4 Best Tree Service Franchise Opportunities 2024

The Tree Service industry could be a great business opportunity because of its high demand and low-entry barrier rate. In this guide, we are going to look at the 4 best Tree Service franchise opportunities that are worth buying.

But why just four, though? This is because although there are a lot of Tree Service businesses, only a few of them offer franchising.

The Tree Service industry has been steadily growing, though, and is an unexplored territory for entrepreneurs.

So, if you want to enter an in-demand and less competitive industry, then you must check out the four best options we have for you.

4 Best Tree Service Franchise Opportunities

Best Tree Service Franchise Opportunities

1. Schneider Shrub and Tree Care

Schneider Shrub and Tree Care
Franchising SinceN/A
Estimated OutletsN/A
Initial Investment$87,350 – $127,300
Franchise Fee$50,000
LiquidityAbility to work from your home office
Royalty FeeYears 1-3: 10%
Years 4-6: 8%
Years 7+: 6%

Schneider Shrub and Tree Care is the leading Shrub and Tree Care provider in the U.S. They are especially known for providing customized care plans and dedicated service to their customers.

For individuals interested in investing in a tree care franchise, this could be the best option. As a Schneider Shrub franchisee, you will get eleven days of on-site training and ongoing support.

To be eligible, you simply need to have $100,000 in liquid capital and the ability to work from your home office.

However, the only problem with this business is that the franchisor charges a 10% royalty for the initial three years and then reduces it to 8% after four-six years, which is pretty high. 

2. Monster Tree Service

Monster Tree Service
Franchising Since2008
Estimated OutletsN/A
Initial Investment$399,035 – $535,608
Franchise Fee$49,500
Royalty FeeN/A

Started in 2008, Monster Tree is another leading tree service business in the market. From trimming and tree removal to plant care and emergency, Monster Tree is the customers’ first choice for all of these services.

So, this is a home-based franchise opportunity that offers scalable growth, multiple investment options, and multiple revenue streams with no requirement for a storefront.

And this is not even the best part. According to the company’s website, the top 50% of Monster Tree franchise owners made annual sales of $1.7M, making it a lucrative tree service franchise opportunity for you.

3. Joshua Tree Experts

Joshua Tree Experts
Franchising Since2023
Estimated OutletsN/A
Initial Investment$196,760 to $303,091 (including franchise fee)
Franchise Fee$49,500
Royalty Fee6% – 3.5% of Gross Revenues

Created by Joshua Malik, Joshua Tree Experts is a Pennsylvania-based home services franchise offering multiple services, including tree maintenance, pest control, and lawn care services.

This business offers not just one but multiple services under one roof making it a great franchise option. And right after mastering primary tree care, franchises can quickly diversify their income stream.

Last year the company made $7 million in revenue and is ready to expand its business through franchising. So, you must note that this is a fresh franchise business.

4. Action Tree Service

Action Tree Service
Franchising SinceN/A
Estimated OutletsN/A
Initial Investment$349,330 – $532,540
Franchise Fee$49,500
Royalty Fee6.5% for the first $850,000 in revenue

Action Tree offers a full range of professional tree services for residential and commercial customers in San Antonio and in nearby areas.

The company was founded in 1955 and is one of the oldest and most trusted names in the tree service service industry.

You do not need any experience to be eligible for this franchise. The franchisor offers the relevant training to get you started.

They also offer on-the-job safety training and virtual assistance to make the process easy for you.

Comparison Of 4 Best tree service Franchise Opportunities

CompanyFoundedFranchise FeeInitial Investment Royalty Fee
Schneider Shrub And Tree Care2016$50,000$87,350 – $127,300Years 1-3: 10%
Years 4-6: 8%
Years 7+: 6%
Monster Tree Service2008$49,500$399,035 – $535,608N/A
Joshua Tree Experts2005$49,500$196,760 to $303,091 6% – 3.5% of Gross Revenues
Action Tree Service1955$49,500$349,330 – $532,5406.5% for the first $850,000 in revenue

When Should You Choose A Tree Service Franchise?

Before investing in a tree service franchise, you must ask yourself these questions.

Are you comfortable working outdoors?

Being a tree service franchisee would obviously require you to be outdoors all the time. If you are directly working on the field, then you shouldn’t be afraid of climbing on trees and working from heights.

Alternatively, if your team is working in the field, then you will need to ensure their safety and must bear a responsible attitude.

Am I comfortable sharing a part of my profits?

When you invest in a franchise, you are supposed to pay monthly marketing and royalty fees in return for the benefits you get from an already-established brand.

This means paying 3%-10% of the profits you make. So, before you invest in a tree service franchise, make sure you are okay with these additional costs. 

Am I okay with partial control over my business?

Again, owning a franchise means adhering to the rules and standards set by the franchisor. This could be regarding operating time, the services you can offer, uniform code, etc.

You will only get partial control over a franchise business. If you want full control of your business, then franchising is not the way for you.

Things You Need To Know Before Choosing A Tree Service Franchise

If you have asked yourself the above-mentioned questions and want to move ahead, then here are some key factors that you must consider:

Costs and Investment Aspects

Starting a tree service business is not a cakewalk. The majority of the options that we have shared in the guide above require you to have an investment between $87,350 and $535,608.

Apart from this, there are also advertisement costs, monthly royalties, and franchise fees that you would have to bear. So, make sure you have the needed capital in order to buy a franchise.

If you start an independent tree service business instead, you will require a lot less. But have to scale up from ground zero.

Financial Support

Since opening a tree service franchise requires huge costs, you must check if the franchisor offers in-house or third-party financing options or not.

If you have the needed capital, then this will not be an issue for you. But if you need financial help, then this is something you must look for in a franchisee. 


If you have zero experience in this business, then you should ensure that the franchise you choose offers the needed support and training to you. Without this, you might not be able to excel in this business.

Wrap Up

You might find a lot of tree care businesses in your area, but as you can see, there are not that many franchise opportunities available in this niche right now.

If you own a tree service business, then now might be an excellent time for you to start offering franchises.

If you are looking for a tree care business franchise, then choosing the best company might not be that hard because of the limited 4 best tree service franchise opportunities available.


How Much Does A Tree Service Franchise Cost?

As per the options mentioned in the above guide, a tree service franchise can cost anywhere between $87,350 and $535,608.

How Much Can I Make From A Tree Service Franchise?

The money you can make from a tree service franchise can vary depending on your location, the franchise you chose, competition, etc. On average, however, tree service business owners make $100,000 to $200,000 in annual gross revenue. 

Is Tree Service Business Profitable?

Yes, the barrier to entry in the tree service business is low, and the demand is high right now. So yes, the tree service business is very profitable to invest in.

Which Is The Cheapest Tree Service Franchise To Own?

Schneider Shrub and Tree Care is the cheapest tree service franchise to own, with initial investment starting at just $87,350

What Is The Profit Margin In Tree Service Industry?

The profit margin in the tree service industry lies typically between 10%-15% on average.

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