Burger King Franchise

Do you wish to open a Burger King franchise in India? It is one of India’s greatest fast-food franchises.

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Burger King Franchise
Burger King Franchise

About the burger king

Burger King Corporation is a fast-food restaurant chain that specializes in flame-broiled hamburgers.

After McDonald’s, it is the second-largest hamburger chain in the United States.

Burger King claimed to have 14,000 locations in approximately 100 countries in the early twenty-first century. The company’s headquarters are located in Miami, Florida.

Burger franchises in India have opened over 20 locations in Delhi, Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, and Chandigarh and are currently working on extending their fast-food series.

Burger King, known for its whopper burgers, is expanding its footprint in India.

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Burger King Franchise Model

Area Required800 to 1500 seq. 
Royalty FeeN/A

Burger King’s Indian Version:

Burger King’s menu in India is created from the ground up to suit the tastes of Indian foodies. They’ve combined their legendary recipes with freshly purchased Indian spices to create a unique dish.

BK’s Chicken Tandoor Burger is a blend of juicy chicken marinated in Indian tandoori spices and flame-grilled in a broiler, redefining the tandoor craze in India.

Burger King Franchise Training in India

You must complete the BK Franchisor’s training program before launching your own Burger King franchise.

They will have provided a formal training program in an authorized training center in a specific BK restaurant once your application and preliminary stages have been completed and you have been shortlisted for the franchise program.

During the training program, you’ll acquire all of the fundamentals and vital skills, such as carrying out current operations, procedures, and criteria, which will aid you and make the chances of success in the franchise easier.

Franchisors held workshops and seminars on themes such as management classes and updates for usable talents, resulting in good franchise growth.

History  of burger king

James W. McLamore and David Edgerton founded Burger King in Miami in 1954.

On the other hand, other sources credit Burger King to Keith Kramer and Matthew Burns, who started Insta-Burger King in Jacksonville, Florida, in 1953.

In 1959, McLamore and Edgerton sold their first franchises, and Burger King quickly grew into a nationwide business. 

Burger King has gone through many ownership and corporate governance changes. They sold to the Pillsbury Company in 1967.

In the late 1970s, Donald N. Smith, a former McDonald’s executive, was brought in to revitalize the company by extending the menu and strengthening franchisee control.

The Burger Nation Franchise

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are there any Burger King franchise opportunities in India?

Burger King currently operates 268 locations in India, with plans to open 700 more by 2025.

In India, who owns Burger King?

Ever stone Capital owns the bulk of Burger King stock in India.

Is Burger King halal in India?

Yes, Burger King is halal in India.

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