Churolls & Co Franchise

Founded in 2018, Churolls & Co Franchise is an uncommon blend, with a distinct taste and pleasure, of sweet and Savoury items under one rock. 

About Churolls & Co.

PARISM F&B Pvt Ltd. owned and operated. Sahil worked with numerous dessert brands and realized the fact that 70-80% of people had a sweet craving and chose to bring Churolls with the Spanish dessert .

It resulted in Churolls & Co. being born. They are also offering a slightly Indian touch of Mexican and Arabic rolls.

They’ve made it easy to eat and cost-effective. Innovative and constantly true to its excellent value. Product newly made by hand.

Churolls & Co Franchise
Churolls & Co. Franchise

Churolls & Co Franchise Model

InvestmentRs. 12 lakhs
Area Required200 sq. ft.
Franchise FeeRs. 4 lakhs

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Features of Churolls & Co Franchise

  • The sweet and savory product under one roof is a unique mix, the idea which is created out of passion and with a taste and enjoyment disseminated.
  • Their Churros are designed and crafted particularly to taste rich, completely delightful, and delicious, delicious and mouth waters! It also provides a small Indian touch to Mexican and Arabic rolls.
  • Quality: All of their sauces have been specifically introduced on-site and are delivered in rolls that give an incredible feeling of taste in the mouth after one mouthful.
  • Flavors: You have to visit them for their sticks, their sandwiches, their Churro Pops, and their small-hearted Churro. Flavors: Flavors: They also sell delicious vegetarian rolls, warm shakes, and soda, as well as drinks, Iced Soda, Mango Tea, Salted Lychee, and more, besides being King of Churros.
  • The QSR approach is used to expand your franchise business.
  • All franchisees receive extensive training. All vertical employees are regularly trained to help constantly develop and improve employees’ working efficiency.


  • The terms and conditions of the agreement shall be 3 years.
  • 30 to 35% profit margin
  • The brand will provide complete training
  • The brand will supply raw materials.
  • Increased strategy support marketing and sales.
  • After 3 years at the expense of INR 25,000/- the agreement will be renewed.
  • Required employment: 3 to 4 Capital staff: 1.5 to 2 lakhs

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the investment of the Churolls & Co. Franchise?

The investment of the Churolls & Co. Franchise is Rs. 12 lakhs.

What is the model of the Churolls & Co. Franchise?

The model of the Churolls & Co. Franchise is QSR.

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