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Drunken Monkey Franchise

‘The Drunken Monkey Franchise’ desires to revisit some intrinsic and simple human relaxation in these fast-paced, highly technology-driven times. In all they do, Drunken Monkey franchise aims to find a greater connotation. About Drunken Monkey Over 200 types of Smoothies, ranging from indulgence to detox, are available, all made with locally sourced, natural ingredients. The Monkey uses only… Read More »

iFruit Ice Cream Franchise

Avi Products India Limited owns and runs iFruit Ice Cream Franchise, a retail store (BSE Stock Code : APIL: 523896). iFruit is a next-generation supermarket company that specializes in high-quality, creative ice creams, cakes, and snacks. About iFruit Ice Cream They are one of the fastest-growing retail companies in their product category, with plans to expand rapidly across… Read More »

Waffle Hut Franchise

Waffles, pancakes, caustic soda ice cream, and bubble tea available in Waffle Hut Franchise. Also, non-alcoholic shots, french fries, sandwiches, tornado potatoes, and nitrogen wafers are all available under one roof. Quality and quantity are their guiding principles. About Waffle Hut The Waffle Hut quickly established itself as one of the best servers in terms of taste and… Read More »

Belgian Waffle Franchise

Belgian Waffle was established in 2015 with an objective to present originality keeping stable its worth of quality, clarity, and flexibility. The concept of this franchise came into presence due to extensive research of abroad’s variations of fascinating food notion. About Belgian Waffle Shrey, the founder of Belgian Waffle, was drawn to waffles and saw a huge opportunity… Read More »

Cold Beverages List

Everyone enjoys going out to eat and drink. People have a good time, share photographs, drink cocktails, and have a great time conversing. Milkshakes, chocolate shakes, fruit juices, smoothies, and teas are among the most common cold drinks on the market. Cold beverages list have always been popular, but when they were updated to low-temperature beverages such as… Read More »

Marky Momos Franchise

The Inspiration for Marky Momos Franchise, Chinese cuisine is well-known in India. The proliferation of Chinese restaurants in India attests to the far eastern cuisine’s enormous popularity in this part of the world. About Marky Momos Franchise Since February 2009, the best outlets for Chinese cuisine in Jaipur City. Marky Momos was the first casual fine dining establishment… Read More »