Cracker-Barrel Franchise

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Cracker-Barrel Franchise is a home away from home where they can have a warm, hearty dinner. The Cracker Barrel Old Country Store has become a national landmark.

It’s known for all-you-can-eat biscuits, tabletop peg games, and general stores that offer everything from vintage toys to confectionery that hasn’t been seen in decades.

Cracker Barrel Franchise
Cracker Barrel Franchise

About The Cracker-barrel

Cracker Barrel is a Southern-themed restaurant and gift store chain in the United States.

The menu of Cracker Barrel basis on classic Southern cuisine, and the restaurant’s style and furnishings means to evoke an old-fashioned general store.

Each property has a front porch with wooden rocking seats, a stone fireplace, and locally sourced ornamental objects.

Cracker Barrel collaborates with country music artists. It participates in philanthropic initiatives, such as assisting Hurricane Katrina victims and injured combat veterans.

History Of Cracker-barrel

Dan Evins, a Shell Oil salesman, launched Cracker Barrel in 1969 to boost gasoline sales. Evins founded cracker Barrel in February 1970, and he quickly expanded his business.

The company leased land on gas station locations along interstate highways to establish eateries in the early 1970s.

During gasoline shortages in the late 1970s, the company built restaurants without on-site gas pumps.

Cracker-Barrel Franchise Model

Initial investment $250-$10,000 
Marketing fee$2
Net worth$3 million
Area RequirementN/A
Total Outlets663 stores

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Profit & Margin

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store (CBRLcurrent )’s are historical gross, operating margins, and net profit for the last ten years.

After deducting expenses, the profit margin defines as the percentage of sales retained as income by a corporation.

As of October 31, 2021, Cracker Barrel Old Country Store’s net profit margin was 3.96 percent.

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Earning Highlights Of Cracker-Barrel

Compared to FY Q3 2019, comparable store restaurant sales declined 8.6%, and comparable-store retail sales climbed 10.8%.

For the 3rd quarter of 2021, the company recorded total sales of $713.4 million.

Pros & Cons 


  • After the first year of the lease, the rent will rise.
  • Real estate fundamentals are strong.
  • The guarantee provided by the company


  • There are no credit ratings.
  • A scarcity of comparable data
  • Triple net lease adviser

Cracker-Barrel Comparison

CompanyCracker-BarrelTim Hortons
Founded In19701964
Initial Investment$250-$10,000 $680,900-$1,906,300
Total Outlet6635,100
Annual Revenue$2.14 Billion$6.526 Billion


Due to its successful idea, Cracker Barrel is one of the most popular casual dining restaurants and has a high-demand net leasing investment.

They are hard to come by on the market, and the competition is fierce. Because they do not franchise any of their restaurants, they guarantee all Cracker Barrel locations.

Most Cracker Barrel royalty property provides long-term stability and no management responsibility to the investor.

Rent increases with five-year options are standard in their leases.

Frequently Asked Question

Is it wise to invest in Cracker Barrel?

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc. may be undervalued, but with a Bargain Score of B, it’s a fantastic choice for value investors. CBRL’s financial strength and development prospects show that it can outperform the market.

Is there a dividend from Cracker Barrel?

CBRL pays a $3.60 per share dividend.

Is China the owner of Cracker Barrel?

No, China is not the owner.

Is Cracker-Barrel a Franchise or Corporation?

All stores of Cracker-Barrel are owned by the company itself, so it is a corporation, and it does not offer franchise opportunities.

How much does a Cracker-Barrel franchise cost?

The Cracker-Barrel franchise is a self-owned company, and it doesn’t offer franchise opportunities. Therefore, no information is available related to the franchise cost of Cracker-Barrel.

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