Cold Beverages List

Everyone enjoys going out to eat and drink. People have a good time, share photographs, drink cocktails, and have a great time conversing.

Milkshakes, chocolate shakes, fruit juices, smoothies, and teas are among the most common cold drinks on the market.

Cold beverages list have always been popular, but when they were updated to low-temperature beverages such as shakes, smoothies, and juices, they became even more popular.

There are several types of icy beverages available commercially. The days of sodas being the only apparent drink choice in existence are long gone.

An individual who works out often hydrates himself with smoothies and protein shakes in addition to water.

Franchises with Cold Beverages List

Juice Lounge

In 2005, Manav Shital and Niti Agrawal co-founded Juice Lounge, a one-of-a-kind health and juice bar.

It rapidly grew from a small team of five workers to a company of over 200 employees.

Due to its value system, franchise partners, and millions of loyal customers, ‘Juice Lounge’ has grown into a global brand with a presence in over 6+ countries.

Juice Lounge
Juice Lounge Franchise

Dr. Bubbles

Dr. Bubbles Bubble Tea refers to a wide range of refreshing fruit and milk teas enjoyed ice cold or hot with cherry organic tapioca balls that you scoop up through a big fat straw!

It’s like a fun snack and drinks rolled into one! The tapioca balls are often called “Pearls” or “Boba,” which some belief developed into the term “Bubble” over time.

Dr. Bubbles Franchise
Dr. Bubbles Franchise

Joules Juice Bar

Fruits have a variety of benefits, including vitamins, fiber, minerals, and antioxidants. Because the world is changing at a rapid pace, they must provide nutrient and balanced products to keep up.

Joules Juice Bar Franchise
Joules Juice Bar Franchise

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Frozen Bottle

Frozen Bottle, one of India’s most famous milkshake brands, is on a mission to expand its global presence.

It began in Bengaluru and now has 15 locations across India, with plans to expand to over 200 locations in the next two years.

Frozen Bottle is an ever-growing plethora with a vision and mission to expand, learn, serve, and revolutionize the frozen dessert scene in and around India.

Frozen Bottle Franchise
Frozen Bottle Franchise

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is a Cold Beverage Franchise?

Smoothie franchises, milkshake franchises, juice franchises, iced tea franchises, and other cold beverage franchises are available. It’s encouraging to know that these companies can be successful and profitable if you’re willing to put in the effort.

Why Invest in a Cold Beverage Franchise?

Investing in a cold beverage franchise list is a perfect way to make some extra cash. The investment is not excessive, and the return on investment is swift. All you need to do is start a business and open a shop/store in a mall or a more upscale location with a higher population density.

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