts are polished and professional.

10. Cryptocurrency Trading

29 Best Hobbies That Make Money For Teenagers 2024- Cryptocurrency Trading

Cryptocurrency trading is an ever-evolving occupation, and if you are one of those who has to enjoy trading crypto then this gig is perfect for you.

However, remember to understand the market dynamics and learn to trade. Moreover, this hobby requires a good grasp of market research, patience, and strategic thinking, skills that are beneficial in many aspects of life.

11. Music

29 Best Hobbies That Make Money For Teenagers 2024-Music

Music is a timeless hobby that is uniquely charming, both deeply fulfilling and potentially profitable, especially for teenagers.

Whether it’s playing an instrument, singing, songwriting, or producing, the world of music opens up endless avenues for creative expression. 

You can monetize this skill by sharing your talents through performances at local events, teaching music lessons, or even creating and selling your own recordings online.

12. Lifeguard At Local Pool

Lifeguard At Local Pool

This role combines a love for swimming and water sports with the responsibility of ensuring the safety of others.

According to ZipRecruiter, the average hourly pay for a Teen Lifeguard in the United States is $24.74 as of 2024.

13. Social Media Management

Social Media Management

Social media management has rapidly evolved into a profitable hobby for tech-savvy teenagers who enjoy navigating the digital world.

By managing social media accounts, they can help brands grow their followers, increase engagement, and drive sales through creative and strategic online campaigns. 

14. Video Gaming

Video Gaming

For individuals who love gaming and want to pursue a career in it, this is your chance to make some money out of it.

You can monetize this hobby by using platforms like Twitch and YouTube. According to the reports, you can earn as much as $30 per hour.

So, transform this hobby from a leisure activity into one of the most lucrative hobbies for teenagers.

15. Baking


Baking presents a delightful and lucrative hobby for teens who love to create in the kitchen. ad audience. From crafting custom cakes for special occasions to inventing unique cookie flavors, there’s no shortage of opportunities.

And with the rise of social media platforms and local farmers’ markets, you can easily showcase your homemade treats to a broad audience.

16. Sewing Or Embroidery

Sewing Or Embroidery

With a surge in the demand for unique handmade gifts and products, skills in sewing and embroidery can be quite lucrative.

You can offer services like personalize clothing, create bespoke gifts, or even design and sell your original patterns online. 

This blend of creativity, skill, and entrepreneurial opportunity makes sewing and embroidery highly rewarding hobbies.

17. Pet Sitter

Pet Sitter

If you have a love for animals, then other than dog walking, you can also offer pet-sitting services. This role can easily be tailored around school schedules, making it a flexible way to earn money.

Additionally, pet sitting can lead to word-of-mouth referrals, expanding opportunities for more gigs.

As a teen pet sitter, you can earn around $13-$19 per hour.

18. Traveling And Sightseeing

Teenagers with a passion for exploring new places can turn their adventures into income through blogging, vlogging, or social media influencing.

You can attract the audience and monetize your content through through advertising, sponsorships, or affiliate marketing. 

Therefore, if you have a passion for traveling, then congratulations! this job is perfect for you.

19. Brewing Beer

Brewing Beer

Brewing beer is a fascinating hobby that combines science, creativity, and patience.

However, it’s important to note that this hobby is not legally accessible for teenagers in many places due to age restrictions on alcohol consumption and production.

For those of legal age, brewing beer at home can start as a personal passion and potentially evolve into a profitable venture.

While the initial investment in equipment and ingredients can be a bit high, selling craft beer at local markets, events, or through a small-scale distribution can eventually turn a profit. 

20. Web Design And Coding

Web Design And Coding

In today’s digital era, the demand for skilled web developers and designers is skyrocketing. Teenagers who dive into this field can start by creating websites for themselves, friends, family, or local businesses.

You can develop esigning skills through various platforms such as WordPress, Wix, or coding from scratch with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

21. Teach Foreign Language

Next on our list of best hobbies that make money for teenagers is to teach a foreign language. It can be a fascinating hobby that not only broadens cultural horizons for teenagers but also offers a viable avenue for making money.

