Cheesecake Factory Happy Hour Menu with Prices

Cheesecake Factory is one of the most famous American restaurants in the United States. They are the distributor of cheesecakes, but they also offer other items on their extensive menu.

Cheesecake Factory Happy Hour Menu with Prices

This article will answer some of the frequently asked questions about their menu.

Which Cheesecake Factory Does Penny Work At?

Penny is a fictional character from the show The Big Bang Theory. In the show, she works at a Cheesecake Factory as a waitress. Even though it’s not certain exactly which Cheesecake Factory it is, we know it is in Pasadena, Los Angeles. It’s one of the restaurants in this region.

How Much Is One Piece Of Cheesecake At The Cheesecake Factory?

On average, one piece of Cheesecake’s price varies between $10.50 and $12.50. Depending on the extras you want to add, which flavor you want to choose, and the location of the store, the prices might be a little different.

Does Cheesecake Factory Do A Birthday Gift?

Yes, if it is your birthday and you want to celebrate it at Cheesecake Factory, they give you a complimentary slice of cheesecake. All you have to do is just tell them.

Can You Split Meals At Cheesecake Factory, And Does Cheesecake Factory Charge A Split Fee?

Can You Split Meals At Cheesecake Factory, And Does Cheesecake Factory Charge A Split Fee

If you ask your meal to be split, they usually split your order so that you can share it with another person. It’s common to do it with entrée dishes, but you can also try it with other dishes.

When you want to split your food, there is no extra charge for it. It’s free of charge to ask your food to be split.

Are Cheesecake Factory Lunch Portions Smaller?

Yes, Cheesecake Factory offers special lunch sizes between lunch hours, designated specially from restaurant to restaurant. These lunch sizes are smaller than their traditional portion sizes.

Does Cheesecake Factory Do Tip Sharing?

Every waiter and waitress receives their personal tips, and they don’t share their tips with each other. However, it is shared with bussers, foodrunners, and bartenders.

What Is The Difference Between 7-inch and 10-inch Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake?

The only difference between 7 and 10-inch cheesecakes is their size. The 7-inch Cheesecake is smaller than the 10-inch cheesecake. 7-inch cheesecake’s diameter is 7-inch, and 10-inch’s is 10-inch.

Do Cheesecake Factory Employees Get A Discount?

Cheesecake Factory employees get discounts both on foods & drinks and on merchandise. The exact percentage discounts depends on the restaurant.

Have Cheesecake Factory Slices Gotten Smaller?

There is no official information about this topic, but some customers say the slices have become smaller. Some say that it’s 40 to 50% smaller in size, and some say that it’s much less and not a big deal.

Why Is Cheesecake Factory So High In Calories And Unhealthy?

Why Is Cheesecake Factory So High In Calories And Unhealthy

The amount of calories in any Cheesecake Factory dish depends on the type of dish you are talking about. Salads and some wraps are not high in calories. However, cakes, cheesecakes, milkshakes, and other similar dishes that are made with butter and a lot of sugar are high in calories.

The main reason behind that is that these items are made with items that are high in unsaturated fat, which increases the calories. Unsaturated fats, high calories, and lots of sugar are a health danger to humans in the long run, and that’s why most dishes are unhealthy.

Does Cheesecake Factory Have Happy Hour?

Yes, Cheesecake Factory offers happy hour on weekdays between 2 and 4:30 PM. They have special discounts on some cocktails and dishes between these hours. They also have a signature menu that consists of 10 items, and each costs $7.50.

Does Cheesecake Factory Take Reservations?

They do, but not all the time. They only take reservations during off-peak dining hours, and they take limited reservations. Most Cheesecake Factory restaurants don’t take reservations during peak hours and for groups bigger than six people.

Does Cheesecake Factory Deliver?

Yes, Cheesecake Factory delivers, and they have several ways that they deliver. You can order directly from their website or use a third-party service that they work with, like DoorDash. You can ask for delivery to a location or a pickup at one of their restaurants.

Does Cheesecake Factory Have Sushi?

Yes, they have, and the only sushi dish they have is Ahi Tuna on Crispy Sushi Rice. They don’t offer the traditional sushi dish, but they have a dish with sushi rice.

Does Cheesecake Factory Have Gluten-Free Items?

Cheesecake Factory has special gluten-free items on its menu. From appetizer salads like Caesar salad to some of their green salads, certain dressings, lunch special dishes, pasta, fish dishes, to steak and glamburgers. You have to specifically ask your restaurant for each of these items whether they are gluten-free or not.

They can not guarantee cross-contamination, but they can give you an outlook of which items are gluten-free.

Does Cheesecake Factory Cater?

No, they currently do not cater.

Does Cheesecake Factory Allow Dogs?

Cheesecake Factory does not allow any pets, including dogs, into any of their restaurants. The only exception is for service animals who are trained to do work or perform tasks to help people with disabilities.

Does Cheesecake Factory Do Breakfast?

