Coverall Cleaning Franchise

Having a Coverall franchise entails being your boss and setting your hours. Entrepreneurs looking for a business partner will be interested in the Coverall cleaning franchise. 

Do you want to have more knowledge about creating a Coverall janitorial franchise? Below, you’ll find investment details such as cost and royalty fees and other Coverall franchise criteria.

Coverall Cleaning Franchise
Coverall Cleaning Franchise

About Coverall Cleaning

Coverall Cleaning System is one of the world’s biggest commercial cleaning franchising firms. With more than 90 Support Centers and 9,000 franchisees globally, franchisees serve nearly 50,000 consumers in over 90 metropolitan areas.

With its science-based cleaning techniques and procedures designed to decrease cross-contamination and aid infection control, Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System is transforming the commercial cleaning business.

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Coverall Cleaning Franchise Proposal

The Coverall Franchisee will be in charge of running a commercial cleaning business using Coverall’s cleaning system. Coverall offers its franchisees a great deal of flexibility. 

It is possible to own a franchise with just one or two accounts, with the number of reports increasing as the firm grows. Franchisees might also choose to operate a home-based franchise business.

Coverall Cleaning History

In 1985, in San Diego, California, the Coverall concept was born. Since its start, it has been franchising. The company’s headquarters are now in Deerfield Beach, Florida. 

Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System was rebranded in 2008, and it is now known as Coverall Health-Based Cleaning System.

It expects that the new brand would highlight its unique ability to destroy germs while also removing the maximum amount of dirt and grime from the environment.

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Coverall Cleaning Franchise Model

Initial Investment$16,500 – $51,360
Initial Franchise Fee $13,500 – $40,320
Ongoing Royalty Fee 5%
Area RequirementN/A
Total Outlets8000

Training & Support

When you purchase a Coverall Franchise, you’ll receive comprehensive training in the commercial cleaning service industry, including business management, operations, and finance.

The training program will be divided into ten sessions, with franchisees having the option of attending two classes per week, though the training schedule can be adjusted to fit your needs. 

An online session, webinars, and training manuals will be included in the course.

Perfect Candidate

Coverall franchisees come from all walks of life. The majority have no prior cleaning or business experience, and about 10% have served in the military. 

Coverall is looking for eager people to learn everything there is to know about running a successful commercial cleaning business.

Coverall Cleaning Finance

The franchisee does not have to approach a bank or other lender with the Coverall Franchise. The company provides instant finance to help the franchisee pay for a portion of the franchise cost.

Coverall Cleaning Comparison

CompanyCoverall CleaningJani-King  
Founded In19851968
Initial Investment$16,500 – $51,360$11,300-$34,100
Franchise-Fee$13,500 – $40,320$8,600-$16,300
Total Outlet80007,550
Annual Revenue$8.5 Million$93.0 Million

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does a Coverall franchise owner earn?

Salaries of Franchisees in General Owners of Coverall franchises make roughly $25 per hour.

Who is the owner of Coverall Cleaning?

Cory and Joan Blake own and run Coverall North America, Inc., one of the significant franchisors in the commercial cleaning industry.

Is Coverall a business?

Coverall has authorized thousands of innovators to conduct external independent commercial cleaning services as a major franchised brand across the United States and Canada.

Is Coverall Cleaning a franchise?

Yes, Coverall Cleaning is a franchise organization that offers cleaning services across the USA.

How much does a Coverall franchise cost?

The estimated total investment required to begin the operation of the Coverall franchise ranges from $16,500 – $51,360, and also it requires a franchise fee of $13,500 – $40,320.

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