Caribou Coffee Franchise

Caribou Coffee is establishing a new domestic franchise program that will allow franchisees to open a coffeehouse outside of airports, college campuses, grocery stores, and corporate headquarters.

Caribou Coffee Franchise
Caribou Coffee Franchise

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About The Caribou Coffee

Caribou Coffee is the 2nd biggest company-owned gourmet coffeehouse operator in the United States.

It is a chain of coffee shops that sells coffee, teas, baked goods, sandwiches, and other beverages and foods.

Caribou Cabin, a new variant with a substantially smaller size and drive-thru, was released in 2019.

The brand was well-positioned for the shift in consumer behavior. Caribou Coffee’s success is due to more than just their delectable menu.

But also in their tried-and-true business model, which includes their well-known benefits for frequent visitors and gift cards.

The Caribou Cabin design, combined with the concept’s traditional coffeehouse prototype, which has a larger footprint for sit-down meals, gives franchisees various options to respond to their market’s specific needs and help them develop faster.

They provide franchise opportunities around the United States to qualified individuals who share their mission and wish to provide their community with amazing interactions and artisan beverages.

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Caribou Coffee Franchise Model

Initial Franchise Fee$15,000- $30,000
Total Investment$446,100 to $732,300  
Royalty Fee6.0%  
Area RequirementN/A
Total Outlets718

Caribou Coffee Essential Qualifications

They’re looking for highly qualified, enthusiastic Caribou Coffee Sub-franchisees to assist you in bringing Caribou Coffee to Middle Eastern markets.

If you meet the criteria, you can be an outstanding candidate:

  • Have a track record of effectively introducing new restaurant brands to your community.
  • You must live, work, and have strong business ties in the area you want to franchise.
  • Have experience in retail real estate development in the area where you want to franchise.
  • Have the infrastructure and resources in place to keep up with our development timeline
  • Commit to a multi-unit development strategy to open at least five stores in the next five years.
  • Have the financial means to build the Caribou Coffee brand further.

Caribou Coffee Obligations And Restrictions

Franchisees must devote their time and best efforts to the administration and operation of the Franchised Business and must complete the initial training program.

Franchisees or a manager who has completed the first training program to the franchisor’s satisfaction must manage the franchised business at all times.

Term And Renewal Of Agreement

The initial franchise term of Caribou Coffee franchises is ten years, and it is five years for kiosk franchises.

Renewal of the term is for two further 8terms, subject to contractual limitations, by signing the then-current franchise agreement.

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Caribou Coffee Training

Individual franchisees who are sent to training must complete the program (including passing operations and competence tests) to the franchisor’s satisfaction and will be designated as a “Certified Manager” once they have done so.

The Certified Manager program is a 14-day program. The training will be held in the franchisor’s training center in Minneapolis, Minnesota, or at a certified training store designated by the franchisor.

Caribou Coffee Comparison

CompanyCaribou CoffeeDutch Bros
Founded In20192019
Initial Investment$446,100 to $732,300$120,000 – $1,000,000
Franchise-Fee$15,000- $30,000$30,000
Total Outlet718292
Annual Revenue$262 Million$186.4  Million

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who owns the caribou herd?

JAB Holdings, Inc.

What is the location of Caribou Coffee's headquarters?

Minneapolis, Minnesota, in the United States.

What is the mission statement of Caribou Coffee?

“An experience that makes the day better” is Caribou’s mission statement.

Is Caribou Coffee a franchise?

Caribou Coffee offers franchise opportunities throughout the United States to eligible candidates who believe in their mission and want to bring day-making moments.

How much does a Caribou Coffee franchise cost?

The franchise fee for a Caribou Coffee franchise is $15,000- $30,000, and the cost of investment ranges from $446,100 to $732,300.

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