10 Best Senior Care Franchise Opportunities In 2024

The senior care industry took a drastic turn as the global population continued to grow old. This demographic transformation has created a significant demand for Senior Care providers, ultimately making it an opportunity for many entrepreneurs. For this reason, we’ve collected the 10 best senior care franchise opportunities that you can own in 2024.

10 Best Senior Care Franchise Opportunities

Franchising is the best way to tap into this growing market of senior care.

So, without further ado, let’s begin our guide to understand the right time to invest in a senior care franchise and the factors that you must be aware of before investing.

10 Best Senior Care Franchise Opportunities

1. Interim Healthcare

10 Best Senior Care Franchise Opportunities-Interim Healthcare
Founded in1966
Franchising Since1966
Estimated Outlets655
Initial Investment$125,500-$199,500
Franchise Fees$50,000
Liquid Capital$100,000
Royalty Fees3.5%-5.5%

Interim Healthcare is a key player in one of America’s significant industries.

It currently has over 300 franchises providing some of the best medical, hospice, and in-home care for thousands of individuals yearly.

The healthcare company offers the great advantage of giving its franchisees to choice of both home-based or hospice services simultaneously. The company also ranked in the Entrepreneurs Franchise 500 list many times in recent years.

2. Senior Helper

10 Best Senior Care Franchise Opportunities- Senior Helpers
Founded in2001
Franchising Since2005
Estimated Outlets361
Initial Investment$127,800-$171,800
Franchise Fees$55,000
Liquid Capital$55,000
Royalty Fees5%

Senior Helpers is a franchisor and provider of in-home senior care services for elderly individuals. It is a growing global brand that was founded in 2001.

The company relies on the principles of compassion, dependability, and affordability to meet the needs of the growing elderly population. Senior Helpers started franchising in 2005 and expanded to over 275 franchises in the United States as well as in several parts of Canada.

So, to be part of Senior Helpers, you must ensure that you are financially ready for an initial investment made up of franchise fees and other costs.

3. Home Helper Home Care

10 Best Senior Care Franchise Opportunities- Home Helper Home Care
Founded in1997
Franchising Since1997
Estimated Outlets308
Initial Investment$99,950-$149,350
Franchise Fees$48,900
Liquid CapitalN/A
Royalty Fees3%-6%

Home Helper Home Care is a nonmedical home care service provided to individuals who need help with everyday routines. These people include seniors, new moms, people with disability, or people recovering from surgery.

The company has consistently ranked in Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 for the past several decades. Home Helpers Home Care has expanded to over 300 franchises and is looking to expand further.

Therefore, owning this franchise will make you a part of a nationally recognized franchise that caters to thousands of communities.

4. Homewatch CareGivers

10 Best Senior Care Franchise Opportunities- Homewatch CareGivers
Founded in1976
Franchising Since1996
Estimated Outlets222
Initial Investment$92,310-$154,000
Franchise Fees$50,000
Liquid Capital$80,000
Royalty Fees5%

Homwatch CareGivers have worked for more than four decades to make a positive change in their client’s lives.

The company’s target market typically includes people who need care services. This may include the elderly, injured, or people living with diseases like dementia, Alzheimer’s, or developmental conditions.

As a Homwatch CareGiver Franchisee, you’ll be entitled to receive the necessary training and support of the franchisor. Moreover, by joining the team, you’ll be able to offer an essential service to the community.

5. Home Instead

10 Best Senior Care Franchise Opportunities- Home Instead
Founded in1994
Franchising Since1995
Estimated Outlets1,217
Initial Investment$98,000-$125,000
Franchise Fees$54,000
Liquid Capital$80,000
Royalty Fees4%-7%

Home Instead is one of the leading senior care providers worldwide which was founded in the year 1994. The company is dedicated to providing tailor-made, flexible, at-home care for the elderly.

It began franchising in 1995, and since then has grown to over 1,000 locations worldwide. Home Instead has one of the largest networks of senior-care facilities in the world.

So, as a Home Instead franchisee, you may work to make the lives of the elderly and their families more comfortable, relaxing, and more capable through at-home services.

6. 1Heart Caregiver Services

1Heart Caregiver Services
Founded in2003
Franchising Since2014
Estimated Outlets21
Initial Investment$91,305-$133,440
Franchise Fees$47,500
Liquid CapitalN/A
Royalty Fees5%

1Heart Caregiver Services was founded in 2003. It offers in-home care services for all families with different situations and needs.

The company aims to provide high-quality in-home services through a client-centered and service-oriented approach. So, when you are investing in this senior care franchise, you are investing in the betterment of society.

Therefore, by investing in this franchise, you are helping the elderly improve the quality of their lives. But in order to own this franchise, you have to make sure that you are financially capable.

7. Visiting Angles

Visiting Angles
Founded in1992
Franchising Since1998
Estimated Outlets692
Initial Investment$125,460-$171,150
Franchise Fees$51,950-$89,950
Liquid Capital$110,000
Royalty Fees3%-3.5%

Visiting Angles is one of the top nonmedical home care service companies in the United States. It was founded in 1992, and since its founding, the company has hired some best senior helpers, not only taking care of new clients but also keeping them.

To own this franchise, you don’t need to be a social worker or a healthcare official. Moreover, many franchisees see great rewards when they become Visiting Angles franchisees.

Therefore, owning this franchise means you’ll be a part of a leading, growing, and rewarding franchise.

