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Dessertino Franchise

Dessertino franchise is a Santushti Shakes Private Limited enterprise that was established to deliver world-class milkshakes.  About Dessertino Franchise Dessertino offers six different products under a single brand, Thick shakes, Milkshakes, Ice creams, Waffles, Kulfi, Greek Yogurt, and Lassi. Based on the fundamental values of quality, variety, and value for money. Sunil Chelani, the company’s founder, feels that… Read More »

Gatox Naturals Franchise

Gatox Naturals franchise offers delectable natural flavor ice cream made entirely of real fruits.  About Gatox Naturals Franchise The name “Gatox” is derived from the French word “Gateaux,” which means “a gateau packed with fruits, milk, almonds, and sugar.” At Gatox, they recognized the need of the day, as people are growing more health-conscious and interested in natural… Read More »

Minus301 DegreeF Franchise

Minus301 DegreeF Franchise is one of the world’s fastest-growing retailers and expands in India very rapidly. About Minus301 DegreeF Welcome to the first Liquid Nitrogen & Cold Stone chain of the Ice Cream Parlors business from Minus301 DegreeF India. New products: waffles, pizzas, pasta, salads, burgers, and pita bags. Minus301 DegreeF is an Avi Products India Limited retail… Read More »

Frootica Franchise

At Frootica Franchise they are a retail company of a new generation that offers top-quality Ice cream, Desserts, and Snacks. About Frootica Franchise Their workforce is composed of experienced professionals who know how to produce and serve hot, delicious, and smooth steaming food, fresh bread, and drink. Their menu gives the greatest recipes and techniques for you with… Read More »

Twisting Scoops Franchise

In co‐operation with a Màras company in Ankara, Turquía, Twisting Scoops Franchise is a Turkish ice cream brand.  About Twisting Scoops In India & Nepal, they serve scoops in 13 cities. With all-natural ingredients from the fields of Istanbul, they make real Turkish doldrums. In contrast to other ice creams, Turkish Honduras has the sticky fabric, with actual… Read More »

Gianis Ice Cream Franchise

Gianis Ice cream Franchise provides training and standard operating instructions for simplicity of operation and management. About Gianis Ice Cream Established by Gianis Gurcharan Singh in the middle of the 20th century, it has been recalled with affection as Chandni Chowk and Gianis di Hatti, Fatehpuri. Their famous Rabri Faluda recipe has been kept and remains one of… Read More »