City Biz Connect Franchise

City Connect Biz franchise will create a profile for you at no cost based on your skills, and people will be able to contact him/her for the work that they need.

About City Biz Connect Franchise

Essentially, a City Biz Connect Franchise is a form of service that allows people to work in small towns with people who are passionate about their work.

Workers such as electricians, plumbers, mobile repairers, ac repairers, and others are paid without commission or fees.

The Franchise Working

They built an entire platform assuming that everyone else was in Mumbai and had returned to their hometown. People in Gorakhpur and Delhi are working based on their abilities.

City Biz Connect Franchise
City Biz Connect Franchise

City Biz Connect Franchise Model

InvestmentRs. 10 lakhs
Area Required200 sq. ft.
Franchise FeeNone

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What is the Concept of a business City Biz Connect Franchise model?

The portal that they built was created to link these types of people, but they also added business and professionals to it.

This is a paid advertisement. They will only charge you 499/- to build your profile.

They are providing you with a free mini-website. Here are all of the online stores that will inspire people to believe that they, too, can sell their goods online.

They are providing them with an e-commerce platform for just Rs. 499/-. Until now, the standard procedure was to create a website and then sell the product.

So, what exactly is it? Instead of spending Rs 20000 or 30000 on a website, you can build a mini-website in city biz for Rs 499. Where you can build your own profile and sell your own goods.


  • Although claiming to own the franchise, the franchise holder must be local and live in the same district.
  • He should be familiar with computers, the internet, mobile applications, and current social media sites.
  • In the district, he must have effective business relationships. Being socially engaged enhances a business owner’s overall persona.
  • He must be capable of handling both device and mobile payment applications.
  • Students are not permitted to own master franchises. This type of association is best suited for people between the ages of 30 and 50.
  • A district can only have one master franchise.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the investment of the City Biz Connect Franchise?

The investment of the City Biz Connect Franchise is Rs. 10 lakhs.

What is the model of the City Biz Connect Franchise?

The model of the City Biz Connect is QSR.

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