8. 2nd Family Home Care And Support Services

2nd Family Home Care And Support Services
Founded in2012
Franchising Since2017
Estimated Outlets7
Initial Investment$100,305-$166,299
Franchise Fees$52,500
Liquid Capital$100,000
Royalty Fees5%

2nd Family is a company founded in 2012 by Josh Markland. The company offers a fully managed care service to support the elderly, family caregivers, and family members.

The company’s approach is focused on creating a long-term, cost-effective care plan that allows the loved ones to live independently in a comfortable manner.

The services of 2nd Family include personal care, Dementia care, respite care, home care, companion care, senior transportation, and much more.

9. BrightStar Care

BrightStar Care
Founded in2002
Franchising Since2005
Estimated Outlets373
Initial Investment$111,095 – $195,875
Franchise Fees$50,000
Liquid Capital$100,000-$150,000
Royalty Fees5.25%

BrightStar Care was founded in 2002 by Shelly Sun, who already owned two hotel chains at that time. Then, three years later, she began providing franchising offers to the entrepreneurs.

This franchise is tailor-made to provide both nonmedical and medical assistance to those in need. Till now, the in-home service has recruited 2,500 registered nurses who oversee individual care.

To own this franchise, you need an initial investment of $111,095 – $195,875 and a franchise fee of $50,000.

10. ComForCare

Founded in1996
Franchising Since2001
Estimated Outlets229
Initial Investment$72,975-$161,925
Franchise Fees$29,500-$57,000
Liquid Capital$52,000
Royalty Fees5%-7%

ComForCare was founded in the year 1996 by Mark Armstrong. Its sole mission is to help clients live an authentic lifestyle through in-home care.

Then, in 2001, the company began franchising and expanded its caring senior services to become a reliable partner to the clients and the entrepreneurs.

To own this franchise, you need an initial investment of $72,975-$161,925 and franchise fees ranging between $29,500-$57,000.

When Should You Choose A Senior Care Franchise?

The best time to invest in a senior care franchise is when you are familiar with the advantages of the industry. So, here are a few advantages of the senior care industry:

1. Growing Demand

As people age, there is a growing need for specialized care services that cater to the unique needs of seniors. This demand for Senior care is expected to rise in the coming years, too.

There are even Senior care referral franchises that assist seniors and their families in selecting a facility when that level of care is needed. Some of these franchises can be acquired for a relatively low investment and only require 1-2 employees.

2. Established Brand And Support

Investing in a senior care franchise gives you an advantage of leveraging on an established brand. The franchisors have already invested their valuable time and effort to globalize their brand and build trust among the customers.

Additionally, the franchisors also provide the necessary training and support to the franchisee. They offer comprehensive training, operational support, and marketing support to help the franchisee succeed.

3. Diverse Revenue Stream

Senior Care franchises offer a wide range of services, allowing the franchisees to tap into multiple revenue streams.

These services include companionship, meal preparation, transportation, personal care, referral services, and more. Therefore, by diversifying your offerings, you can accommodate a wider range of client needs and increase the revenue potential.

Factors To Consider While Investing In Senior Care Franchise

Before investing in a senior care franchise, you must consider a number of factors. A few of them are listed below:

1. The Franchise Agreement

The first and foremost thing to understand is the franchise agreement. This is a document that legally binds the franchisor and the franchisee.

However, if you are new in the market, then there are high chance for you to get confused by the legal terms.

Therefore, it is advised to hire an attorney who has knowledge of the industry and experience. Moreover, you should also research the specifics of the franchise agreement, such as franchise fees, initial investment, and many more terms.

2. Requirement Of License

All states have different guidelines regarding licensing requirements for senior care agencies. Some franchisors will help guide you through the process of attaining the license for your business and ensuring it is compliant with local guidelines.

For example, Visting Angles provides computerized Policy & Procedures files for franchisees that can be used as part of licensing applications in many parts of the state.

3. Training And Support Involved

Training and support is a crucial thing to consider, especially if you are new in the franchising industry.

Most often, franchisors provide classroom training, which is held at their headquarters. This training helps you to learn the strategies that will benefit you to run your franchise smoothly.

Therefore, choose a franchise that is committed to getting you up to speed on all you need to know to run the franchise successfully.

Comparison Of 5 Senior Care Franchises

Company NameInterim HealthcareSenior Helpers Home Helper Home CareHomewatch CareGiversHome Instead
Outlets 6553613082221,217
Franchise Fee $50,000$55,000$48,900$50,000$54,000
Initial Investment $125,500-$199,500$127,800-$171,800$99,950-$149,350$92,310-$154,000$98,000-$125,000
Royalty Fee3.5%-5.5%5%3%-6%5%4%-7%


So, overall, this is our list of 10 best senior care franchise opportunities that you can own in 2024.

However, you must be careful while choosing the best franchise to invest in. Ensure that you know the capabilities and skills required to operate the franchise. You must also be passionate enough to continue operating the franchise, even when you experience loss at the initial stage.


Which is the cheapest senior care franchise?

The cheapest senior care franchise, according to our list, is ComForCare. It requires an initial investment of $72,975-$161,925, which is less as compared to other franchises.

Are senior care franchise profitable?

Yes, a senior care franchise is a profitable franchise idea. This industry is one of the fastest-growing industries in the United States.

What is the profit margin of a senior care franchise?

The profit margin of a senior care franchise is roughly 10% to 20%. The average senior care franchise generates an annual income of $250,000.

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