Bonchon Franchise

The Bonchon franchise is among the most popular and successful franchises in the food service industry. This international restaurant chain offers its customers a unique combination of Korean-style chicken wings, traditional Asian-inspired dishes, and American comfort foods.

As a franchisee, you will have access to all the tools and resources necessary for success, including initial training and ongoing support from headquarters.

Furthermore, when it comes to investing in a Bonchon franchise, many attractive features make it an appealing option: Franchise Fees, Profit Potential, Total Investment Costs, Training Requirements & Restrictions, Renewal Terms & Conditions, Return on Investment (ROI), and much more!

This article will explore all aspects of franchising with Bonchon to help you decide if it’s the right fit for your business.

Bonchon Franchise
Bonchon Franchise

About The Bonchon

A South Korea launched a global fast service restaurant which means “My Hometown” in Korean.

BonChon Restaurant’s enthusiasm and drive to provide the best and unique sauces to food lovers led him to spend years honing the recipes that loyal patrons now appreciate globally.

 It has also increased throughout Asia since then. It now has over 140 network locations in over ten countries.

Bonchon Franchise History

In Korea, “like you do” fried chicken can be found on almost every street, but Jinduk Seh has higher ambitions: he wants to offer his country’s favorite dish to the globe culinary enthusiasts.

Seh’s zeal for improving the fried chicken processing technique, which ensures a crispy texture on the exterior and juicy on the inside, exemplifies this dynamic.

After that, he spent two years perfecting the “addictive” sauce, which included a range of Korean flavors.

These two distinctive sauces are still made in Korea and sold at Bonchon stores all around the world.

Bonchon Franchise is currently a prominent global fried chicken brand, with over 300 locations in 98 cities across the globe – Bonchon is present in 13 countries.

Bonchon’s Global Kitchen in Busan manufactures and imports a variety of signature-crunchy double-fried chicken hand-glazed with our sauces.

We also have a wonderful selection of Korean fusion menu items made with high-quality ingredients.

Bonchon Menu

Customers at Bonchon Chicken Restaurants can choose from a variety of delectable menu items, which keeps them coming back for more:

  • Chips and fish
  • Calamari
  • Platter of Seafood
  • Chacpchae
  • Fries and Popper
  • Squid ink Crisps
  • Desserts and a variety of Korean beverages are available.
  • Bulgogi Noodles
  • Tacos de Mariscos

Bonchon Franchise Model

Initial Investment$503,879-$1,099,004
Initial Franchise Fee$40,000  
Area RequirementN/A
Royalty Fee3.75%- 4.75%  
Total Outlets300

Why Own The Bonchon Franchise?

  • Bonchon combines Korean-style chicken with an array of tasty Asian fusion dishes. Their featured menu includes Bibimbowl, Bingsu, and Chicken Bao, among other fusion Korean and Asian delicacies.
  • Bonchon’s brand is recognized worldwide, with operations in the United States, Bahrain, Kuwait, Cambodia, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, and the Philippines, catering to local markets.

Who Meets The Requirements For A Bonchon Chicken Franchise?

The Bonchon Chicken Restaurant chain is continuously looking for people that have the following qualities:

  • a commitment to excellence
  • The desire to provide excellent service and sales results
  • Enthusiasm and a burning desire to create a Bonchon Chicken franchise
  • Financial ability to meet the company’s standards for establishing a franchise unit.

Bonchon Comparison

CompanyBonchonChurch’s Chicken
Founded In20021952
Initial Investment$503,879-$1,099,004$681,500 – $1,603,300
Franchise-Fee$40,000 $15,000
Total Outlet300 1,700
Annual Revenue$77 Million$1.2 Billion

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Bonchon a franchise?

Bonchon specializes in Korean-style fried chicken and other signature Asian dishes, and it offers franchise opportunities.

How much does a Bonchon franchise cost?

The franchise fee for Bonchon is $40,000, and its cost of investment ranges from $503,879-$1,099,004.

Who is the owner of Bonchon?

Bonchon is a South Korean fried chicken franchise founded in 2002 by Jinduk Seh and his mentor Yangnyeom Kyung.

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