Café Rio Franchise

Mexican food is becoming increasingly popular among Americans, and if you want to be a part of a Mexican-based restaurant franchise, Café Rio is the place to be.

Café Rio’s popularity stems from the fresh and handcrafted food they serve. So, if you want to know more details about the Café Rio franchise, keep reading.

Café Rio Franchise
Café Rio Franchise

About Café Rio

Café Rio is a 23-year-old business based in St. George, Utah. It’s a fantastic alternative for anyone who wants to consume healthy, nutritional, and tasty meals while browsing various options throughout the week.

It assists clients in selecting their preferred food item, and the special menu provides customers with new diversity.

It was transferred to the Burger King franchisee HB Boys in the early 2000s, but it now appears to be its firm again. There are now franchised outlets all over the western United States.

Café Rio was recently named the nation’s No. 1 Mexican Restaurant (2014) by the prestigious Sandelman & Associates’ Quick-Track Award and a first-time winner of the Nation’s Restaurant News Breakout Brands 2014.

Customers and industry experts continue to laud and reward the restaurant for its custom-made meals, and it has garnered hundreds of awards to date.

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Café Rio History 

The year was 1997, and Steve and Patricia Stanley opened a Mexican restaurant called Café Rio.

Café Rio provided authentic meals influenced by the Rio Grande region of Northern Mexico, Southern Texas, and New Mexico’s traditional culinary. 

The concept that every component must be fresh and created to order was at the heart of every meal. What’s more, you know what?

It was well-received. It was something they couldn’t get enough of. So much so that one restaurant has grown to six.

 In 2004, a lovely gentleman named Bob Nilsen became interested in these six little restaurants.

He bought Café Rio from the Stanleys, intending to share his passion for cooking fresh Mexican food with everyone in Utah and beyond.

He made it a point to keep the brand’s tagline of “fresh food, made fresh” at the forefront. There are no freezers, no microwaves, and nothing ready-made.

Café Rio Menu 

Customers can choose from an array of options on the Café Rio Mexican grill menu. Appetizers, burritos, salads, tacos, and enchiladas are available in the café.

The restaurant also has a children’s menu, desserts, side dishes, and various beverages.

A children’s menu is available . It includes children’s chicken quesadilla meals, children’s grill chicken quesadilla meals, children’s grill steak quesadilla meals, children’s cheese quesadilla meals, children’s pork quesadilla meals, children’s beef quesadilla meals, and children’s grill chicken quesadilla meals.

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Café Rio Franchise Model

Initial Investment $659,500-$1,025,000
Royalty- Fee6%
Area RequirementN/A
Total Outlets135

Interested In Cafe Rio Franchise?

Cafe Rio Franchise

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Training And Support 

Every new cook goes through a multi-day training program that focuses on the history and lineage of our recipes, as well as the detail and precision required to reliably execute them at a high level, day after day.

Their leaders must know what’s required of them and why they do what they do.

Café Rio Comparison

CompanyCafé RioWendy’s 
Founded In19971969
Initial Investment$659,500-$1,025,000$2,000,0000-$3,000,000
Total Outlet1356,500
Annual Revenue$192 Million$1.9 Billion

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Café Rio available for online ordering?

Café Rio is available for delivery with Uber Eats: Online | Bakersfield | Menu & Prices.

What can I do with my Café Rio app rewards?

You can use your Reward Points at the checkout by showing your Café Rio App and the corresponding QR code.

What is the industry of Café Rio, Inc.?

Café Rio, Inc. is in the Restaurants and Other Eating Places business.

Is Café Rio a franchise?

Cafe Rio is a Mexican Grill American fast casual restaurant chain that offers lucrative franchise opportunities nationwide.

How much does the Café Rio franchise cost?

The franchise fee for Café Rio is $30,000 and the total estimated investment is $659,500-$1,025,000.

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