BrickKicker Franchise

BrickKicker is recognized as one of the best home inspection services, and if you want to diversify your portfolio, then BrickKicker Franchise is one of the great opportunities for you.

In this article, we will be going to share everything related to the BrickKicker franchise, like its profit, franchise fee, investment, and other expenses. So, let’s begin. 

About The BrickKicker

In 1989, the BrickKicker was founded in Naperville, IL. They have been helping citizens purchase their homes intelligently for over 27 years.

Currently, it has more than 42 locations across the USA. They believe in allowing you to “be in business for yourself, not by yourself.’ 

Because they know what it’s like to grow and expand, you can rely on their advice as you encounter related opportunities and problems.

BrickKicker is a part-time franchise opportunity, and if you want to run another business with a franchise, you can. There is no rigid policy that affects your personal and professional life.

BrickKicker Franchise Model

Initial Investment$14,150-$32,950
Area RequirementN/A
Total Outlets42 Units

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Ideal Candidates For BrickKicker Franchise

BrickKicker is looking for candidates who have the desire to be an entrepreneur and are willing to help people purchase their homes intelligently.

They don’t require any technical experience. For them, a perfect candidate for BrickKicker is someone who understands the goal of the American Dream and wants to succeed.

Training Of BrickKicker Franchise

The training program will be provided by the franchisor to franchisees. The training program includes three important aspects: Business/Administrative, Marketing/Sales, and technical inspection.

  1. Business/ Administrative: This aspect is focused on an understanding of the industry, including the structure of your business.
  2. Marketing/Sales: You will work with the BrickKicker team to design a marketing plan specific to your territory. Additionally, they will help you to address the dynamic of salesmanship through the act of role-playing.
  3. Technical Inspection: This is the most important aspect of the training period. In this phase, they will guide you about the industry, and you will learn to establish a professional identity in your marketplace through their demonstration.

How Much Does BrickKicker Franchise Make?

BrickKicker is known for its home inspection services, a top industry resource that helps citizens use their money wisely.

There are different aspects that define the profitability of BrickKicker. The first factor of profitability is the cost of investment.

Investment plays an important role in generating a decent amount of revenue.

In the case of a BrickKicker franchise, there is the possibility that even less investment can generate revenue because the market for a home inspection is spread widely, and also BrickKicker also has made goodwill in the market through its service. 

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BrickKicker Comparison

CompanyBrickKickerNational Property Inspection
Founded In19891987
Initial Investment$14,150-$32,950$43,200 to $47,000
Total Outlets42228
Annual Revenue1.6 Million$27.4 Million

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to own a BrickKicker Franchise?

Opening a BrickKicker franchise requires an initial investment of $14,150-$32,950 and a minimum of $20,000 in liquid cash.

How many BrickKicker franchises are there?

There are more than 42 BrickKicker franchise locations in North America. 

Does the BrickKicker franchise offer a venture discount?

Yes, BrickKicker a $2500 off on the franchise fee as a venture discount.

Do BrickKicker support third-party finance?

Yes, BrickKicker supports third-Party finance.

Does BrickKicker offer franchises?

Yes, BrickKicker offers remunerative franchise opportunities to entrepreneurs.

How much does a BrickKicker franchise cost?

To become an owner of a BrickKicker franchise, investors should expect to spend around $14,150-$32,950 with an additional amount of $27,000 as a franchise fee.

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