10 Best Pest Control Franchise Opportunities 2024

The pest control industry is already worth $11 billion in the United States. And with demand increasing, it is going to be the perfect opportunity to earn some profit. Running through our list of the 10 best pest control franchise opportunities 2024 you will notice some brands that have been leading in the industry for years.

10 Best Pest Control Franchise Opportunities

This industry already generates $16 billion USD in the USA every year. Therefore, entering into the pest control franchise industry is the most cost-effective way to attain financial success.

So, keep reading this article to find the best pest control franchises with proven business models, proven track records of success, and strong brand recognition.

10 Best Pest Control Franchise Opportunities

1. Mosquito Joe

Mosquito Joe
Founded in2010
Franchising Since2012
Estimated Outlets421
Initial Investment$112,825 – $153,375
Franchise Fees$42,500
Liquid Capital$50,000
Royalty Fees10%

Mosquito Joe is a company founded in 2010 by four homeowners in Virginia Beach. They wanted to do something about the mosquitos in their backyards.

With trained outdoor pest control experts, the company offers tick, mosquito, and flea treatment to residential and commercial customers. Mosquito Joe is seasonal. This is because different geographical locations have varying mosquito seasons.

So, the franchise owners can spend their precious time with their friends and family in the off-season.

2. Mosquito Shield

10 Best Pest Control Franchise Opportunities-Mosquito Shield
Founded in2001
Franchising Since2013
Estimated Outlets375
Initial Investment$98,850 – $139,950
Franchise Fees$54,500
Liquid Capital$100,000
Royalty Fees7%

Mosquito Shield has been in the business for 20 years. The company was started in 2001. It has also ranked number one in the Franchise 500 companies for being the best in pest control in 2023.

So, this franchise provides you with an opportunity to work with a prestigious franchise. The current president of the franchise is Michael Moorhouse, who has been with the company for 15 years.

3. Pest Master

Pest Master
Founded in1979
Franchising Since1991
Estimated Outlets47
Initial Investment$84,600- $188,800
Franchise Fees$42,500
Liquid Capital$35,000
Royalty Fees7%

Pestmaster began with the mission of building a national pest control company that provides cutting-edge technology to facilitate the control of birds, insects, rodents, weeds, and other pest.

This franchise doesn’t require you to have prior industry knowledge in order to become a Pest Master franchisee. Also, it is a strong fit for franchisees looking for sustainability.

Pestmaster is also a dominant player in getting government pest control contracts because it is an approved service provider of the General Services Administration(GSA).

4. Critter Control

10 Best Pest Control Franchise Opportunities -Critter Control
Founded in1983
Franchising Since1997
Estimated Outlets100
Initial Investment$70,900 – $199,475
Franchise Fees$54,875 – $91,900
Liquid CapitalN/A
Royalty Fees7%

Critter Control is one of the most popular wildlife control centers in the United States. With the help of company experts, it handles various issues related to raccoons, bats, rodents, opossums, and more.

This company is a pioneer in the urban wildlife management market and has also established a nationwide presence. So, owning this franchise will give you a competitive advantage.

To be a part of Critter Control, you have to make sure that you have the required initial investment and are ready to bear the franchise fee.

5. Lawn Doctor

Lawn Doctor
Founded in1967
Franchising Since1967
Estimated Outlets635
Initial Investment$117,740 – $143,232
Franchise Fees$40,000
Liquid Capital$60,000
Royalty Fees10%

Lawn Doctor is a lawn care and yard maintenance company with integrated outdoor pest control. It was started in 1967 by Tony Giordano and Bob Magda.

Throughout the existence of 50 years, Lawn Doctor has established itself as a renowned leader in the industry with the highest customer retention rate in the industry. It has more than 600 franchise locations across the United States.

They offer weed control, lawn mower maintenance, shrub care, and lawn pest control. The company fits with entrepreneurs looking to provide excellent customer service. It is also on of the 10 best lawn care franchises.

6. Mosquito Squad

Mosquito Squad
Founded in2004
Franchising Since2005
Estimated Outlets239
Initial Investment$164,530 – $217,125
Franchise Fees$27,500- $50,000
Liquid Capital$50,000
Royalty Fees8%-10%

Mosquito Squad started in 2005 and changed the pest control industry by inventing the Protective Barrier Treatment.

In its 2022 fiscal year, Mosquito Squad made more than $114 million in system-wide sales revenue. It is also consistently ranked as a low-cost investment opportunity.

The company provides the necessary training, tools, and practices to the franchisees for successful operation. So, owning this franchise will offer an incredible ROI and every necessary training.

7. Geese Chasers

Geese Chasers
Founded in1999
Franchising Since2011
Estimated Outlets6
Initial Investment$113,330 – $119,330
Franchise Fees$20,000
Liquid Capital$25,000
Royalty Fees10%

Geese Chasers LLC was founded in 1999 by Bob Young. While playing Frisbee with his dog Boomer. Bob and Boomer were approached by a golf course owner, asking them to chase the geese in exchange for free golf. This is how Geese Chasers LLC was started.

Since 1999, it has remained the leading company specializing in chasing geese in the whole United States and Canada. They have a specially designed training program, sales development, advertising, and promotional support for the franchisees.

