10 Best Home-Based Franchise Opportunities 2024

One of the benefits of owning a franchise is that you might get the opportunity to operate it from home. This is where home-based franchises come into play. But the question is, among so many franchise options, which one to choose? For this reason, we have compiled a list of the 10 best home-based franchise opportunities.

10 Best Home-Based Franchise Opportunities

The home-based work is becoming increasingly popular now as more people are rethinking their careers and valuing the work-life balance.

Moreover, the trend of working from home doesn’t seem to be slowing down. And when thinking about franchising with work from home, it’s like entering the multiverse of benefits.

So, let’s begin our guide on getting the list of the 10 best home-based franchise opportunities that you can own in 2024 and what are the things that you must consider before investing.

10 Best Home-Based Franchise Opportunities

1. Budget Blinds

10 Best Home-Based Franchise Opportunities- Budget Blinds
Founded in1992
Franchising Since1994
Estimated Outlets1,472
Initial Investment$140,500-$211,750
Franchise Fees$19,950
Liquid Capital$84,500-$155,750
Royalty Fees$2.5K/month

Budget Blinds is a home improvement franchise company started by 5 young entrepreneurs in 1992.

The company specializes in providing custom blinds, shades, shutters, draperies, and more residential and commercial services.

With over 30 years of experience across the U.S. and Canada, Budget Blinds also ranks on the Entrepreneur Franchise 500 Hall of Fame list for over 28 consecutive years.

As for franchise training, the company’s training program is known as one of the top training programs in the industry.

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2. Cruise Planners

10 Best Home-Based Franchise Opportunities- Cruise Planner
Founded in1994
Franchising Since1999
Estimated Outlets2,720
Initial Investment$2,295-$23,465
Franchise Fees$695-$10,995
Liquid CapitalN/A
Royalty Fees3%

Cruise Planners is a privately owned American travel agency network founded in 1994. This agency specializes in vacation planning and creating excellent itineraries for travels in the U.S. and Canada.

There are many advantages of owning Cruise Planners, but one that stands out from the rest is that it is a home-based franchise. Cruise Planners is also one of the cheapest franchises to own.

This means that you can always run the franchise business at your place and at your time. To own this franchise, you require an initial investment of $2,295-$23,367.

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3. The Maids

10 Best Home-Based Franchise Opportunities- The Maids
Founded in1979
Franchising Since1981
Estimated Outlets1,606
Initial Investment$64,100 – $154,300
Franchise Fees$12,500
Liquid Capital$50,000
Royalty Fees3.9%-6.9%

The Maids is a premier house cleaning service which was founded in 1979 and began franchising in 1981.

Since then, the company has grown to over 1,200 franchises all over the country and Canada. The Maids was created to help the people in every community who want a clean home but may find it challenging because of their busy schedules.

The company welcomes entrepreneurs looking to manage a cleaning services business and doesn’t require prior experience. 

Training, support, financing options, and a veterans’ discount on territory fees for eligible candidates are available for new franchisees.

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4. EverLine Coatings And Services

EverLine Coatings And Services
Founded in2012
Franchising Since2017
Estimated Outlets72
Initial Investment$148,976– $293,967
Franchise Fees$59,500
Liquid Capital$75,000
Royalty Fees6%

EverLine Coatings and Service franchise has become a pinnacle in the franchise industry. It is a leading company that provides the services of professional line painting and pavement maintenance.

The company was founded in the year 2012 by James Evans (CEO) in Alberta, CA. It began franchising in 2017.

As an EverLine Coatings franchisee, you’ll also have access to their third-party financing sources which can help you cover the franchise fees, start-up cost, equipment, and inventory.

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5. Kona Ice

10 Best Home-Based Franchise Opportunities- Kona Ice
Founded in2007
Franchising Since2008
Estimated Outlets1,665
Initial Investment$167,115– $212,100
Franchise Fees$15,000
Liquid Capital$20,000
Royalty Fees3k-4k/ year

Kona Ice is a company started in 2007 by Tony Lamb and began franchising in 2008. Since then, the company has grown fast, and it now has over 1,500 stores across the United States.

They were one of the fastest-growing franchises in the United States over the years. Moreover, when you become a Kona Ice franchisee, the startup is quick and easy.

However, to be a part of the Kona Ice team, you must ensure all the financials are in place. Additionally, the fact that it is a mobile franchise, meaning that you don’t require a physical location, provides a simple business mode.

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6. Dream Vacation

10 Best Home-Based Franchise Opportunities- Dream Vacations
Founded in1991
Franchising Since1992
Estimated Outlets1,874
Initial Investment$1,795-$21,000
Franchise Fees$495-$10,500
Liquid CapitalN/A
Royalty Fees1.5%-3%

Dream Vacation is a business travel agency which was founded in the year 1991. It offers deals to travel-related businesses like vacations, cruises, and other travel services using a proprietary system.

The company is one of the best-operating travel franchises that values its repeat customers. As a Dream Vacation franchisee, you’ll receive dozens of hours of training that will cover the needs required to operate the franchise.

Moreover, this franchise is known to be innovative and offers the best technology to its franchisees. To own this franchise, you must make sure that you are financially ready.

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7. HomeVestors Of America

HomeVestors Of America
Founded in1996
Franchising Since1996
Estimated Outlets1,129
Initial Investment$89,000-$461,250
Franchise Fees$39,000-$85,000
Liquid Capital$90,000
Royalty FeesVaries

HomeVestors Of America comes with an experience of 25+ years in the industry. It is one of the leading homebuying companies in America.

Therefore, as one of the leading real estate and home buyer franchises in the country, HomeVestors Of America tends to enjoy a well-established and reputable brand.

