10 Best Sandwich Franchises 2024

The best sandwich franchises are those that are not only popular but also known for offering quality and freshly made items.

So, if you are looking to invest in this profitable business but are feeling overwhelmed by so many options available on the internet, then this guide is just for you.

Make sure to read through the end to discover the 10 best sandwich franchises and information on their investment, fees, requirements, and other details.

Best Sandwich Franchises

10 Best Sandwich Franchises

1. Pita Pit

Pita Pit Franchise
Franchising Since1999
Estimated Outlets600
Initial Investment$216,354 – $435,102
Franchise Fees$24,000 – $30,000
Royalty FeesN/A

Pita Pit is a popular franchise in the U.S. that is known for its Lebanese-style pita sandwiches. The company was founded twenty years ago and has a proven business model that franchises can benefit from a lot.

Pita Pit offers a variety of franchise models to choose from, from standing buildings to drive-thru to end caps in a retail center; they can accommodate everything.

Also, given its popularity, Pita Pit is quite an affordable sandwich franchise to invest in.

2. Which Wich?

Which Wich
Franchising Since2005
Estimated Outlets450+
Initial Investment$253,500 – $742,250
Franchise Fees$25,000 – $30,000
Royalty Fees6%

Which Wich? is a popular sandwich chain that was founded in 2003 in downtown Dallas, Texas.

Thanks to its superior sandwiches, unique taste, and customer service, Which Wich? was a hit the moment it opened its doors. And because of the overwhelming demand for franchises, the company began franchising in 2005.

Today, Which Wich? has over 450 outlets across 39 states and has been nationally and internationally recognized for their sandwiches.

And to be eligible for Which Wich? Franchise, you need a net worth of $250,000 and liquid cash of $150,000.

3. Jersey Mike’s

Franchising Since1987
Estimated Outlets2000+
Initial Investment$144,668 – $786,233
Franchise Fees$18,500
Royalty Fees6.5%

Founded in 1956, Jersey Mike’s is known for its Northeast-American style sub sandwiches and a simplistic limited menu.

Jersey Mike’s sees a high influx of customers and peak hours, and the franchisees are expected to handle this with uncompromised customer service.

You do not need industry experience to be eligible for this franchise. However, you do need to have a passion for running a business. Overall, Jersey Mike’s could be a profitable sandwich franchise for you that you must consider.

4. Firehouse Subs

Firehouse Subs
Franchising Since1995
Estimated Outlets1,500
Initial Investment$400,000 – $500,000
Franchise Fees$20,000
Royalty Fees6%

Founded in 2005, Firehouse Subs is a leader in the fast-casual sandwich franchise industry. And the company has received several awards for its delicious sandwiches and exceptional service.

Firehouse Subs began franchising in 1995 and has grown to over 2000 locations today.

To be eligible for this franchise, you need to have a minimum liquid cash of $150,000 and a minimum net worth of $300,000.

5. Subway

Franchising Since1974
Estimated Outlets37,000
Initial Investment$229,050 – $522,300
Franchise Fees$15,000
Royalty Fees8%

It goes without saying that when looking for the best sandwich franchise, one can’t skip Subway.

Subway has been in the business for over 50 years and has become one of the biggest sandwich chains in the world.

You would think a Subway franchise would cost a lot, but that’s not the case at all. Depending on your business model, the initial investment for Subway franchise ranges from $229,050 – $522,300 only.

Subway’s franchise fee and financial requirements are also low. However, it does charge a high royalty fee of 8%, which you must take note of.

6. Jimmy John’s

Jimmy John’s sandwich franchise
Franchising Since1994
Estimated Outlets2,600
Initial Investment$356,200 – $674,200
Franchise Fees$35,000
Royalty Fees6%

Jimmy John’s is a well-known American sandwich chain that was founded by Jimmy John Liautaud in 1983.

The company has a successful business model and over 800 franchisees running more than 2,600 locations across the US.

For a limited time, the company is offering incentives for new store developments for the 2023-2025 period. So this could be a great time for you to invest in this profitable franchise and avail yourself of a discounted price.

7. Potbelly

Potbelly sandwich franchise
Franchising Since2009
Estimated Outlets443
Initial Investment$594,950 – $899,700
Franchise Fees$40,000
Royalty FeesN/A

Potbelly is a fast-casual restaurant serving sandwiches, smoothies, shakes and more. The company was founded in 1977 in Chicago and has expanded to over 443 outlets today.

Potbelly Sandwich is currently looking for franchisees who want to run a simple, quality-food, and customer-focused sandwich chain.

We like the company and its potential for growth, but compared to the options shared before, this franchise is a bit on the expensive side.

8. Blimpie

Blimpie franchise
Franchising SinceN/A
Estimated Outlets200+
Initial Investment$232,770 – $524,325
Franchise FeesIncluded in initial investment
Royalty FeesN/A

Blimpie is a submarine sandwich franchise founded in 1964 by three teenage friends in Hoboken, New Jersey.

