9 best Trucking Franchise Opportunities 2024

Finding one of the best trucking franchise opportunities in 2024 can be hard because there are so many options available.

There is so much to consider: franchise fee, initial investment, royalty, etc., and one wrong move can tie you to a burdensome business for a long time.

But worry not. Check out these 9 best trucking franchise options that we have shared below.

9 best Trucking Franchise Opportunities

10 best Trucking Franchise Opportunities

1. United Shipping, Inc.

United Shipping, Inc.
Franchising SinceN/A
Estimated Outlets430+
Initial Investment$25,000 to $86,000
Franchise Fees$25,000 to $30,000
Royalty Fees6%

United Shipping, Inc. runs a network of independently owned and operated custom brokers and freight forwarders.

Founded in 1988, this company offers exporters and importers the benefits of multinational corporations and allows them to ship products globally.

The company has 430 offices worldwide and makes more than 6.5 million shipments a year, making this a great trucking franchise option for you.

2. Craters & Freighters

Craters & Freighters
Franchising Since1991
Estimated Outlets65+
Initial Investment$187,000 to $254,500
Franchise Fees$31,500
Royalty Fees5%

Founded in 1990, Craters & Freighters offers packaging, pickup, crating, insurance, delivery, and transportation solutions to myriad customers.

To franchises, the company offers large territory protection, purchasing discounts, group cargo insurance policies, proprietary software, opening assistance, marketing help, and much more.

Craters & Freighters dominates the specialty freight industry and is one of the best franchises to invest in if you are looking for a reliable source of income.

3. Suppy Pointe

Suppy Pointe
Franchising SinceN/A
Estimated OutletsN/A
Initial Investment$80,000 to $156,500 (estimate)
Franchise Fees$31,500
Royalty FeesN/A

Supply Pointe is a full-service transportation service that offers pallets, logistics, packaging, and shipping services.

The company has been active for over four decades now, and it can ship anything domestically and internationally via truck, rail, sea, or even air.

If you are someone who wants flexibility and the ability to work from anywhere as per your schedule, then Supply Pointe is the best trucking franchise option for you.

To be eligible for this franchise, you need to have a positive go-getter attitude, and having experience in the shipping industry is a plus.

4. Worldwide Express

Worldwide Express
Franchising Since1995
Estimated Outlets200+
Initial Investment$46,000 and $364,850 (estimated)
Franchise Fees$33,125
Royalty FeesN/A

Founded in 1994, Worldwide Express is a shipping and logistics company that is known for assisting small and medium-sized businesses with their shipping requirements.

Worldwide Express is also the largest non-retail UPS authorized reseller in the U.S. and is a part of the WWEX Group family of brands. This allows you to enjoy the support and reliability of such brand names.

There are over 60 local Worldwide Express offices across the U.S., with headquarters in Dallas. If you are looking for a reliable and unique trucking opportunity, then Worldwide Express is worth considering.

5. Amazon Freight Partner

Amazon Freight Partner
Franchising SinceN/A
Estimated OutletsN/A
Initial Investment$40,000
Franchise FeesN/A
Royalty FeesN/A

Not a franchise, but Amazon has this Amazon Freight Partner program which is one of the best trucking and logistics opportunities.

To help you get started, Amazon offers one-on-one expert coaching and unique training. They also offer a fleet of state-of-the-art Amazon-branded trucks and consistent work.

The startup cost for joining this program is as low as $40K, with an annual profit potential of $100k-$300k.

Although you do not need relevant experience to join this program, it is not very easy to get in due to a high number of applications.

6. InXpress

Franchising Since2006
Estimated Outlets450+
Initial Investment$86,120 – $167,510
Franchise Fees$65,000
Royalty FeesN/A

Founded in 1999, InXpress is a a logistics and shipping company based in the U.K. InXpress was started in a single room and has now expanded to more than 450+ locations.

This company is known for offering discounted shipping solutions to mid and small-sized business owners. And those interested in niche shipping solutions can join this profitable franchise.

To become an InXpress franchisee, you must have sales experience. And the franchisor offers firs-time busienss owners discount, veteran disounts among others.

7. Unishippers Global Logistics LLC

Unishippers Global Logistics LLC
Franchising Since2003
Estimated Outlets200+
Initial Investment$19,565 – $233,300 
Franchise Fees$30,000
Royalty Fees15% – 18.5%

Unishippers Global Logistics LLC is an award-winning shipping and logistics advisor for small and mid-sized businesses. The company has a network of 200+ franchises that help shippers find affordable package and freight transportation solutions.

