Code Ninjas Franchise

Code Ninjas franchise is a child-focused educational program that trains kids in various subjects such as computer programming, coding, math, logic, and teamwork. Code Ninja’s curriculum teaches kids to code using games that they already understand, such as two famous names in the industry: Minecraft and Roblox.

The company became operational with its first unit in March 2017 in Pearland, Texas. Currently, It has 243 franchised locations, and four company-owned sites.

Code Ninja Franchise
Code Ninja Franchise

About Code Ninja Franchise

Code Ninjas is a franchise opportunity that provides a unique and immersive experience for kids of all ages. Code Ninjas offers an entertaining, hands-on learning program where students learn coding concepts through game development. With this franchise, you can provide an exciting, educational environment that young people will enjoy.

Code Ninjas History

Code Ninjas is a franchise-based business founded in 2016 by David Graham and his son, Austin. The company started as an online coding camp for kids but quickly developed into a franchise-based after-school program teaching children the fundamentals of computer programming.

The business has now grown to over 40 locations across North America and the UK, and plans are to expand further.

Code Ninjas Franchise Model

Investment$130,3000 to $348,550.
Franchise fee$31,000
Royalty fee6.5%
IndustrySchool and instruction
Area RequirementRanging from 1,200 to 2,400 square feet.
Total Outlets247

Code Ninjas Growth And Expansion

Subscriptions are a reliable source of income. Summer camps are incredibly popular and generate a significant amount of revenue.

Additional revenue streams are provided via optional programs such as parent’s night out, clubs, and birthday parties.

For new franchisees, Code Ninjas offers three days of training. In addition, the “Code Ninjas University” portal has an extensive library of training videos and material.

An active online workplace group can help you get support and connect with other franchisees. The seller will assist with the transition.

Code Ninja Unit

Over the few years, the number of Code Ninja centers has increased.

In 2018, the company began with only three locations, two franchised and one owned by a company or affiliate, and concluded the year with 73 sites.

Subsequently, In 2019, the company had 196 sites, representing a 168 percent increase in new locations.

In 2020, the corporation had 247 locations, a 26 percent growth over the previous year.

Due to the newness of the Code Ninjas franchise structure, high development in new locations is anticipated to remain as the firm matures.

Current Impact

The timing was perfect for Code Ninjas, with nine out of ten parents wanting their children to learn to code.

Kids ages 7 to 14 visit Code Ninjas centers to learn to code in a fun, non-threatening method – by playing and creating video games they enjoy.

Kids may have fun while parents witness actual outcomes thanks to the game-based curriculum and inclusive environment.

The ninjas work with their senseis to develop their coding expertise and work through the programs, gaining higher belt levels of achievement as they grow through a range of Code Ninjas services, such as after-school programs, camps, and parents-night-out activities.

Structure Of Code Ninja

Structures in Code Ninjas are divided into dojos and lobbies.

The lobbies are for parents and have free WiFi and refreshments, while the dojos have desks and are solely for Code Senseis, the instructors, who are usually in their teens, and the pupils, who are given laptops to program.

Parents can also pick up their children in the lobbies. Different belts employ different coding languages, such as JavaScript for white through green belts, Lua for blue belts, and C# for purple and higher belts. Summer camps are also available.

Code Ninjas is a for-profit educational organization that teaches youngsters how to code using JavaScript, Lua, and C#.

The company’s headquarters are in Pearland, Texas. It operates in three countries: the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Code Ninja Comparison

CompanyCode NinjasKumon 
Founded In20061958
Initial Investment$130,3000 to $348,550$64,400 to $160,9750 
Total Outlet2471500
Annual Revenue$18 Million$140 Million

Frequently Asked Questions

Can adults participate in Code Ninjas?


What is the duration of a Code Ninjas session?

It can take anywhere from one to five hours per week.

Is Code Ninjas a franchise?

Yes, Code Ninja is a franchise organization. And you can buy the Code Ninjas franchise and run a business even if you’re not a coder.

How much does a Code Ninjas Franchise Cost?

Opening a Code Ninja franchise requires an investment of $130,3000 to $348,550. And $31,000 as an initial franchise fee.

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