After being in the business for over 50 years, Blimpie has fine-tuned its business model into a highly effective system for its franchisees to master and benefit from.

Blimpie offers immense support and training to their franchisees and ensure that they are all ready for success.

9. Charleys Philly Cheesesteak

Charleys Philly Cheesesteak
Franchising Since1991
Estimated Outlets800+
Initial Investment$216,507 – $907,012
Franchise Fees$24,500
Royalty Fees6%

Charleys Philly Cheesesteak was founded by Charley Shin in 1986 and is known for their cheesesteaks, sandwiches, shakes, and more.

With more than 800 locations nationwide, Charleys Philly Cheesesteak has helped thousands of entrepreneurs thrive in a successful business.

Charleys’ franchise model is ideal for any location, including military bases, free-standing airports, shopping malls, etc.

To be eligible for this franchise, you need an initial investment of $216,507 – $907,012, which is slightly on the higher end.

10. Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop

Capriotti’s Sandwich Shop franchise
Franchising SinceN/A
Estimated Outlets175+
Initial Investment$417,100 – $748,500
Franchise Fees$40,000
Royalty Fees6%

Capriotti’s is an American fast-casual dining restaurant chain that is known for serving delicious sandwiches along with other food items.

The chain was founded in 1976 by siblings Lois and Alan Margolet in Wilmington, Delaware, and has expanded to over 175+ locations today.

As per the company’s website, the top 25% of franchises made $1.3 million in annual sales in 2022. So, this is the kind of sales that you can expect to generate from this franchise.

Comparison Of 5 Sandwich Franchise Opportunities

CompanyFoundedOutletsFranchise FeeInitial InvestmentRoyalty Fee
Pita Pit1995600$24,000 – $30,000$216,354 – $435,102N/A
Which Wich?2003450+$25,000 – $30,000$253,500 – $742,2506%
Jersey Mike’s19562000+$18,500$144,668 – $786,2336.5%
Firehouse Subs19941,500$20,000$400,000 – $500,0006%
Subway196537,000$15,000$229,050 – $522,3008%

When Should You Choose A Sandwich Franchise?

Here are some things to consider before you decide to invest in a Sandwich franchise:

Do I Mind Having Limited Control Over My Business?

When you invest in a franchise, you do not get full control over your franchise business. The menu pricing, items, timings, recipe, etc., are all controlled by the franchisor.

So, if you are okay with having limited control, then franchising is great for you. Otherwise,you should consider opening an independent business.

Can I Deal with Pressure?

The franchise options we have shared in this guide are really popular, and you would have to deal with a lot of people and peak hours because of their popularity.

So make sure you know what you are getting into and are fully prepared to face the pressure and challenges that come with owning such popular franchises.

Things You Need To Know Before Choosing A Sandwich Franchise

Here are some things to consider before choosing a sandwich franchise:

Payback Period

Your revenue and initial investment will determine the payback period of your franchise. So, if your revenue is less, then it will take more time for you to repay the initial investment amount.

So, make sure you invest in a franchise that has a low payback period. Anything under 5-6 years is ideal.


Royalty and marketing fees are the two inevitable expenses that you would have to bear when you buy a franchise.

This fee could range between 2-6%, so make sure you choose a franchise that charges this fee on the lower side to ensure you get to keep a good part of your profits.

Failure Rate

The number of franchises that open and close in a given year determines the failure or growth rate of a company’s franchise.

So, make sure you find out the failure rate of the franchise you are interested in by accessing the company’s FDD.

Best Sandwich Franchises: Wrap Up

Sandwiches are one of the most demanded and consumed foods in the U.S., which makes this industry a great business opportunity for entrepreneurs.

These 10 best Sandwich Franchises are some of the best options that you can possibly find. Be it in terms of affordability, profitability, popularity, fees, and more. We hope you found this guide useful.

Best Sandwich Franchises: FAQ’s

How Much Does A Sandwich Franchise Cost?

The cost of a sandwich franchise could vary depending on the brand, the kind of franchise model you choose, etc. However, as per the options mentioned in this guide, you can get a good sandwich franchise between $144,668 and $907,012.

How Much Can I Make From A Sandwich Franchise?

Many factors determine the earnings from a sandwich franchise, and the earnings are different for different franchise outlets. However, on average, you can expect to make $120,000 – $350,000 per year in revenue from a sandwich business.

Is Sandwich Business Profitable?

Yes, the demand for sandwiches is quite high in America, and that is the reason why there are so many successful sandwich chains that you can choose from. So yes, the sandwich business is definitely profitable.

Which Is The Cheapest Sandwich Franchise To Own?

According to the options we have mentioned in this guide, Pita Pit is the most affordable sandwich franchise to own, with an initial investment ranging from $216,354 to $435,102.

What Is The Profit Margin In Sandwich Industry?

On average, the profit margin of Sandwich establishments tends to be around 5% to 15%. However, well-managed sandwich establishments can have a higher profit margin.

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