Dash In Franchise Cost, Fees & Requirements 2024

Are you thinking about owning a franchise and serving local communities while owning a business?

Owning a franchise is much easier than building your own business because you get a business with an already proven track of success.

Dash In Food Stores is one of those successful franchise brands that you probably heard of before.

Dash In franchise could be a good way of owning a franchise because they tend to generate good value. This franchise option can also be counted among the 10 best convenience stores or best gas station franchises that you must own.

If you are thinking of becoming a part of their franchise network but are not sure whether it’s a good idea, you are in the right place.

We will discuss Dash In, and its franchise details, what you need, requirements, and so on to help with your decision.

Dash In Franchise

About Dash In

Dash In Food Stores is a convenience store chain selling fresh and prepared food, beverages, and even fuel 24 hours every day, all the time.

They pride themselves on serving local communities through their centers, and their aim is to move this all across the country.

Dash In currently has 58 outlets across the country, in various states, and they keep increasing these numbers.

They were founded in 1979, and they have been actively working ever since in different states with an increasing number of outlets.

Because they are customer-driven, all the food in their convenience stores is fresh and chef-prepared.

They take pride in being customer-centric and providing fresh and delicious food along with their fuel.

Dash In History

Dash In History

Dash In was founded in 1979 and started franchising in the same year.

The company has been franchising ever since and now boasts over 50 franchised outlets in different states across the United States.

They are based in Maryland, and they have a community-driven approach, even with their franchised outlets.

After they were founded, they quickly became extremely well known in the regions they serve.

Franchise Model Table

Cost Or FeesAmount
Initial Investment$136,600-$187,200
Franchise YES
Franchising Since1979
Estimated Outlets58

How Much Does It Cost To Open A Dash In Franchise?

The total cost of opening a Dash In franchise is estimated to be around $136,600-$187,200.

This total cost includes everything from the property fees to the equipment and the employee salaries.

Even though this is an estimated number, it could be higher than the estimate depending on the size of the store and the number of equipment and employee you need.

You also need to pay a franchise fee of about $27,000 when you first sign the contract.

This fee is to ensure that you can use Dash In’s name, and you have to pay this directly in a lump sum.

You can also expect to spend some money on training, marketing, and other operational costs.

Dash In Franchise Revenue & Profit

Dash In Franchise Revenue & Profit

The revenue and profit that you can make from a Dash In franchise vary depending on a number of factors such as the location, management, number of employees, etc.

Since Dash In has not revealed its franchise revenue and profit to the public, no information is available on the same.

Dash In Franchise Requirements

Dash In doesn’t have extremely strict requirements to be approved to be a franchisee.

The most strict one is the financial requirements, where you need to have certain liquidity and money for initial investment.

You need to have liquid cash of about $95,000 and also the money to be able to pay for the initial setup cost, up to $187,200.

On the personal side, they are looking for business-oriented people who can take up the skill of managing a local community customer base.

There is no strict requirement to have a personal background with the company or with the industry.

Your general background in the business as experience is sufficient if you can show that you are business and customer-oriented.

Opportunities abound for entrepreneurs in convenience store franchising, including brands like Circle K, Sheetz Franchise, and Arco Franchise.

Dash In Comparison

CompanyFranchise FeeRoyalty FeeInitial Investment
BP Connect$30,0003%$2.5 million-$6.6 million
Dash In$27,0005.5%$136,600-$187,200


Dash In food chain franchise is a popular franchise choice for many and can provide good value in the long run.

If you are thinking about buying a Dash In franchise, it might be a lucrative idea because of its brand awareness and way of working as a franchise. Its industry is also not very hard to learn and get into.

All this makes Dash In a franchise that you should enter if you have the necessary financial means.

Their number of franchised outlets and initial investment numbers are extremely lower compared to its competitors.

Even though they are not as popular as their competitors, they do not require as much investment as them.


Is Dash In the best convenience store franchise?

There are many convenience store franchises attached to a gas stations. Dash In is definitely one of the unique ones.

However, whether it’s the best or not depends on how you manage your franchise branch.

Can you fail with a Dash In franchise?

Similar to running any kind of business, you can also fail with a Dash In franchise. You have to be able to manage your branch professionally and order to not fail.

Will you definitely get approved for a Dash In franchise?

No. Once you apply to be a Dash In franchisee, you will go through a process by Dash In itself.

They have the right to reject you, either with or without grounds.



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