20 Best Jobs For Lazy People

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s common to feel the pressure to always be on the go and productive. But not everyone is looking for a high-stress job. Some people prefer jobs that are more about comfort and ease. That’s why we’ve put together a list called “20 Best Jobs For Lazy People”.

20 Best Jobs For Lazy People

It’s all about finding jobs that are more enjoyable and less of a grind, where work feels almost like a fun activity. 

So, if you’re someone who likes to keep things simple or just wants a job that’s not so demanding, this list of 20 best jobs for lazy people could show you some great options that are both easy-going and fulfilling.

20 Best Jobs For Lazy People

1. Professional Sleeper

Professional Sleeper

If you love to sleep so much, then there is good news for you. You can be a professional sleeper and actually make good money out of it. 

Well, there’s a thing called being a Professional Sleeper, which is not just about getting to sleep a lot. These folks might test beds for comfort or be part of sleep studies that look into how well we rest. 

It’s a cool way to help improve products like mattresses or our understanding of sleep, all while getting paid to snooze.

So, if you’re great at catching Z’s and like the idea of your sleep habits helping out in research or product testing, this could be the perfect gig for you.

2. Food Critic

Food Critic

Thinking about becoming a food critic? It’s a fantastic career for food lovers who prefer flexibility over a regular 9-to-5 job. 

You’d get to try amazing dishes from both well-known and lesser-known spots, and yes, someone else covers the bill. 

It’s not all easy eating, though! Because you will need to really understand food, be good at writing, and have a sharp taste. But if you love food and telling stories about it, this could be a perfect blend of work and passion. 

3. Golf Caddy

Golf Caddy

Caddies actually help golfers by carrying clubs, sharing course tips, and sometimes advising on club selection. The job’s charm lies in the calm, outdoor setting of golf courses, allowing for enjoyable walks and minimal physical stress. 

More than a job, it’s more about staying alert and supportive. Plus, it’s a great chance to meet new people, pick up on their golf techniques, and enjoy the tranquil environment. 

So, if you are someone seeking a stress-free job that merges a passion for golf with outdoor appreciation, then becoming a golf caddy could be perfect for you.

4. Video Game Tester

Video Game Tester

Many think being a video game tester is a cool job because it’s pretty laid-back. You get to play new games before anyone else. Plus, it does not need a keen eye and good communication skills. 

However, if you plan to enter this profession, make sure you have good knowledge about games because you will be finding and reporting glitches in the new games. 

5. Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

Dog Walker/Pet Sitter

By being a dog walker/pet sitter, you can choose your work hours, making your work environment super flexible. Plus, if you are a dog or cat lover, you will get to play with them and be around them all the time. 

This job role is all about hanging out with pets, going for easy walks, or chilling at home with them. It’s a chill way to make money.

6. Online Survey Taker

Online Survey Taker

Being an Online Survey Taker is great for those who value a flexible, low-effort job. It’s all about filling out surveys for companies or organizations from anywhere, as long as you have internet access. 

It’s super simple to get started with this job because you just need a device connected to the internet for this. 

This job fits easily into any schedule, making it a good option for earning some extra money without the commitment of a traditional job. 

7. Movie Or TV Series Critic

Movie Or TV Series Critic

Do you love watching movies? If yes, then there is an excellent job for you! 

You can become a movie or TV series critic and share your opinions and insights with a wider audience. It sounds like an ideal job for those who love a relaxed work environment. Plus, you’d enjoy a flexible work schedule and plenty of entertainment. 

Although it needs attention to detail and clear communication, it’s not physically taxing. It will keep you engaged with the exciting world of entertainment.

8. Voice-Over Artist

Voice-Over Artist

If you love a chill lifestyle and have a distinct voice, then voice-over work could be your ideal job. 

Imagine working from home or a studio, picking your hours, and just needing a good mic and a quiet spot. Sounds good, right? In this job role, you could be reading for audiobooks, playing characters in games, or voicing ads. 

It pays well and is fun, without the need to dress up for work. Perfect for those wanting a relaxed career path.

9. Freelance Writer

Freelance Writer

Freelance writing is a great fit if you love a relaxed work style. You can set your own schedule, work from home, and pick projects that really interest you. 

It’s all about using your creativity freely, without the stress of a regular office job. 

Under this job role, you can write articles, blogs, or content for different sites and manage your tasks your way. Some might see it as a job for the ‘lazy,’ but actually, it’s quite the opposite. 

As you improve and build up your work, your earnings and job happiness can increase, all on your terms.

10. Mystery Shopper

Mystery Shopper

Mystery shopping is a cool job for anyone who is looking for something easy and laid-back. Basically, your job is to go to different places like shops or restaurants without making them aware that you’re going to evaluate them. 

You check out how good their service is, the quality of what they’re selling, and the overall experience. It’s great for people who like a flexible schedule and enjoy the idea of getting paid to shop or eat out. 

11. Librarian


Many people view the job of a librarian as an ideal job for those who seek a calm work environment. It’s a job that mainly involves handling books, helping people with their research, and keeping the library organized. All this makes it an ideal job for women over 50.

Despite needing a background in library science, it’s often considered a laid-back profession. This is because this job is mostly sedentary, requires little physical effort, and takes place in a peaceful setting.