8. Superior Mosquito Defense

Superior Mosquito Defense
Founded in1996
Franchising Since2013
Estimated Outlets17
Initial Investment$17,400 – $47,200
Franchise Fees$10,000- $20,000
Liquid Capital$50,000
Royalty Fees5%

Superior Mosquito Defense was founded in 1996. The company provides professional mosquito services using innovative pest control techniques.

Their goal is to show how mosquitos can impact the lives of humans and how the company can help them get rid of the mosquitos.

To own this franchise, you need an initial investment ranging between $17,400 – $47,200 and a net worth of $100,000 – $150,000.

9. Black Diamond Pest Control

Black Diamond Pest Control
Founded in1940
Franchising Since2015
Estimated Outlets11
Initial Investment$96,900 – $183,000
Franchise Fees$15,000 – $40,000
Liquid CapitalN/A
Royalty Fees5%

Black Diamond Pest Control is a leading full-service pest control company that has been in the business since 1940. It offers a variety of services, such as pest control, termites control, bed bugs treatment, and wildlife control.

The company also provides necessary training and tools to the franchisees. To own this franchise the initial investment ranges between $96,900 – $183,000.

10. Mosquito Hunters

Mosquito Hunters
Founded in2013
Franchising Since2015
Estimated Outlets139
Initial Investment$99,803 – $116,803
Franchise Fees$40,000
Liquid Capital$60,000
Royalty Fees10%

Mosquito Hunters was founded in 2013 and started franchising in 2015. It is one of the most popular pest control franchises due to its services and its mascot.

The company makes mosquito control affordable, effective, and environment-friendly, too. As a Mosquito Hunters franchisee, you can expect to get a wide array of customers, such as homeowners, hotels, daycares, outdoor events, HOAs and etc.

When Should You Choose A Pest Control Franchise?

To be honest, there is no right time to start the franchise. But when in dilemma you should always look for the benefits and drawbacks of the business you are going to start. This way, you’ll have a better idea of what you are getting into.

Pros Of Pest Control Franchise

1. Proven Business Model

There is no doubt that owning a franchise comes with a proven business model and strategies. This means that the franchise has refined its procedures and ironed out its past mistakes.

Additionally, some franchises have been in the business for many years and have also become nationally known. This gives you additional trust in the franchise business model with an outstanding brand reputation.

2. Training

The second benefit of owning a pest control franchise is the professional training. Most often, the franchise provides proper training to its franchisees.

These training are typically classroom-type training, which offers extensive training in software skills, advertising techniques, computer service skills, and much more.

3. Strong Customer Base

Owning a pest control franchise also comes with a strong customer base. As the franchise has been in the business for many years, the fact that they have established excellent brand recognition is a benefit for you.

Cons Of Pest Control Franchise

1. Disputes

Now, owning a franchise means that you need to abide by the franchisor’s rules and regulations. And even if you get any creative idea, you have to consult it with the franchisor first.

This sometimes results in disputes between the franchisor and the franchisee(you). Most often, the franchisor wants you to abide by all the rules strictly.

2. Start-Up Costs

Franchisees require a certain amount of capital to start. These start-up costs sometimes make holes in your wallet. And on top of that you have to pay the franchise fees too for using the brand’s name, equipment, overhead costs, etc.

All this can add more to the initial capital amount you paid.

Factors To Consider Before Selecting A Pest Control Franchise

1. Hire a franchise lawyer

The first thing to do when considering selecting pest control is to hire a franchise lawyer who has perfect knowledge of the business.

This is vital because there are many detailed documents that are full of legal lingo, and understanding each and every term is out of the question for an inexperienced person. That is why you need a professional to take care of the legal terms and hire a franchise lawyer.

2. Location

Location is also one of the key factors that you must look into while buying a franchise. For example, if there are already a number of pest control businesses in your area, then you should consider setting up your franchise somewhere else.

Also, think about whether you want to commute outside your region or you want to work where you are living right now.

3. Franchise Disclosure

It is mandatory for a franchise to provide a detailed franchise disclosure document. They must also provide the details of the previous and current franchisees.

So, as a buyer, you have to contact the franchisees and make sure that the business you getting into is viable and sound

Comparison Of Top 5 Best Pest Control Franchises

Company NameMosquito JoeMosquito ShieldPest MasterCritter ControlLawn Doctor
Outlets 42137547100635
Franchise Fee $42,500$54,500$42,500$54,875 – $91,900$40,000
Initial Investment $112,825 – $153,375$98,850 – $139,950$84,600- $188,800$70,900 – $199,475$117,740 – $143,232
Royalty Fee10%7%7%7%10%


So, overall, these were the 10 best pest control franchise opportunities 2024 that we recommend. However, before owning these franchises, there are some precautions and preparations that you must make, such as ensuring whether a pest control franchise is right for you or not and things that you must look out for before selecting the franchise.

At last do your own research to determine whether a franchise is right for you or not.


Which is the cheapest pest control franchise?

According to the list, the cheapest pest control franchise is Superior Mosquito Defense. It requires less investment as compared to other franchises in the industry.

What is the profit margin of a pest control franchise?

A pest control owner generates $401,900 in revenue annually with a profit margin of 20-30%.

Is Pest control franchise profitable?

Yes! Owning a pest control franchise is profitable. You are not required to set up any office, and the cost of goods in a pest control franchise is also low, which leaves a great amount of profit in your pocket.

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