Blue Bottle Coffee Franchise Cost, Fees & Profit 2024

Have you ever heard of Blue Bottle Coffee? It’s a new brand of coffee that also has retailers that are having huge success, so much so that someone is already comparing them to Starbucks.

It would be awesome if you could get into business with them as a franchise partner and open your Blue Bottle Coffee retailer.

But is it possible? Is Blue Bottle Coffee a franchise? And if it is, how much would you need to invest? In this article, we answer all your questions about the Blue Bottle Coffee franchise.

Blue Bottle Coffee Franchise
Blue Bottle Coffee Franchise

About Blue Bottle Coffee Franchise

Blue Bottle Coffe is a new brand of coffee: they are a coffee roaster, meaning that they produce their own branded coffee beans and mixtures, but they also have Blue Bottle Coffee retailer, where clients can buy their coffee in different flavors and options, just like it happens at Starbucks.

The Blue Bottle Coffee company is very focused on the quality of the coffee they provide to the public: they are focused on single-origin coffee.

History Of Blue Bottle Coffee Franchise

History Of Blue Bottle Coffee Franchise

The Blue Bottle Coffee company was founded in 2002 by W. James Freeman in Oakland.

The main goal has always been to provide a higher quality coffee than competitors: the initial intention was to roast small batches of coffee that would be delivered within 24 hours of roasting. The quality of the coffee, this way, was at its highest. 

The initial intention was to deliver the coffee to clients’ homes, but they soon changed their policies and started opening cafés.

The first locations to be opened were in San Franciso and then in New York.

This is when investors started noticing this new coffee company and started founding it. In 2017, Blue Bottle Coffee raised $120 million from investors.

They started opening new cafès, not only in America but also in other continents: Tokyo, Shangai, and Seoul.

Blue Bottle Coffee Business Model

The Blue Bottle Coffee Company directly owns its roasters (factories that produce coffee from the seeds) and cafès. It is not currently open to franchise partners.

Therefore, it is not possible for third-party investors to become owners of a Blue Bottle Coffee retailer. 

Business ModelCoffee roaster and retailer
Franchise FeeNone 
Number of outlets100 + across USA and Asia
Annual Revenues$350,000,000

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How Much Does It Cost To Open A Blue Bottle Coffee Retailer?

Opening a new Blue Bottle Coffee retailer isn’t very expensive for the company: they don’t need large locations, and they are the owners of their own coffee.

The main expenses are due to hiring employees and marketing. However, this is only in the interest of the company because they are not opening to franchise partners.

No matter how much you are willing to invest, you can’t become the owner of a Blue Bottle Coffee cafè. However, Blue Bottle Coffee is often open to funding.

You can still invest in this company if you like by funding them and receive your ROI if the company keeps growing just like it is doing.

This is different, however than becoming a franchise partner: the company remains the owner of the brand and all its retailers.

Blue Bottle Coffee Franchise Revenue & Profit

Blue Bottle Coffee Franchise Revenue & Profit

Blue Bottle Coffee has not revealed the financial performance figures of its franchise stores.

To find out the revenue and profit of the Blue Bottle Coffee franchise, you can get in touch with an existing franchise owner and ask for their Franchise Disclosure Document.

However, Blue Bottle Coffee, as a company, makes an estimated revenue of $327.4 million per year. 


People who can get assigned to run or manage a new Blue Bottle Company Cafè are employees of the company. You could also get hired specifically to do so.

The Blue Bottle Coffee website is very transparent about that: you can check at any moment what are the open positions: when they are looking for a manager in your area, they’ll let you know.

However, keep in mind that this is different than becoming a franchise partner: when you are a franchise partner, you are the owner of your retail. With Blue Bottle Coffee, you would not: you’ll be an employee.

Training & Support

Blue Bottle Coffee provides tons of training to its employees, whether they are managers or baristas.

They walk them through their careers within the company and provide opportunities for growth.

If one day, Blue Bottle Coffee will ever open to franchise partners, they’ll provide the same level of support.

Obligations & Restrictions

Because Blue Bottle Coffee isn’t a franchise, you can’t use its brand name in any way unless you are an employee and are authorized by the company.

If you want to join the Blue Bottle Coffee Company, check for the opening positions on their websites.

Term Of Agreement

As mentioned, Blue Bottle Coffee is not open to franchise partnerships.

Financial Assistance

Blue Bottle Coffee isn’t currently a franchise. It’s not clear if they’ll even open the position.

If and when they do, they’ll inform the candidates about whether or not they’ll provide some kind of financial assistance.

Entrepreneurs considering a venture into the coffee franchise sector might explore options such as Dunkin’ Donuts, Dutch Bros, Aroma Joe’s Coffee, Scooter’s Coffee, and Biggby Coffee franchises.

Comparison Franchise: Blue Bottle Coffe VS Starbucks

CompanyBlue Bottle CoffeeStarbucks
Number of locations100 +35,711
Franchise FeeNoneNone


Unfortunately, Blue Bottle Coffe is not a franchise. However, they are undergoing huge growth, and they are willing to open more and more locations around the world.

This could lead them to change their policies and open to franchise partners to boost their growth.

If you are interested, keep an eye on their website, which is always updated and provides information about the company’s initiatives.

Blue Bottle Coffee: FAQ

Is Blue Bottle Coffee a franchise or a chain?

Blue Bottle Coffee is a chain. They own their roasters and retailers.

Who is the owner of Blue Bottle Coffee?

W. James Freeman, who founded the company in 2002, is still its owner.

How many Blue Bottle Coffee retailers are there?

At the moment, Blue Bottle Coffee owns more than 100 cafès in USA and Asia, but they are expected to grow quickly.

Is Blue Bottle Coffee a good investment?

Even if they are not open to franchise partner, Blue Bottle Coffee sometimes accept funding. It is, therefore, possible to invest in the company.

Because of the quality of the product and the recent attention of the audience, it could be a good investment.

Could the Blue Bottle Coffee franchise be worth it?

If they are ever open to franchise partners, becoming the owner of one or multiple Blue Bottle Coffee cafès could be a great deal: they provide a quick service, but they pay more attention to the quality of the product when compared to Starbucks.

For this reason, you can have a long line of people waiting for their coffee every day.

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