The company also offers a range of services such as domestic and international express, air freight, domestic and international mailing services, ocean freight, and truck freight services.

This is definitely a profitable business opportunity. However, it has a very high royalty fee of 15% to 18.5%.

8. AIT Worldwide Logistics, Inc.

AIT Worldwide Logistics, Inc.
Franchising SinceN/A
Estimated Outlets100+
Initial Investment$46,000 (estimated)
Franchise Fees$13,000
Royalty FeesN/A

AIT Worldwide Logistics, Inc. is a well-known transportation logistics company that is known for offering logistics and transportation services around the world.

Apart from this, the company also offers many value-added services, such as custom-built IT solutions and flexible worldwide service via ground, ocean, air, rail, etc.

You can join the network of this prestigious company by visiting their website and getting in touch with them.

9. Safe Ship

Safe Ship
Franchising Since2008
Estimated OutletsN/A
Initial Investment$54,900 to $153,900
Franchise Fees$19,900
Royalty FeesN/A

Safe Ship is a mom-and-pop modern-day shipment franchise. The company also offers many other services, including outgoing fax service, notary services, mail forwarding, mailboxes, color copies, etc.

This company is also a certified U.S. post-service-approved shipper, DHL-authorized shipping center, and FedEx-authorized shipping center, among others.

If you want to be a part of an award-winning trucking and shipping business, then Safe Ship is worth considering.

Comparison Of 5 Best Trucking Franchise Opportunities

CompanyFoundedOutletsFranchise FeeInitial InvestmentRoyalty Fee
United Shipping, Inc.1988430+$25,000 to $30,000$25,000 to $86,0006%
Craters & Freighters199065+$31,500$187,000 to $254,5005%
Suppy Pointe2002N/A$31,500$80,000 to $156,500N/A
Worldwide Express1994200+$33,125$46,000 and $364,850N/A
Amazon Freight PartnerN/AN/AN/A$40,000N/A

When Should You Choose A Trucking Franchise?

Here are some things to consider, if you want to invest in a trucking franchise:

Low profit margin

The profit margin in the trucking industry is 6%-8% only, which is really less compared to many other kinds of businesses. Fuel and other maintenance expenses eats up a large part of money, so you might want to check the franchise financial performance history, before you invest in any shipping franchise blindly.

Do market research

You must do thorough market research to find out what the possibilities are in your area. How many competitors are already there?

What is the current industry trend and market size, etc? Invest only when you get positive insights into the industry.

Things You Need To Know Before Choosing A Trucking Franchise

Before investing in a trucking or any other franchise for that matter, consider these key points:

Royalty & Marketing Fee

When you invest in a franchise, in most cases, you will be charged royalty and marketing fees, which can range anywhere between 2% to 10%.

This is the price you pay for using the brand’s name. So make sure the royalty and marketing fee is not too high, otherwise you will have to give a good part of your profits.

Training And Support

If you do not have any experience in the trucking industry, then make sure that the franchise that you choose offers the needed support and training to you.

Since a majority of the franchisors offer this, finding a suitable option shouldn’t be a problem.

Financing Help

Plenty of franchisors offer in-house or third-party financing help and different kinds of discounts.

So, if the investment is an issue for you, then you can look for an option that can help you with the initial investment.

Wrap Up

Making a good income in the trucking industry is not easy because of the high operating costs and low-profit margins.

However, if this is something that interests you and if you want to start a business in this field only, then the nine best trucking franchise opportunities that we have shared in this guide are the best companies that you can possibly find.

But make sure to do your research and compare options to find the best-suited option for yourself.


How Much Does A Trucking Franchise Cost?

Based on the trucking franchise opportunities listed in this guide, a trucking franchise can cost you anywhere between $19,565 to $364,850.

How Much Can I Make From A Trucking Franchise?

The money one can make as a trucking franchise owner depends on the brand one chooses and the success of its business model. For example, Amazon Freight Partners make $200K to $300K annually.

Is Trucking Business Profitable?

If carried out properly, then a trucking business can be profitable. However, a lot of truckers struggle to make ends meet because of the low-profit margin and poor cash flow. The cost of operating a truck, such as fuel, maintenance, and repair, can eat up a lot of money.

Which Is The Cheapest Trucking Franchise To Own?

As per the trucking franchise opportunities mentioned in this guide, United Shipping, Inc. is the cheapest trucking franchise to own, with an initial investment of $25,000 to $86,000 only. 

What Is The Profit Margin In Trucking Industry?

Depending on your mode of transportation, mileage, franchise company, etc., it can be said that the profit margin in the trucking industry lies in the range of 6%-8%. 

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