Culver’s Menu with Prices 2024

Culver’s is one of the oldest fast-casual restaurant franchise chains in the United States, operating since 1984. The company’s menu is mainly known for its butter burgers and frozen custards, but they also offer a variety of other meals in their menu. Also, Culver’s franchise is known for providing promising franchise offers to the entrepreneurs. In this article, we will answer some of the most frequently asked questions about Culver’s menu with prices 2024.

Culver’s Menu with Prices

Does Culver’s Serve Breakfast?

Culver’s doesn’t have a specific breakfast menu and doesn’t have breakfast hours. Their menu is available all day, and you may use it for breakfast, but there are no special selection options.

Does Culver’s Deliver?

No, Culver’s doesn’t do deliveries anywhere. They do not believe in delivery services and think it will lower their food quality. You can order online but only for curbside or carryout; there is no home or office delivery.

Does Culver’s Have Salads?

Yes, Culver’s offers three different traditional salads. Chicken cashew salad, Cranberry Bacon Bleu salad, and Garden Fresco salad. All of them cost $8.69.

Does Culver’s Have Mac And Cheese?

No, Culver’s doesn’t have Mac and Cheese on their menu.

Does Culver’s Have Milkshakes?

Does Culver’s Have Milkshakes

Yes, they have milkshakes called the “Fresh Frozen Custard Shakes.” It has 35 different flavors, and you can choose up to two for one shake. The price is between $4.09 and $5.89.

Does Culver’s Have Soup?

They don’t have a special soup menu, but they have something similar to a soup, George’s Chili and George’s Chili Supreme. It’s made with beef, tomatoes, beans, onion, and peppers, and it costs between $4.19 and $6.79.

Does Culver’s Have Hot Dogs?

Culver’s doesn’t offer hot dogs on their menu.

Does Culver’s Have Gluten-Free Buns?

Yes, they have gluten-free buns, and you can ask for these types of buns while you are ordering your meal. They don’t offer meals that come with gluten-free buns as default. Additionally, these gluten-free buns come pre-packed, which means that there is no cross-contamination risk.

How Much Is A Culver’s Value Basket?

How Much Is A Culver’s Value Basket

There is more than one Culver’s value basket that includes different items. The prices of each value basket are also different from one another. Prices start at $7.69 and go up to $12,09. All the prices include a main dish, a side dish, and a drink of choice.

  • CurderBurger Value Basket – $12.09
  • The Culver’s® Bacon Deluxe Value Basket – $9.79-$15.19
  • ButterBurger® Value Basket – $7.89-$12.49
  • Sourdough Melt Value Basket – $9.19-$14.59
  • Original Chicken Tenders Value Basket – $6.99-$16.89
  • The Culver’s® Deluxe Value Basket – $8.69-$14.09
  • ButterBurger® Cheese Value Basket – $8.29-13.69
  • Mushroom & Swiss Value Basket – $9.29-$14.69
  • Wisconsin Swiss Melt Value Basket – $9.19-$14.59
  • Buffalo Chicken Tenders Value Basket – $6.99-$16.89
  • Crispy Chicken Value Basket – $9.89
  • Grilled Chicken Value Basket – $11.09
  • Butterfly Jumbo Shrimp Value Basket $11.69-$14.19
  • Grilled Reuben Melt Value Basket – $11.29
  • Harvest Veggie Burger Value Basket – $8.89
  • Spicy Crispy Chicken Value Basket – $10.19
  • North Atlantic Cod Sandwich Value Basket $11.09
  • Beef Pot Roast Value Basket – $10.99
  • Pork Loin Value Basket – $9.59
  • Grilled Cheese Value Basket – $7.69
  • Corn Dog Value Basket $7.69

How Much Is Culver’s Fish Sandwich?

They have a Cod Sandwich, which is a type of fish sandwich. This cod sandwich is $7.19 without any extras like side dishes, drinks, or sauces. The cod sandwich value basket, which includes a side dish and drink of choice, costs $11.09.

How Much Is A Concrete Mixer At Culver’s?

