10 Best Low-Cost Franchises In 2024

Buying a franchise but tight on budget? No worries. Here are the 10 best low-cost franchises that are both affordable and well-established.

10 Best Low-Cost Franchises

Franchising has played a crucial role in shaping the business environment. But we agree that buying a franchise can be very expensive. However, you don’t have to kill your dream of being a successful entrepreneur.

So, to help you make your dream come true, we’ve compiled a list of the best low-cost franchises that you can own in 2024. Keep reading this article to choose your ideal franchise.

10 Best Low-Cost Franchises

1. Cruise Planners

10 Best Low-Cost Franchises- Cruise Planners
Founded in1994
Franchising Since1999
Estimated Outlets2,720
Initial Investment$2,295-$23,465
Franchise Fees$695-$10,995
Liquid CapitalN/A
Royalty Fees3%

Cruise Planners is a travel agency franchise that was founded in the year 1994. It is a privately owned American travel agency network specializing in vacation planning and creating excellent itineraries for travels in the U.S. and Canada.

The company has also been ranked in the Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 list many times in recent years. There are many advantages of owning Cruise Planners, but one that stands out from the rest is that it is a home-based franchise.

This means that you can always run the franchise business at your place and at your time. To own this franchise, you require an initial investment of $2,295-$23,367.

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2. Jan-Pro Cleaning And Disinfecting

Founded in1991
Franchising Since1992
Estimated Outlets10,654
Initial Investment$2,520-$44,000
Franchise Fees$4,830-$58,070
Liquid CapitalN/A
Royalty Fees10%

Jan-Pro Cleaning And Disinfecting is a B2B cleaning franchise that helps commercial businesses with cleaning and disinfection needs.

The company was founded in 1991 by Jacques Lapointe. It grew faster and strong during Covid-19. This helped the company to expand to over 10,000 locations. Jan-Pro is looking to expand further which can be a great opportunity for you.

When starting a Jan-Pro Cleaning And Disinfecting franchise, you’ll benefit from excellent brand recognition. Moreover, it also offers a variety of supportive resources, such as a tried-and-true cleaning process and customer service standards.

3. Jazzercise Franchise

Jazzercise Franchise
Founded in1969
Franchising Since1982
Estimated Outlets7,380
Initial Investment$2,130 – $40,725
Franchise Fees$1,250
Liquid CapitalN/A
Royalty Fees20%

Jazzercise was founded in 1969 and began franchising in the year 1982. Since then, it has been creating a fun experience for its customers through fitness.

It offers a combination of five different classes, namely, yoga, kickboxing, pilates, hip-hop, strength, and cardio.

Nearly half a million learners globally participate in Jazzercise fitness programs offered by over 6,000 instructors and combine jazz dancing with an aerobic workout. If you love dancing and want to promote a culture of physical fitness, the opening of a Jazzercise franchise is ideal for you.

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4. H&R Block

10 Best Low-Cost Franchises- H&R Block
Founded in1955
Franchising Since1956
Estimated Outlets9,637
Initial Investment$31,700– $158,317
Franchise Fees$2,500
Liquid CapitalN/A
Royalty Fees30%

H&R Block is one of the well-known tax preparation services established by brothers Henry and Richard Bloch in 1955.

Since then, it has spread globally, serving Puerto Rico and other U.S. territories and military bases. Currently, it has a strong presence in Canada and the USA, where it has 500 and 2,000 franchises, respectively.

To join the H&R Block team, you must ensure that you are financially ready by considering the initial investment, franchise fee, and all the other costs associated with operating the franchise.

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5. Brightway Insurance

10 Best Low-Cost Franchises- Brightway Insurance
Founded in2003
Franchising Since2008
Estimated Outlets340
Initial Investment$22,000– $159,000
Franchise Fees$10,000-$50,000
Liquid Capital$30,000-$150,000
Royalty Feesto 50%

Brightway Insurance is a national property and casualty insurance distribution company founded by David Miller.

The company began in 2003 and since then has employed hundreds of people and served many customers in 50 states. If your dream is to operate an insurance company with top-class customer service, then Brughtway Insurance is your ideal match.

The company trains it franchisees to become an insurance expert in the community and trains them to represent the brand. This franchise is also one of the 10 best insurance franchises to own in 2024.

6. Anago Cleaning System

Anago Cleaning System
Founded in1989
Franchising Since1991
Estimated Outlets1,835
Initial Investment$11,265– $68,250
Franchise Fees$5,015-$31,000
Liquid Capital$1,000-$23,500
Royalty Fees10%

Anago Cleaning Solutions is a company that started in 1989 and began franchising in 1991. The company is led by the CEO, Adam Povilitz

The company has been in the business for more than 30 years, meaning you can use tested and proven business models and marketing plans to run the franchise smoothly. Anago Cleaning Solutions offers two different types of franchisees: Master and Unit.

Moreover, the company sets itself apart by offering flexibility regarding the type of business owner you want to be.

7. Skyhawks & SuperTots Sports Academy

Skyhawks & SuperTots Sports Academy
Founded in1979
Franchising Since2007
Estimated Outlets247
Initial Investment$30,300– $89,750
Franchise Fees$15,000-$42,500
Liquid Capital$57,250-$59,750
Royalty Fees9%-5%

Skyhawks operates in the sector of sports camps. It has been active for over 40 years and hence has a lot of experience in operating the franchise.

The academy was established in 1979 and included two programs called Skyhawks Sports Camp and SuperTots program. The program offers sports activities such as American football, flag football, tennis, golf, baseball, volleyball, and basketball.

It started franchising in 2007 and since then has expanded to over 130 franchise locations in the United States. Therefore, owning this franchise means you’ll be a part of a well-known franchise.