12. Social Media Manager

Social Media Manager

It’s often seen that the job of Social Media Manager is a dream job for those who love a relaxed work style. 

In this job role, your day will be filled with scrolling through social media, crafting witty posts, and chatting with followers. But it’s not all fun and games! You’ll be busy creating content, planning strategies, and digging into data to see what works. 

The best part is that you can often do this job from anywhere, blending work with your personal comfort.

13. Ride-Share Driver

Ride-Share Driver

Ride-sharing is a great job for those who want flexibility and a stress-free work environment. You can set your own schedule, work as much or as little as you like, and avoid the strictness of a 9-to-5 job. 

It’s perfect for earning money while enjoying varied interactions with people from different backgrounds, making each day unique. 

For anyone who is seeking a balance between making money and keeping life relaxed, ride-sharing is an ideal choice.

14. Art Model

Art Model

The role of an art model is quite unique and interesting. It is perfect job for those who prefer work that’s not too physically demanding. 

This job role is about posing for artists or art classes, becoming the live reference for their artwork, whether it’s drawings, paintings, or sculptures. 

What’s needed most here is patience and the ability to hold a pose for a while. It’s not physically strenuous, that’s why we can consider it perfect for art lovers who want to be a part of the creative process in a more laid-back way. 

15. Tutoring Online

Tutoring Online

Online tutoring is becoming a popular job choice for its convenience and flexibility. It’s perfect for those who enjoy a more relaxed work setting and want to be around students and help them learn from home. 

You can set your own schedule and work with students from around the world at any time, and all you need is a computer and internet. It’s a great way to make money using your knowledge of a specific subject.

16. Data Entry

Data Entry

Data entry jobs are great for people who want a stress-free work life. They involve simple tasks such as typing information into databases or spreadsheets. 

These jobs don’t require much physical effort or high-tech skills. Hence, it’s ideal for those who enjoy a relaxed work pace. 

This job role often offers flexible schedules and the chance to work from home, providing a calm and straightforward way to make money without the hustle and bustle of more demanding jobs.

17. Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant

If you’re looking for a job that’s all about flexibility and doesn’t require much physical work, then being a Virtual Assistant is a great option. You can work from anywhere as long as you have the internet.

Under this job role, you will be provided with super simple tasks like managing emails, scheduling, or social media. It’s mostly mental work rather than physical. 

What’s really cool is how you can adjust the job to fit your life, making it perfect for anyone wanting a good work-life balance.

18. Translator


By being a translator, you can work from almost anywhere, like home, a caf√©, or on the go. Plus, you can enjoy work flexibility that many jobs don’t offer. 

As long as you meet your deadlines, you can choose your work hours, leading to a more relaxed lifestyle. Plus, if you’re good at languages, this job feels more like using your natural skills than actual work. 

Hence, it’s perfect for those who seek a comfortable yet fulfilling career!

19. Park Ranger

Park Ranger

If you love a relaxed lifestyle, then becoming a Park Ranger might be a perfect option for you. 

You will be surrounded by the calm of nature instead of city noise. Plus, you will have to do things like lead tours and help protect nature, which usually isn’t too physically tough. 

It’s a job that lets you enjoy the great outdoors at a slow pace, appealing to anyone looking for less stress.

20. Research Study Participant

Research Study Participant

Becoming a participant in research studies is a cool way to make some cash with ease. Universities and research centers often need people for various studies, like answering surveys, joining in sleep studies, or testing health products. 

These tasks are pretty easy, mostly don’t require hard physical work, and you might even do them from home. For this job role, the pay can differ based on the study, but it’s a chill way to help out in science and earn money at the same time.

20 Best Jobs For Lazy People | Wrapping Up

So, we’ve looked into the “20 Best Jobs For Lazy People,” and it turns out there are jobs out there perfect for those who love a chill vibe at work. 

These roles are not just about being laid-back! They can also make you happy and financially secure. But, let’s be real, even if we’re talking about ‘lazy’ jobs, you’ve still got to put in some effort to succeed. 

The main point? Find a job that suits your style and preferences, and you’re more likely to enjoy your work life.

20 Best Jobs For Lazy People | FAQs

Can lazy people really find fulfilling careers?

Absolutely. Fulfillment in a career is highly subjective and varies from person to person. Lazy individuals may find jobs that are low in stress and have flexible schedules, as the positions, such as Professional Sleeper, Mystery Shopper, Movie Or TV Series Critic, etc., allow them to work at their own pace and maintain a comfortable work-life balance.

Are jobs for lazy people financially rewarding?

Yes, many jobs opted by lazy people can be financially rewarding. For example, freelance writers and bloggers can earn a significant income once they establish a strong portfolio or readership. The key to financial success in these roles often lies in self-motivation and the ability to market oneself effectively.

Are lazy people's jobs sustainable in the long term?

Many of lazy people’s jobs can be sustainable long term, especially as technology evolves and remote work becomes more prevalent. However, sustainability can depend on the individual’s ability to adapt to market demands, continuously improve their skills, and effectively market themselves. For some, what starts as a ‘lazy’ job can evolve into a passionate career over time.

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