They do brunch until 2 PM on Saturday and Sunday. They have a special brunch menu that you can order from. This menu includes waffles, egg benedicts, pancakes, and toast. They also have a special menu with egg dishes that you can order at any time.

Does Cheesecake Factory Have Milkshakes?

Yes, Cheesecake Factory has milkshakes, and they have several different flavors. The four most common flavors are vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, and Oreo. The prices are between $9.95 and $10.95.

Does Cheesecake Factory Have A Bar?

As per Cheesecake Factory’s concept, they offer alcohol where it is legal, and some of their restaurants have bars. It depends on the location and the legal availability.

What Is The Brown Bread At Cheesecake Factory?

Cheesecake Factory Happy Hour Menu with Prices- Brown bread

The brown bread is actually the whole wheat baguette on their menu. This bread contains and is made with malted barley flour, whole wheat, oil, sugar, and plain flour.

It gets the brown color from caramel coloring, brown sugar, and malted barley extract.

What Cheesecake Factory Cheesecake Is Gluten-Free?

The low-licious cheesecake is a special cheesecake that is gluten-free without any extra sugars and low carb. You can find this cheesecake at almost all Cheesecake Factory restaurants.

What Is The Best Cheesecake At Cheesecake Factory?

The best cheesecake depends on the individual’s likes and taste buds, so it is hard to mention one cheesecake that is the best.

Generally, the classic cheesecake flavors are the most chosen ones, like Fresh Strawberry Cheesecake. Many reviews put this flavor at the top of their list. Mango Key Lime and Original Cheesecakes are some of the other favorites.

What Is The Best Dish At Cheesecake Factory?

Similar to the cheesecakes, it is not possible to give one answer. According to some reviews online, Shepherd’s Pie, Crusted Chicken Romano, Macaroni and Cheese Burger, and Hibachi Steak are some of the favorites.

What Is Steak Diane At Cheesecake Factory?

Steak Diane is a steak dish at Cheesecake Factory that costs $28.50. It’s made with medallion steak covered with peppercorn and mushroom wine sauce. It comes with mashed potato and grilled onions.

What Is Vegan At Cheesecake Factory?

What Is Vegan At Cheesecake Factory

They have special vegan items, but you can also ask for certain items to be removed from non-vegan items to make them vegan for your order.

Little house salad, edamame, avocado toast, Thai lettuce wrap, guacamole & chips, most of their salads, some burgers, Evelyn’s Favorite Pasta, and Asian Chicken Lettuce Wrap Tacos are some of the vegan items.

What Is The Best Pasta At Cheesecake Factory?

Each pasta dish serves different taste buds and comes with different flavors. That’s why everyone has their own favorite. Some of the most favorable pasta dishes are Louisiana Chicken Pasta, Farfalle with Chicken and Roasted Garlic Pasta, and Pasta Da Vinci.

What Is Happy Hour At Cheesecake Factory?

The happy hour at Cheesecake Factory is a limited-time offer with a special menu and discounts on their menu during this time.

Happy Hour is generally available between 2 and 4.30 PM in most restaurants, but some might differ. During this time, they have special cocktail and dish menus that you can order from that start at $7.50.

Why Is Cheesecake Factory Bread Brown?

They have both brown and white breads on their menu. The brown bread is known as the whole wheat baguette. It is brown because it is made from brown sugar, barley flavor, and malted barley extract.

Why Is the Cheesecake Factory Expensive?

It is a truth that cheesecakes and most other dishes at Cheesecake Factory are relatively more pricey than other restaurants.

The reason behind that is that they use real ingredients, which is more expensive. They prepare all of their foods on-site and cook some of them on demand. That’s why the overall prices are a little higher. There are many other reasons for Cheesecake Factory being expensive.

Why Is Cheesecake Factory In Big Bang Theory?

Cheesecake Factory was added to the plot episode of The Big Bang Theory on account of product placement. It’s sort of an ad but through a TV show.

Why Cheesecake Factory Is Bad?

The thoughts behind Cheesecake Factory being bad or good are subjective. The ones who think that Cheesecake Factory is bad have a couple of reasons. The biggest reason behind this is that almost all dishes at Cheesecake Factory are quite unhealthy and high in calories.

On top of it, some people also don’t like that their prices are slightly higher than other restaurants. Combined with unhealthy food, people think that Cheesecake Factory is a bad choice.

Why Cheesecake Factory Is The Best?

Why Is Cheesecake Factory So Popular, And Is Cheesecake Factory Good

Even though there are people who are not satisfied with Cheesecake Factory, there are also ones who are quite happy with it. Cheesecake Factory is considered as one of the best restaurants in the United States, thanks to many different factors.

The most important one is their menu of more than 250 items and that they make every single thing from scratch every day. They source their meat, veggies, and other items fresh from trusted sources.

Why Does Cheesecake Factory Not Take Reservations?

If you are a large party of more than six, don’t have a Cheesecake Rewards membership, and want to make a reservation during peak hours, you can’t do this.

The reason behind this is mostly to be able to serve everyone during peak hours and have enough room for everyone at any given time, with or without reservations.

What Is So Special About Cheesecake Factory?