So, whether it’s through one-on-one tutoring sessions, creating online courses, or even starting a YouTube channel dedicated to language learning tips and tricks, the possibilities are endless. 

22. Fitness Trainer

Fitness Trainer

There is an increasing focus on personal fitness and healthy living, which can be used as an opportunity to coach others on their fitness journeys.

So, monetize your fitness skills through conducting personal training sessions, leading group workout classes in local parks, or creating and sharing fitness content online.

23. Car Detailing

Car Detailing

If you and your love for car detailing go hand in hand then grab this opportunity and make money while working what you love.

You can start by offering the services to family, friends, and neighbors, gradually expanding your clientele through word-of-mouth and social media promotion.

24. Start Vlogging

Start Vlogging

With platforms like YouTube and TikTok offering vast audiences, teenagers can create engaging content on topics ranging from lifestyle, fashion, and travel to gaming, tutorials, and more. 

Remember, the key to this hobby is to be consistent and post quality content. Monetization can come from ad revenue, sponsorships, and merchandise sales.

25. Teach A Sport

Teach A Sport

Whether you are proficient in basketball, soccer, tennis, or any other sport you can monetize it by sharing it with others.

This can be done through local community centers, sports clubs, or even by organizing private coaching sessions. 

It’s a fulfilling way to make money, stay engaged with a beloved hobby, and positively impact the lives of others.

26. Cooking


With the rise of social media platforms and food blogging, there are ample opportunities to share unique recipes, cooking tips, and food photography.

You can start a YouTube channel or Instagram account dedicated to your culinary creations, attracting followers. Through this you can potentially earn through ads, sponsored content, and partnerships with food brands.

Additionally, they can offer catering services for small events, sell homemade goodies to family and friends, or set up a booth at local farmer’s markets. 

27. Interior Designing

Interior Designing

Home decor and renovations are becoming increasingly popular on social media, which can be a great opportunity for you.

To monetize your skill, simply start a YouTube channel or open a social media account showcasing your creativity.

Moreover, you can also offer your services to friends, family, or neighbors looking to redecorate their home.

28. Flip Antiques

Flip Antiques

Flipping antiques can be a lucrative and educational hobby for teenagers with an interest in history and the value of vintage items.

This activity involves finding underpriced antiques at garage sales, flea markets, or thrift stores, and then selling them at a higher price through online marketplaces, antique shops, or auctions.

However, it requires research, patience, and a keen eye for spotting potential treasures among the ordinary.

29. Podcasts


By creating content that resonates with your target audience, you can monetize podcasts. With podcasts, you have a wide array of subjects to explore and work on what you like.

Additionally, running a podcast provides a platform for networking with like-minded individuals and experts in the field, expanding both knowledge and social connections.


The “29 Best Hobbies That Make Money for Teenagers 2024” highlight an exciting range of activities that not only nurture creativity and skill but also offer avenues for financial gain.

Engaging in these hobbies not only enriches personal growth but also equips teens with the entrepreneurial spirit and adaptability required in the modern economy.

However, do remember to check the market demand before starting your gig. Also, the kep to be successful is to be patience.


Can making money from hobbies impact a my studies or personal life?

It’s important to find a balance. While making money from hobbies can be rewarding, it’s crucial not to let it interfere with academic responsibilities or personal well-being. Setting a schedule and prioritizing tasks can help manage both effectively.

Are there any legal considerations for making money from hobbies as a teenager?

Yes, depending on the country or state, there might be legal considerations regarding age, earnings, and taxes. It’s advisable to consult with a legal guardian or a professional to understand any obligations.

What are some of the best online platforms for teenagers to showcase their hobbies and earn money?

Platforms like Etsy for handmade goods, YouTube for video content, and Twitch for gaming are popular among teenagers. Freelance websites like Upwork and Fiverr can also be useful for those looking to offer their services in writing, graphic design, and more.

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