15 Digital Marketing Strategies for Franchises

Franchise digital marketing is one of the most innovative ways used today to market your business.

More than 300 companies opt for franchise business per year, creating jobs for more than 8 million people, which means competition is also getting hard in this sector, making it difficult to grow the franchise. 

Almost 41% of franchise professionals no longer see traditional marketing channels worth investing in, and they need a powerful digital marketing strategy consisting of an effective franchise marketing plan. 

Franchise digital marketing utilizes a variety of online channels to communicate with customers and prospects. It helps you achieve an online presence and reach customers directly on their phones.

Some studies estimate that half of the businesses in the United States rely on franchise marketing, making it one of the most profitable business models in use today.

So, if you are planning to start your own franchise and wondering how digital marketing for franchises can help grow your business and is digital marketing profitable or not, you are at the right place.

This article contains everything you need to know about franchise digital marketing. Let’s dive right in!

Digital Marketing Strategies for Franchises
Digital Marketing Strategies for Franchises

What Exactly Is Digital Marketing For Franchises?  

What Exactly Is Digital Marketing For Franchises

Franchise digital marketing is a process of creating and executing a digital strategy to grow your franchise business.

It may include everything from web design to content creation and promotional campaigns.

The purpose of franchise marketing is to increase brand awareness, reach out to potential customers, drive more leads, and ultimately generate more revenue among the franchises.

Franchise digital marketing strategy is categorized into types:

  • Operational Franchise Marketing
  • Franchise Development Marketing 

1. Operational Franchise Marketing

It is a type of marketing in which a franchise tries to acquire and retain new customers. It may include: 

2. Franchise Development Marketing

It involves all marketing activities done by the franchisors to sell more franchises to prospective franchises and expand your franchise business. 

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Why Digital Marketing Is Vital For Franchises? 

Why Digital Marketing Is Vital For Franchises

As marketing has moved to the online world, competition among companies is intensifying. Knowing and understanding the different digital marketing platforms available for your business is vital to your success.

These channels facilitate better communication, more localized advertising, brand awareness, and better relationships between franchisors and franchisees.

Here are some ways digital marketing is helping franchisees:  

Higher Brand Awareness

An effective digital marketing strategy can help increase your online visibility and brand awareness for franchisees.

People are more inclined to buy from a brand they know or recognize and ignore the ones they don’t know. Digital marketing helps get our name in front of the public and attract new customers.

Strong Brand Identity

A robust digital marketing campaign can help franchisees reach their potential customers and build a strong brand identity.

In today’s highly competitive digital world, a loud online presence is one of the best ways to grow and sustain a business.

A Higher Number Of Leads

Digital Marketing currently focuses on (SEO), Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), and various social media networks. Having an online presence is key to attracting the attention of potential franchisees.

This online presence will help increase your company’s visibility. SEM and SEO are used to increase the number of visitors and keep your website high on search listings. 

Increased Customer Retention 

Franchise Digital Marketing allows franchisees to target their potential customers, leverage their data, measure their lifetime value, and build long-term relationships that lead to loyalty and repeat business.

Customers who are more engaged with a brand are more likely to spend more and stick around longer. 

Improved ROI

One of the most fundamental financial benefits of digital marketing is the improved ROI of other traditional marketing methods.

Franchises can easily track their results and tailor their campaigns accordingly to get the most out of their money


A franchise digital marketing strategy lets the franchisors deal with several requirements, including online channels, budgets, automation tools, and locations, and then helps them reach their desired revenue.

Even with a limited budget, you can still access a larger audience through franchise digital marketing.

15 Digital Marketing Strategies For All Franchises –

To successfully market your franchise, it is vital to determine which digital marketing channels you should use to meet your unique needs.

The goal of digital marketing is to reach potential customers through the channels where they spend time reading, searching, shopping, and connecting online:

1. Franchise Website 

Franchise Website 

Your website is the first interaction of your company with your customer and assists the day-to-day business by helping visitors.

A well-optimized business website is the best way to increase your online visibility and attract quality local leads.

Whenever local prospects search for your products or services, your website will appear in the search results. 

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2. Social Media 

Social media marketing is another great digital marketing tool that you can use to harness the power of famous social media networks to attain your marketing and branding goals. 

3. Direct Mail 

Direct Mail 

According to SEO guru Neil Patel, Direct Mail is more cost-effective than paid search or online display advertising.

Direct Mail can reach your potential franchisee audience more effectively and cost-effectively, and Direct Mail through your mail system is also traceable, as you can see who clicked on the link.

On your website or a specific article. With the help of the mailing system, you can see who reads your emails, who has unsubscribed, who clicked what, and how many times.

4. National SEO

National Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaigns are another type of franchise digital marketing franchisors can implement.

It focuses on promoting your website to rank for the most searched keyword terms at a national level.

Franchisees must establish and execute an SEO roadmap to maintain a steady flow of organic traffic and lead to their website. 

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5. PPC Advertising

PPC Advertising

Getting in front of your target audience at the right time is crucial, especially when you are competing with similar franchises.

PPC advertising allows you to appear at the top of SERPS and target your prospective customers looking to invest in a franchise using Google AdWords and Bing.

Layered on the top of the Display Network, a PPC campaign can be turned into a lead generation machine.

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6. Sales Promotions

Sale promotion is an advertising strategy in which a company uses short-term campaigns and offers to increase interest and demand for its products and services.

Franchisees can use different types of promotional campaigns through social media, phones, and print media aligned with their consumer marketing activities to get the maximum results.

The most commonly used digital promotions are 24-hour sales, giveaways, special discounts, and cash backs. 

7. Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing is a marketing tool through which companies send promotional messages to people in huge quantities. Make sure to use this tool for marketing your franchise through email marketing tools. 

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8. Associations

Franchises can also partner up with associations like well-known membership organizations for franchisees such as International Franchise Association (IFA) to avail professional development resources and growth opportunities on multiple fronts.

It is also a great way to gain a reputation when compared to your competitors who are not part of it. 

9. Franchise Portals 

Franchise Portals

Franchise portals are paid websites that provide a directory of several franchise opportunities to help grow your franchise. The opportunities are based on the franchise size, location, investment, and sector

10. Marketing Automation

It is one of the most efficient marketing statistics that you can use in your franchise marketing strategy.

By finding the best franchise CRM and marketing automation software for your franchise business, you can allocate more resources to strategy and make your campaign more effective. 

11. Video Marketing 

Video Marketing

Video marketing uses popular video streaming platforms such as YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, etc., To promote products and services, increase engagement across digital and social channels, educate consumers and customers, and reach more audiences.

12. Trade Fairs

Participating in national and regional franchise events is also a great way to promote your business. These shows are showcases for potential franchisees, and there are many franchises in one location.

This means your franchise will be exposed to a wider audience who may be interested in what you have to offer.

These conferences help you quickly find and engage strong prospects, and you can grow your business.

13. Sponsorships


Sponsorships are an efficient way to quickly expand your reach with operational and franchise development marketing. It also helps in building brand equity along with Franchise SEO.

You can target both entrepreneurial and business-focused sponsorship opportunities in the areas you want to expand your franchise. 

14. Word-Of-Mouth 

Of course, word of mouth is the best and most objective way to market a franchise. The franchisee is the primary agent of the franchise opportunity.

Franchises must have the proper support and training to run a profitable business and are happy to promote their franchise to stakeholders.

15. Brokers 

A Franchises broker can help franchises find a prospective investor with the right opportunities.

A broker educates the prospective franchisee on the options they have, evaluates whether or not your franchise may be a good fit for a brand, and help you pre-qualify to be referred to a specific franchise. 

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