Whether vanilla or chocolate fresh frozen custard flavor, the cost is the same for all flavors for the Concrete Mixer. It has four sizes, and each size has a different price:

  • Mini – $4.29
  • Small – $4.59
  • Medium – $5.39
  • Large – $6.39

How Much Is Culver’s Ice Cream?

Culver’s ice creams, also known as fresh frozen custards, have different flavors and types and come at different prices. Here are each of their cost:

  • Concrete mixer – $4.29 to $6.39
  • Malt – $4.39-$6.19
  • Turtle Sundae – $5.69-$7.59
  • Caramel Cashew Sundae – $5.69-$7.59

How Much Are Cheese Curds At Culver’s?

Wisconsin Cheese Curds at Culver’s have three different sizes with three different prices. Medium is $4.59, large is $6.79, and the family size is $10,49.

How Much Is A Butter Burger At Culver’s?

The Butter Burger, as is without anything else, is between $3.99 and $8.59, depending on the size. Butter Burger Cheese, just the burger, is between $4.39 and $9.79.

Butter Burger value basket with a drink and a side dish is between $7.89 and $12.49. The value basket of Butter Burger cheese is between $8.29 and $13.69.

How Much Is The Curder Burger At Culver’s?

Curder Burger alone without anything with it is $8.19 at a fixed price. The value basket version with drink and side dish is $12.09.

Is Culver’s Fast Food?

Culver’s is a fast-casual, a fast-food restaurant. It is mainly because their menu includes traditional fast-food meals like grilled toast, burgers, fries, and other similar dishes. But they also have non-fast-food dishes like salads and seafood.

Is Culver’s Good?

Is Culver’s Good

Whether Culver’s is good or not depends solely on your taste, liking, and decision. There are reviews online that say Culver’s offers good value with great taste, and some say that even though it’s good, it’s expensive. Others also say that their food does not taste good and is not worth it.

You have to consider what you like and how you like your food. Culver’s is good at fast-food and seafood offerings, most of them are fried. They also have other foods like salads, which might not be as good.

Is Culver’s Open On Sunday?

Almost all Culver’s restaurants are open on Sunday and work normal working hours. Some of them in special locations might not open on Sundays or might work limited hours, but the general company consensus is that they are open and operational on Sundays.

Is Culver’s A Franchise?

Yes, Culver’s is a franchise. They offer franchises all over the United States, and they have a very extensive franchisee program to teach from day one.

Is Culver’s On DoorDash?

No, Culver’s is not on DoorDash. Some people online say that they were on it for some time back in the past, but they removed themselves from it because they removed delivery as a whole from the brand.

Is Culver’s Custard Gluten-Free?

It depends on which frozen custard and which topping you would like to get. The original Concrete Mixer, Shake, Caramel Cashew Sundae, and Turtle Sundae are gluten-free. If you’d like to add toppings, it’s best to ask it separately to your Culver about which ones are gluten-free.

Cake and Waffle Cones’ Vanilla Frozen Custard and Malt’s Vanilla Shake Mix are gluten-free, as well. Other options are not. It’s also worth remembering that Culver’s does not guarantee 100% gluten-free as there might be cross-contamination.

Is Culver’s Fish Sandwich Healthy?

The Cod sandwich at Culver’s has 600 calories per serving and is high in cholesterol, fat, and sodium. Because these are fried in highly processed peanut oil, the sodium and the fat contents are also highly dangerous. That’s why we can’t say that the fish sandwich at Culver’s is healthy. However, it is not so unhealthy if you don’t eat a lot.

Is Culver’s Healthier Than McDonald’s?

Is Culver’s Healthier Than McDonald’s

Both companies are fast-food companies that offer mostly fried food that’s fried in highly processed oils. That’s why their classic meals are not generally healthy, but some studies online say that Culver’s burgers and similar dishes are healthier than those of McDonald’s. However, you can find healthier options like salads in both restaurants.

Is Culver’s A Christian Company?

Culver’s doesn’t openly identify themselves with any religion, including Christianity. That’s why we can’t say that they are a Christian company. However, the founders were Christian people, as stated online.


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