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MFC Mr. Fried Chicken Franchise

MFC Mr. Fried Chicken Franchise is all about the fried chicken and the people who serve it, so flexibility is essential.  About MFC Mr. Fried Chicken Not just a middle-aged and drab fried chicken shop brand, they are separate and creative. They’re the edgy, cutting-edge alternative, providing an exciting alternative to a bored and uninspired non-vegetarian community. They… Read More »

Amritsari Express Franchise

The idea of providing the quality of food to Delhi foodies who love Punjabi food struck them immediately, and the Amritsari Express franchise food chain was born. About Amritsari Express Franchise GKJ Special Foods P. Ltd. aspires to be a pioneer in the hospitality industry by consistently outperforming themselves and providing the highest quality experience and service to… Read More »

Chaap Shaap Franchise

Chaap Shaap Franchise regarded as India’s best fast-growing leading catering business.  About Chaap Shaap Franchise Their dedication to efficiency and safety has won them a devoted following among their customers, which continues to expand as a result of enthusiastic referrals. They’ve created a connection between the land, the sea, and your dinner plate. Corporate Web Catering, Corporate Catering,… Read More »

Biryani Queen Franchise

Biryani Queen franchise has a wonderful story of its own foundation, expansion, growth, and its amazing features.  About Biryani Queen Franchise Smita (Founder) had tried various cuisines everywhere she traveled as an ardent and sophisticated foodie. She ordered biryanis from 7-8 well-known outlets in Gurgaon one day because she was craving strong authentic biryani. She couldn’t find any… Read More »

Chaat Puchka Franchise

Chaat Puchka franchise is an Indore-based food stalls brand with the mission of providing hygienic and fresh cuisines in a well-organized format.  About Chaat Puchka Franchise They are new to the foodservice industry, and they are proud to introduce fresh ideas, original recipes, and a positive customer experience. Their menu is highly customizable and they sell a wide… Read More »

Mighty Bites Franchise

Mighty Bites Franchise is a fresh meat processing plant in the United Arab Emirates. To ensure efficient development of all their goods, their plant is fitted with high-end machines operated by seasoned professionals and highly-trained workers.  About Mighty Bites Franchise At Mighty Bites, product protection is a top priority. To enforce their safety procedures, they take all appropriate… Read More »

Dry Fruits Franchise

Satvikk Specialty Foods is a well-known brand that sells the best-dried fruits, spices, and chocolates. Satvikk Speciality Foods is offering dry fruits franchise opportunity to you. About Dry Fruits Satvikk’s is giving you the chance to join the Satvikk family of specialty foods through a franchise opportunity. It is a retailer of premium-packaged dried fruits, herbs, and sweets.… Read More »