8. WIN Home Inspection

WIN Home Inspection
Founded in1993
Franchising Since1994
Estimated Outlets280
Initial Investment$49,375– $57,450
Franchise Fees$31,900
Liquid Capital$25,000
Royalty Fees7%

WIN Home Inspection is an inspection company specializing in home inspection services for buyers, sellers, and homeowners. It was founded in 1993 and began its franchising journey the next year.

They are one of the fastest-growing franchise businesses in the home inspection industry. Today, WIN Home Inspection has grown to over 250 locations in the United States of America.

One of the advantages of owning this franchise is that you can operate it as a home-based location, too. The company has also been ranked in the Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500.

9. Buildingstars Franchise

Buildingstars Franchise
Founded in1994
Franchising Since2000
Estimated Outlets1,055
Initial Investment$2,445-$53,200
Franchise Fees$995 – $46,995
Liquid Capital$2,245-$8,295
Royalty Fees10%

Buildingstars was founded in 1994 as a commercial cleaning service corporation. The company offers high-quality services in various settings, such as general offices, educational institutions, and medical offices.

The company states its ideal candidates as an individual who has a stable work history in cleaning services and a desire to supplement their income by being their own boss.

Strong management and leadership skills, along with excellent customer service, are also key to growing the business. To own this franchise, you require an initial investment of $2,445-$53,200 and a franchise fee ranging between $995 – $46,995.

Read our full article to get more details on Buildingstars Franchise.

10. We Insure Group Inc.

10 Best Low-Cost Franchises- We Insure Group Inc.
Founded in2010
Franchising Since2010
Estimated Outlets192
Initial Investment$44,445– $124,445
Franchise Fees$25,000-$50,000
Liquid Capital$30,000-$75,000
Royalty FeesVaries

We Insure is an independent insurance firm founded in 2010 and headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida. The company specializes in offering back-end support as you work on the front desk.

The company currently operates more than 180 franchise offices across the United States. Therefore, to become a We Insure franchisee, you must ensure that you are financially ready for initial investment and all the other costs.

To own this franchise you require an initial investment of $44,445– $124,445 and franchise fee of $25,000-$50,000.

When Should You Choose A Low-Cost Franchise?

If you are ready to own a franchise but are waiting for the right time to implement your plan, then you must take a look at the below-mentioned points.

These points show the advantages of franchising, and after you understand the value franchising holds, you’ll be able to make an informed decision.

1. Business Assistance

One of the benefits that franchisees receive is the business assistance from the franchisors. So, no matter how experienced a franchisee you are or a total novice, you’ll be guided by the franchisor.

This assistance may be provided with the brand, equipment, supplies, or marketing plan-essentially with everything you need to operate the franchise business.

2. Lower Risk

There’s no denying that starting a business is more riskier than owning a franchise. One of the reasons for franchises being less risky is the franchise network.

The franchises are owned by established corporations that have tested and proven the business model of the franchise in multiple markets.

3. Brand Recognition

Franchisees receive a big benefit from opening a franchise that is brand recognition. When you start a business from scratch, you have to build your brand and customer base by investing in the marketing and advertising of your business.

However, in franchising, the business is already well-established and well-known to many people. So, when you open a franchise, people will already know what to expect from the franchise.

Factors To Consider Before Investing In A Low-Cost Franchise

1. Franchise Disclosure Document

A franchise disclosure document is a 200-page document that is provided by all the franchisors to the franchisees.

The document states all the rules and regulations, training and support and other details like cost or fees. For this reason, it is the first and foremost thing to consider before investing in any franchise.

It contains various legal terms, which is why we recommend you hire an attorney who has knowledge and experience in the industry.

2. Investment Costs

Identify your investment capabilities before buying a franchise. For example, the initial investment for most franchises ranges between $25,000 to $5 million.

After the initial investment, there are many costs that you also need to keep in mind. Therefore, before signing any franchise agreement, you must get all your finances in place. Furthermore, most franchisees experience loss at the initial stage of the opening, which is paid from their pockets.

Therefore, you must also be prepared to bear any loss at the initial stage.

3. Industry

Before buying any franchise, you must look for an industry that piques your interest. For example, the restaurant industry, home improvement industry, care services, sports industry, and many more.

The franchising industry is vast, and these are only a few examples of industries that you can choose from. So, do your research and invest in an industry that excites you and motivates you to operate the franchise business.

Comparison Of 5 Best Low-Cost Franchises

Company NameCruise PlannersJan-Pro Cleaning & Disinfecting Jazzercise FranchiseH&R BlockBrightway Insurance
Outlets 2,72010,6547,3489,637340
Franchise Fee $695-$10,995$4,830-$58,070$1,250$2,500$10,000-$50,000
Initial Investment $2,295-$23,465$2,520-$44,000$2,130 – $40,725$31,700– $158,317$22,000-$159,000
Royalty Fee3%10%20%30%to 50%


Franchising can be very expensive, especially if you are thinking of owning restaurant franchises. However, there are various franchises to choose from different industries.

So, if you are already giving up on your dream of becoming a successful franchisee, then hold your horses! and choose from our list of 10 best low-cost franchises to own in 2024.

We hope this article has helped you in making informed decisions and making your dream a reality.


What is the number profitable franchise?

According to a report, the number one profitable franchise is Anytime Fitness. It requires an investment of $381,575-$783,897.

Which franchise is best for beginners?

Some top franchises to invest in as beginners include 7-Eleven and Batteries Plus. However, if you want low-cost franchises with high-profit then you can check our above-mentioned list.

How much does a low-cost franchise costs?

According to our list of 10 best low-cost franchises, the average cost to start a franchise in your budget ranges between $2,295- $159,000.

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