The most important thing about Cheesecake Factory is mostly their cheesecakes with different flavors and tastes. They also have an extremely extensive menu with larger portions than most other restaurants.

Why Is Cheesecake Factory So Popular, And Is Cheesecake Factory Good?

Cheesecake Factory is popular with its dessert menu as they are a dessert restaurant in its essence. However, they are also popular thanks to their large portions, fresh food, and higher-quality dishes that are sourced from quality places.

Because they make their food fresh, carefully choose where they get their dishes, and have larger portions with an extensive menu, most people consider Cheesecake Factory as a good restaurant.

Is Cheesecake Factory Open?

Yes, Cheesecake Factory currently has over 200 restaurants, and all of these restaurants are open for service. Make sure to check their opening and closing hours so that you don’t go at a time when they are not in service.

Is Cheesecake Factory A Restaurant?

Yes, Cheesecake Factory is an American restaurant chain. Most of their restaurants have dine-in options along with pickup or delivery.

Is Cheesecake Factory Fine Dining?

Is Cheesecake Factory Fine Dining

Cheesecake Factory offers a more upscale experience than many restaurants, with a reserved atmosphere and a decent client base.

According to Cheesecake Factory’s founder, they are not a fine dining restaurant but also not a casual dining restaurant. They coined the term “upscale casual dining” for their restaurant.

Is Cheesecake Factory Closing?

The company did not make any kind of announcement about its plans to close. They are expanding to newer regions by opening new restaurants in the United States and in other regions. They have no official plans to close down.

Is Cheesecake Factory Halal?

They do not serve halal meat in most cases. They do have some desserts that are made with halal beef gelatin. It’s best to ask your local restaurant about it.

Is Cheesecake Factory Bread Healthy?

If you go for brown bread, that is generally a healthier option since it’s made with whole wheat flour and has fewer preservatives than normal bread. Normal breads are not very healthy.

Is Cheesecake Factory Italian?

No, Cheesecake Factory is an American-incorporated restaurant with main operations in the United States. They were founded as a bakery in the United States in Los Angeles, California, in 1972. They have no ties to Italy.

What Time Does Cheesecake Open And Close?

Opening and closing hours depend on the day and the location of the store. Typically, they open at 11 AM and close at 10 PM. On Fridays and weekends, they close at 11 PM. On Sundays, some open at 10 AM.

How Much Is A Whole Cheesecake At Cheesecake Factory?

How Much Is A Whole Cheesecake At Cheesecake Factory

The cost of a whole cheesecake depends on the flavor and the location of the store. On average, most whole cheesecakes at Cheesecake Factory cost between $28.95 and $72.95.

How Much Is Cheesecake Factory?

The prices at Cheesecake Factory depend on what you want to order. From salads to milkshakes, they have an extremely extensive menu that you can choose from. On average, the prices start from $8.95 and go up to $72.95.

How Cheesecake Factory Cheesecakes Are Made?

Cheesecake Factory has baking facilities in California and North Carolina, where they bake their cheesecakes and deliver it nationwide to their restaurants. They don’t bake them in the restaurants. They serve it to the restaurants frozen after baking them in these facilities.

How To Order Cheesecake Factory Online?

You have a couple of options to order from Cheesecake Factory online. One is directly from them, and the other is by using third-party delivery services.

  • Go to and click on the dropdown menu on the left top.
  • Choose whether you want to order pickup or delivery from the menu.
  • You will be redirected to a page to choose from which restaurant you want to order.
  • Once you choose the restaurant, you will pick which items you want to order or pick up from the restaurant.
  • Go to your cart when you are finished and click on checkout.
  • Follow the procedures, enter your information, make the payment, and either pick it up at the designated restaurant or wait for delivery.

How Much Is Pasta At Cheesecake Factory?

They offer various types of pasta, and each has different prices. Their pasta prices are between $20.95 and $28.95.

How Much Is Steak Dinner At Cheesecake Factory?

Steak Diane costs $28.50 without any extras or add-ons. If you want to add or remove items from the dish, it might cost more than the base price.  

How Much Are Cheesecake Factory Cakes?

The cost of their cakes depends on what flavor and size you want. They have one piece and whole cakes. The prices for one piece vary between $10.50 and $12.50. Whole cakes and cheesecakes cost between $28.95 and $72.95.

How Much Is Brunch At Cheesecake Factory?

How Much Is Brunch At Cheesecake Factory

The brunch menu is only available on Saturdays and Sundays until 2 PM in almost all restaurants. They don’t have just one menu with one or two products.

They have a couple of dishes that you can choose from. Each of these dishes has a different price. They cost between $10.95 and $19.95 without any extras.

How Much Is Tiramisu At Cheesecake Factory?

They have tiramisu cake and tiramisu cheesecake. Tiramisu cake is $11.95, and tiramisu cheesecake is $10.95.

How Much Is Chicken Madeira At Cheesecake Factory?

Chicken Madeira is $25.95. If you want to add more to your dish, it will cost extra, and this is the base price.


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