As a franchisee, you’ll get in-depth training on starting and running the business with additional courses on marketing and branding. However, to own this franchise, you have to make sure that you have clarity of all the fees and have the finances in place.

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8. Stanley Steemer

10 Best Home-Based Franchise- Stanley Steemer
Founded in1947
Franchising Since1972
Estimated Outlets270
Initial Investment$139,210-$410,195
Franchise Fees$20,000-$100,000
Liquid CapitalN/A
Royalty Fees7%

If you are ready to take on dirt, the Stenley Steemer is the right franchise for you. The company started as a carpet cleaning company in 1947 by Jack Bates.

It specializes in cleaning anything and everything, such as tiles, area rugs, carpets, upholstery, hardwood, RVs, oriental rugs, and cars.

Since its franchising in 1972, it has expanded and now boasts over 200 US franchises and more than 50 company-owned locations.

Stanley Steemer has an experience of over 70 years of providing cleaning services while not compromising on the quality of their services.

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9. Mosquito Shield

Mosquito Shield
Founded in2001
Franchising Since2013
Estimated Outlets375
Initial Investment$98,850-$139,950
Franchise Fees$54,500
Liquid Capital$100,000
Royalty Fees7%

Mosquito Shield is America’s leading mosquito and tick control company. The company started its journey in 2001, and since then, it has expanded to grow to 375 locations.

It is also recognized as one of the top home-based and mobile franchises. Moreover, over the span of 43 years, it has become both a dominant competitive measure for franchisors and a primary research tool for potential franchisees.

So, this franchise provides you with an opportunity to work with a prestigious franchise. The current president of the franchise is Michael Moorhouse, who has been with the company for 15 years. This is also one of the best pest control franchises to own.

10. ProLift Garage Doors

ProLift Garage Doors
Founded in2015
Franchising Since2016
Estimated Outlets68
Initial Investment$106,100-$145,000
Franchise Fees$65,000
Liquid Capital$50,000
Royalty Fees6%

ProLift Garage Doors is an industry-leading door company in garage door repairs and replacement. The mission of the company is to provide high-quality service and support to its customers.

It business model has been refined and developed over many years resulting in thousand of satisfied customers.

So, if you are looking to provide quality services of installation to more and more home, then ProLift Garage Doors franchise is for you.

When Should You Invest In A Home-Based Franchise?

Home-based franchises come with a multitude of benefits, and the time you understand these benefits is the right time to invest in a home-based franchise.

Here are some of the advantages that home-based franchises come with:

1. Low Start-Up Cost

When working with a home-based franchise, you don’t have to worry about the costs like rent or buildout cost that generally comes with brick-and-mortar franchises.

Many home-based franchises have low requirements for working capital and more affordable entry fees. Some franchises also have a franchise requirement of less than $5,000. This is great for those who don’t have access to capital.

2. No Travel Cost

This is the most common complaint of many franchise owners that they have to commute in the worst traffic all day. However, when it comes to home-based franchises, all the commute and traffic problems go away.

A home-based franchise will not only allow you to save on gas but will also spare your life from the headache of all the commute.

3. Flexible Schedule

A major reason many people look to own a franchise is that they get tired of the 9 to 5 grind and want to work with a flexible schedule. If your reason is also the same, then a home-based franchise is for you.

In a home-based franchise, you are in complete control of how many hours of work you want to do and whether you want to run it full-time or as a part-time job.

Factors To Consider Before Investing In A Home-Based Franchise

Here are 4 essential questions to ask before investing in a home-based franchise:

1. What Is The Franchise Track Record?

The first and foremost thing to check is the track record of the franchise. For this, you need to look into the growth trajectory, the franchise’s history, financial statements, and its success rate.

You must also look for evidence of long-term stability, a solid reputation, and a proven business model. By evaluating the franchisor’s success rate, you can get an insight into your success.

2. Is The Franchise A Good Fit For Your Skills And Interest?

When choosing a home-based franchise, look for if the franchise is a good fit for what skills and interests you have.

This can be done by evaluating your strengths and weaknesses, and through this, you can determine if they complement the franchise’s requirements.

3. What Support System Will The Franchisor Offer?

Support from the franchise is one of the crucial aspects for the success of your franchise. Therefore, you’ll need to ensure that the franchise you are investing in offers robust support tailored to home-based franchises.

The franchisor’s support includes marketing and advertising materials, training programs, and a strong network of fellow franchisees.

Comparison Of 5 Home-Based Franchises

Company NameBudget BlindsCruise PlannerThe MaidsEverLine Coatings And ServicesKona Ice
Outlets 1,4722,7201,606721,665
Franchise Fee $19,950$695-$10,995
Initial Investment $140,500-$211,750$2,295-$23,465$64,100-$154,300$148,976-$293,967$167,115-$212,100
Royalty Fee$2.5k/month3%3.9%-6.9%6%3k-5k/month


In conclusion, this was our list of 10 best home-based franchise opportunities that you can own in 2024.

A home-based franchise comes with a lot of benefits and one of them is working from home and having an excellent work-life balance. It also allows you to actually be your own boss and determine the time you want to work in.

However, before investing in any home-based franchise, you first have to evaluate the track record of the franchise and evaluate whether the franchise aligns with your skills and interest or not.


Which is the cheapest home-based franchise?

According to our list, the cheapest franchise is Dream Vacations. It has an initial investment of $1,795-$21,000 and a franchise fee of $495-$10,500.

What is the average cost of owning a home-based franchise?

The average cost of owning a home-based franchise ranges from $1,795-$461,250.

What are the disadvantages of home-based franchise?

The disadvantages of a home-based franchise include purchasing a business license, paying operating fees, and incurring other expenses that come with operating a home-based franchise.

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