Cinnabon Franchise

Are you considering buying a Cinnabon franchise? We believe it is a fantastic opportunity for anyone wishing to start a business with the support of a seasoned franchisor.

This article will go over how to open a Cinnabon bakery franchise in great detail.

Cinnabon Franchise
Cinnabon Franchise

About The Cinnabon

Cinnabon bakery is the market leader among cinnamon roll bakers, founded in Seattle in 1985 and presently situated in Atlanta.

Fresh, aromatic, hot-out-of-the-oven cinnamon rolls, as well as a selection of other baked items and specialty beverages, are served.

Cinnabon is also a multi-channel licensor, collaborating with other businesses to create brand-licensed foodservice items.

Cinnabon has franchisees worldwide, mostly in high-traffic areas, including malls, airports, travel plazas, entertainment centers, train stations, and military bases.

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History Of Cinnabon

It all began with a father, a son, and a mission to make the best cinnamon bun in the world from scratch.

When you combine one master baker, months of trial and error, and hundreds of various recipes, you get the sweet, cinnamon-spiced perfection that Cinnabon has become known for.

When the father-son team eventually hit on the most remarkable blend of unusual ingredients from all over the world, they knew they’d cracked the code.

So, in 1985, they turned their hard-won ambition into a delectable reality by launching the first Cinnabon Bakery in Seattle, Washington’s SeaTac Mall.

After being devoured by thousands of anxious, waiting diners, the original Cinnabon cinnamon bun became an instant passion. The Cinnabon experience continues to evolve to this day.

Cinnabon Bakery Franchise Offer

The business operates as a retail bakery. There are two types of Cinnabon Bakery franchise opportunities:

Cinnabon Full Bakery: 

This franchise opportunity allows the franchisee to make and sell a wide selection of Cinnabon products.

Cinnabon Express Bakery:

The franchisee can only create and sell a limited variety of Cinnabon items under this franchise agreement.

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Cinnabon Franchise Model 

Initial Investment$23,100-$430,900
Initial Franchise Fee$30,000  
Royalty Fee6%
Area RequirementN/A
Total Outlets1,100

Cinnabon Franchise Training & Support

Cinnabon provides its franchisees with a variety of support options. It aims to support each franchise owner to help them run a successful franchise location with over 1600 units.

Cinnabon provides 36 hours of on-the-job training, 20 hours in the classroom, and additional training once a year.

Every new Cinnabon Bakery franchisee will have the opportunity to collaborate with highly experienced experts who have extensive experience in brand building, development, marketing, and all elements of the foodservice and bakery franchise industries.


  • A franchisee can select between a single-unit and a multi-unit franchisee.
  • Cinnabon Bakeries are known for their efficient bakery designs, tailored to maximize return on investment.
  • Franchisees have the opportunity to be a part of a world-class brand that is well-known among food lovers worldwide.
  • Every franchisee will receive the necessary support from its devoted and passionate franchise staff to achieve success at their franchise unit.

Cinnabon Comparison

CompanyCinnabon Nothing Bundt Cakes 
Founded In 19851997
Initial Investment$23,100-$430,900$326,003 – $422,293
Franchise-Fee$30,000  $35,000
Total Outlet1,100430
Annual Revenue$1.3 Million$332 Million

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Cinnabon a franchise that can be run from home?

No. Cinnabon is not a franchise that can be run from home.

Is there a Veteran Discount at Cinnabon?

Yes. A veteran discount is available at the Cinnabon franchisee.

What is the value of a Cinnabon franchise?

The demand for your products, labor expenses, commercial lease rates, and various other factors all affect your bottom line.

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