Crumbl Cookies Net Worth 2024

They serve large-sized, gooey, mouth-watering cookies in endless flavors and are the behemoth of the bakery industry. Yes, we are talking about your favorite Crumbl Cookies!

In this guide, we look at the history of Crumbl Cookies, followed by revealing Crumbl Cookies net worth, the valuation of the company, the net worth of its owners, and much more!

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Crumbl Cookies Net Worth

Background and History of Crumbl Cookies

Crumbl Cookies was started by brothers Sawyer Hemsley and Jason McGowan in the year 2017 in Logan, Utah.

It all started when the two of them decided to share their passion for baking with the world. Before actually opening their first Crumbl Cookies outlet, the duo spent thousands of dollars in wasted ingredients and recipes that were not good enough.

They gathered feedback from those around them and, with hit and trial method, came up with some mind-blowing cookie recipes that are a part of their menu even today.

Today Crumbl is one of the fastest-growing bakeries in the world, and since opening its doors five years ago, Crumbl Cookie has now expanded to more than 796 locations in 47 states nationwide.

As per the company’s website, the co-founder and CEO Jason plan on opening multiple Crumbl Cookies locations in Canada with flavors more suitable for the Canadian palette in the recent future.

Let us now see what is all the uproar about this company.

Valuation of Crumbl Cookies

Valuation of Crumbl Cookies

The growth of Crumbl Cookies looks stellar in terms of the number of outlets they are opening year-on-year, but the real indicator of the success of any business lies in its net worth.

In case you are wondering, Net worth refers to the total number of assets a company or a person owns minus their total liabilities.

Crumbl Cookies Net Worth

In 2020, Crumbl Cookies saw the highest sales growth of any other chain by earning $53.4 million in sales showing a growth of 93% year-over-year.

Hence, we estimate that the net worth of Crumbl Cookies should be near $740.1 million or more.

Net Worth of Crumbl Cookies Owners

If we talk about the net worth of the owners of Crumbl Cookies, brothers Sawyer Hemsley and Jason McGowan, then according to Eastwoodprint, have an individual net worth of $25 million and $15 million, respectively.

Revenue and Financial Performance of Crumbl Cookies

Since Crumbl Cookies started expanding via franchising, they have seen massive growth in their sales and revenue figure.

Initially, the change wasn’t much; in the year 2020, Crumbl Cookies made a net income of $2,564,488, but in 2021, they made a whopping $22,424,381 and grew ten times as compared to the previous year, which is shockingly good. This also resulted in increasing the revenue of the Crumbl Cookie franchise owners.

There has also been a constant increase in the number of Crumbl Cookies franchises, with 39 new outlets opening in 2019, 87 new outlets in 2020, and 185 outlets in 2021.

Key Financial Metrics of Crumbl Cookies

Here is a breakdown of the key performance metrics of Crumbl Cookies:

Financial MetricsAmount
Average revenue of Crumbl Cookies outlet$1,582,000
Average profit of Crumbl Cookies outlet$237,000
Average profit margin of Crumbl Cookies 25%
Average Investment to open Crumbl Cookies$507,000
Sales to investment ratio3.1x

Comparison with Competitors

Here’s a list of Crumbl Cookies competitors and the comparison between them:

Competitor nameRevenueNumber of employeesEmployees growth
Waffle Love$20.8 M582%
Crio$1.8 M8-67%
LIQUADRY$9.3M 320%
Tropical Sno$28.1 M785%
Cookie Crumbl$740.1M14723%

Future Outlook and Expansion Plans of Crumbl Cookies

Future Outlook and Expansion Plans of Crumbl Cookies

Crumbl Cookies started by opening their first outlet in Logan, Utah, and now there are more than 796 locations in 47 states in the United States.

Crumbl Cookies plans to expand internationally, and it has already started opening stores in Canada.

The founder shares dual citizenship between Canada and USA; hence Canada seemed like a good place to start expanding internationally.

The company plans to open as many stores as possible in Canada this year, serving more suitable flavors for the Canadian palate. In the coming years, we can expect them to open stores in other countries too.

And the best part is Crumbl Cookie has a unique concept where they offer a rotational menu, and there are not many bakeries that do that. So even in terms of competition with other bakeries, we do not see any problem that they should face with them.

Wrap Up

So Crumbl Cookie is one of the fastest-growing bakeries in the world and flourishing thanks rapidly to its unique taste and diverse menu.

Because of Crumbl Cookie’s popularity, it enjoys continuous growth in sales and revenue, and we estimate that it has a net worth of a whopping $740.1 million approximately.

The owners of the company plan to expand Crumbl Cookies to international destinations starting with Canada, and with their continued expansion, we are sure to see an increase in the net worth of Crumbl Cookie’s along with an increase in their overall revenue.

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